A Case Study On Sainsburys Management Essay

1.0 Introduction:

This chapter illustrates the background of the research study on “How does retail industry in Britain manage multicultural workforce, A Case Study of Sainsbury” and for this reason the research investigation performed the aim and objectives of this research study recognized by the author. The outline of the dissertation is explained at the end of this chapter.

Retailing is Major part of UK and world commerce. Retails sales and employment are very essential for economy. Through a retail organization a firm structures and assign tasks (functions) policies responsibilities and rewards to efficiently and effectively the needs of target market, Managing employees, multicultural workforce and management Process (Berman, B & Evan, R, 2007).

In my research project managing diversity workforce is most crucial elements of human resource management. Employee is the life blood of every organization. Undoubtedly managing employee workforce is most significant functions of HRM, the achievement of modern organizations fully responsible for the proficiency and effectiveness of its workforce employees (Price, 2007, PP28).

At present, Britain is much more diverse and multi-faith society- ethically, racially and culturally – than ever before. It’s now multicultural nation of approximately 60.6 million people from different racial, religious and cultural backgrounds. Basically how Sainsbury manage multicultural workforce (http//: www.rln-london.com/multicultural).

Research Background:

The researcher is superbly enthusiastic to career develop in retail industry in a better position after completing MBA degree. The researcher has been working this company called “Sainsbury” in ……….for 2 years. So as a good example, the researcher selected one of the largest retail supermarkets “Sainsbury” in the UK.

John James and Marry Ann Sainsbury were established Sainsbury in 1869 as a small dairy shop. The store became more popular for providing their quality products at pretty low prices, and more store area offices trailed over time. The company proposed on the London Stock Exchange in 1973.

And Sainsbury developed remarkably during the 1980s and early1990s. In 1997 Sainsbury’s diversified into financial service. The company expanded not only all over the UK but also looking for internationally expansion.

In 2007, Sainsbury attained the biggest supermarkets in retail industry as a major food retail chain in Britain. Sainsbury is engaged in grocery and associated with retailing all over the UK. Its dealings encompass of supermarkets, easy stores (internet-based home delivery and online shopping Services).

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The company manages in the course of two segments: grocery retailing (superstores, easy online shopping) and financial services (Sainsbury’s bank joint venture). Sainsbury’s grocery section provides over 18 million customers a week all the way through an association of 792 stores including 290 easy stores and 502 superstores and 153000 employees. Sainsbury’s superstores present about 30,000 products (http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx).

Most organization some form of formal performance management system and Sainsbury’s is no exception. The company also vary in benefits and it brings to an organization and the degree respect that attract by the workforce.

1.2 Statement of the Problems:

London is one the most diverse society in the world Managing multicultural workforce is quite typical and very challenging issue for HRM. To deal with recruitment and workforce HRM has to manage the workforce diversity and diversity has some dimensions (Age, Gender, Nationality, Race, Sexual orientation, Work Styles, Cultures, Language, Working attitude). HRM bound to face some of the identified problems which is associated with multicultural workforce. HRM has to manage with some common legal challenges to multicultural workforce and recruitment.

Multicultural workforce is concerned with cultural issues, Communication in the workplace, Problem-solving in the workplace, language, equal opportunity, discrimination and so on. These are very challenging and sensitive issues to conduct with for the HRM professional. HRM is not only managing workforce but also providing the right person getting right jobs, training and employee equal opportunity.

Managing Workforce, wages, leave of absence policy, sick pay, fund constraints, productivity of human resources is typical challenging job HRM.

The Concept and managing multicultural workforce problems include with cultural issues, ethnic background, religion, diversity awareness, abuse and violence and etc. And also uneducated, non- skill and lack of knowledge people will be problem in an organization if it is recruited by HRM. The recognised and mentioned problems may emerge as high employee turnover, absenteeism, listening and speaking, communication, disciplinary, disputes and less productivity. Therefore skill, multi-talented and educated people from different countries and culture are recruited in an organization that business generally achieves rapid growth by the new skills and innovative ideas (Watson et. al., 2005, PP141-142).

1.3 Research Problems:

The research is basically based on primary and secondary data which are interview, company report, Observation and other published statistics and materials. The data and information both will be present for analysis: first to assess the advantage of multiculturism and managing process of workforce the company point of view and employee point of view. The researcher also found that both employee and organization are benefited by practicing multicultural workforce.

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The researcher is not so easy to do without working out quite some problems. The depth of the study is so huge and the research has need of both quantitative and qualitative. To do this research first problem is conducting the questionnaire survey to get replies from the respondents. It is time consuming and involved telephone conversation in order to inquire of the survey as the questionnaire. Obtaining secondary data is also quite hard this involved communication through E- mail and telephone conversations.

1.4 Research Aims and objectives:

The basic and critical aim of this research is to examine and focus on managing diversity for both Sainsbury and its employee across the UK and what are the benefits by multiculturalism in an organization. The principle of this research work is to find out the HRM function of the company and the influence multicultural workforce and business gain.

This research work also aims to distinguish the concept of is gaining business and a large number of UK business multinational company is recruiting people in different nations multicultural workforce are to develop and increase business gain and employee performance and opportunities to harness skills.

The more interconnected world becomes the closer get to one world, the more each individual human being is empowered. Top Company realizes that the importance of creating a workforce as broad and diversified the customer base serves.

To have an overall understanding the managing diversity the whole Sainsbury across the UK, The researcher looks 47a, Streatham Hill, London. With the positive view and aim, the research will be pursued the following objectives.

The objectives are as follows:

To critically discuss the effects of managing diversity workforce on the organizational benefits and productivity.

To discuss and identify how it helps employees and employers while managing diversity workforce.

To discuss about how does recruitment and equal opportunity is managed by HRM at Sainsbury.

To discuss about how its role and one of the major retail industry at Sainsbury.

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The research work also enriches a methodology that has realistic objectives and the gateway of research methods have been achieved in that process. The goal of this dissertation is also identify and investigate the affirmative impact as well as problems diversity workforce is associated with a number of advantages. The researcher also found that employee and organization both are benefited by multiculturism, employees are interested to be trained, job satisfaction and equal opportunity is the most effective way for workforce and management of employee recruiting is quite effective. Finally the concept of diversity in an organization brings out some of the unique benefits which are specified as follows:

It basically presents competitive advantage.

This one also supports top level of creativity and develops innovation in the workplace.

Bringing together in workplace and maximise turn out.

Source: ( http://www.bized.co.uk/index.htm)

1.5 Outline of the dissertation:


In this chapter generally it converses about Introduction of this dissertation, which also comprises to the point Introduction of the research study, research title, background of the research, validation and aims and goals of this research investigation.

Chapter 2:

This chapter is the Brief review of the literature of this research topic apprehended about, the research of different types of researcher and intellectual who have highlighted and considered about managing diversity workforce of the organizational and employees benefits.

Chapter 3:

Chapter three will talk about the research method used in this topic. Research method validates the author to preparation and creates a design the whole research paper in an appropriate method and provides the accurate direction to reach an outcome. For this reason, the chapter describes the cause behind the draw on chosen research method and the benefits by applying the particular research approach.

Chapter 4:

This chapter explains and evaluate the market information and investigate for the sake of this paper. It also plans to present the data those have been gathered throughout interviews managers, employees, customers and consider the data to present a productive result of the research findings.

Chapter 5:

The final chapter has been talked about the research recommendations, restrictions and additional study on this research subject also illustrate how effective the managing diversity workforce of the organization and employee.

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