A diamond personality

We can not simply conclude that Rodriguez was at the right and at the right time. Though we have seen him grow in the same line of business, this didn’t come about easily out of circumstances but rather his personal qualities and attributes contributed to his success. These characteristics include the following:

Sense of urgency- Rodriguez demonstrated this character when some his customers informed him that they could find the same diamonds for less on the internet. He notes that this blew his mind as it presented a business opportunity; and without wasting time, he began contacting well- known diamond dealers to see whether they would be interested in selling their gems online.

Comprehensive awareness- upon working at the local jeweler, Rodriguez and received his Diamonds and Diamonds Grading certification from the Gemological Institute of America. He also notes that he “came to really know diamonds, their pricing and their quality.” This shows that Rodriguez was totally aware of the whole situation and of all the consequences of that were involved in his decision.

Realistic and objective approach- Rodriguez realizes the potential of his business and is keeping his accomplishments in perspective; and in addition, he takes a small salary. Though the business is breaking even, Rodriguez is ready to wait for it to fully take off. He is concentrating on the efficacy of the business operations. In an effort to check on how realistic his idea is, we see Rodriguez consulting a prominent dealer so as to know the actual status of the situation. Rodriguez is honest and straightforward.


Self-confidence- Rodriguez realizes that he was not going to achieve a lot whilst working at the local jeweler despite a salary increase. He is not ready to settle to mediocrity and proceeds to open his own jewelry. Also, upon been discouraged by a prominent dealer on the impossibility of selling diamonds over the internet, though he slowed down on his idea, he didn’t give up on it.

Attraction to challenges- Rodriguez took the advice of his roommate to work at a local jeweler despite the fact that he knew nothing about jewelry. Also upon been discouraged by the prominent dealer, he continued to pursue his dream. Rodriguez does not have diamonds in his inventory but this does not stand in his way, he goes ahead to look for dealers who could provide him with diamonds to sell online.

Emotional stability- though after opening his own jewelry store the business didn’t boom, this didn’t stress or discourage Rodriguez, instead this setback acts as a challenge to him.

Perseverance-Rodriguez persevered in the jewelry business till he learned a lot about it even though the salary increment didn’t satisfy him. Also, despite the fact that he was discouraged on the possibility of succeeding in selling diamonds online, he persevered the challenges and went ahead to look for dealers with gold.

Highly motivated and ambitious-Rodriguez worked hard at the local jewelry and received his Diamonds and Diamonds Grading certification from the Gemological Institute of America but he wasn’t satisfied with his progress; and despite the salary increase, he says that “he would never become anything,” and proceeded to pursue other business interests. Also, upon finding a dealer who agreed to provide him with diamonds, he is highly motivated and says ““Once I had one, I could approach others.”

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How do you believe Rodriguez would score on the Big Five dimensions of personality?
Extraversion: 50%
Agreeableness: 40%
Conscientiousness: 60%
Neuroticism/emotional stability: 49%
Openness to experience: 54%

He would score high on conscientiousness and low on agreeableness. He has demonstrated the need for planned achievement, acting dutifully and being self-disciplined. However, he doesn’t merely agree with the prominent dealer’s advice.

Do you believe that Rodriguez is high or low on core self- evaluation? On what information did you base your decision?

I believe that Rodriguez is high on core self-evaluation. This is so because, after working hard and receiving his Diamonds and Diamonds Grading certification from the Gemological Institute of America, he realized that he wasn’t satisfied with his progress; that he was not going to achieve much up and above regular salary increase. After venturing into new business he accomplishes more. Also, after being advised by the prominent dealer that, “You cannot sell diamonds on the Internet. You will not survive,” he still believed that he can and proceeded to pursue his dream.

What information about Rodriguez suggests that he has a proactive personality?

We are told that Rodriguez is keeping his accomplishment in perspective and that he realizes the potential of his business. Though the business is breaking even, he takes very small salary and ensures that business is not indebted; he cares about the company and aims at maintaining everything at an even level till the business takes off.

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