A PC Repair Business Proposal

With PC Repair, computer and technical consulting services such as repairs, training, networking and upgrade services are offered to small local businesses and home PC users. For a company like ours to maintain their customer relations, our company will focus on marketing, responsiveness and improve quality of the services to our customers.

At present our PC Repair will be a partnership, but after about one year it will migrate to a Limited Liability Company in January 2013. Our PC Repair business at its early stage will start at a rented office, utilizing one studio room in the rented premises and serving customers in the local Louth area and beyond. In the fourth month of our plan, we will move into a leased office environment and employ a second computer technician. With increase in sales, we will equally employ additional personnel.

Your company’s goals.

Our primary customers will be small business PC users and the residential PC users. Our short and long term goals of our business is to:

The goal of our business is to create standard for on-site computer solutions through fast, on-site service, quick response time and easy turn around.

To provide the best service available to the people in the community at an affordable price.

To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 40% of our customer base is repeat business.

To generate considerable market share so that PC Repair is a common name.

Constant growth in sales from start up through year three we will repay our loan and beyond.

Provide our employees with adequate training; make the place of work a conducive and great place to work, fair pay and benefits, and incentives to use their own good judgement to solve customers’ problems

Explain in a few paragraphs your short- and long-term goals for the company. How fast do you think it will grow? Who will be your primary customers?

3. The service or product planned to offer.

We will be offering computer repairs, training, and networking and upgrade service to our customers in two main distinct categories namely home PC users and small business users. As our PC Repair business starts to grow with increase in customers’ demands as well grows, we will start to provide software development to our business customers.

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From the very first day of our business inception, we will start offering our customers with on-site repair and consulting services. This service will alleviate our customers with the problem of taking time out of their busy days bring a computer in to our workshop. The issue of bring a computer to workshop for repair is one of the biggest disturbances among small business owners needing computer help. It will be easy for us to offer on-site repair because most of our diagnostic equipment is portable. We can only remove a PC from our customer premises to our workshop only when the problem requires a more detailed diagnosis or repair. We will as well be providing our customers with free pick-up and delivery of PCs that is requiring repair. In the fourth month of our business, we will purchase a company van in order to meet up with the challenges associated with our services.

With our PC Repair business we will be providing our customers with an extended maintenance agreement. In this regard, our business customers can deal with technical support and repair needs or requirements as a single line-item expense, instead having to plan for unexpected failures and problems with (security funds) – a rainy-day fund they may never use. Maintenance agreements will provide a high gross margin for our business, and provide our customers with peace of mind.

We will concentrate on hardware and networking support while offering a limited software support – installation and compatibility issues. The reason is that software development is much more rapid than hardware does, and our customers will have such varied software needs that we may not possibly keep up with all of them. We will then advice our customers to register their software and use the support of the software vendor’s options. We will, however, keep up to date with multiple operating systems and networking developments. We will be working with our business customers to ensure that they have the compactable hardware, Operating Systems, networking devices, backup systems, and software. Backup and security will be our top priority for our potential customers, as the rate of internet usage has becomes more common, and as well as more and more daily business records and transactions are stored electronically.

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4. The market potential for your service or product.

The computing industry nature, with its rapid technological growth rate, creates a concern for the need for businesses skills been up-to-date and providing advice to customers on computer-related issues. Small business PC users and home PC users will provide the majority of our business income. Business Week expects the computing industry to grow at a rate of 12% and the processor speeds to continue to expand for years to come, providing a rich resource for sales [1]

With our PC Repair business we will focus majorly on the small business market, because these customers usually don’t have full-time IT personnel, but they have the needs for fulltime IT. Our PC Repair business will offer these customers with affordable on-demand services. We can also offer maintenance agreements that generate extra monthly income to our business. In respect of our residential customers, we will provide them an affordable, helpful and flexible schedule service to fit with their needs. Our target market will focus on having competitive advantage over PC World and its likes in surrounding areas. Market research shows there are loads of business for a small company such as ours’ – PC Repair.

5. A marketing strategy.

We will exploit the weakness of our competitors in our market strategy. We will run a reasonable number of advertisements on the local news papers business page, local radio stations and the local television houses and post some bills. This will happen in the starting phase of our business.

Our advertisements will focus on our advantages, such as on-site service, competitive rates, and quick response time to faults and turn-around times. In the advertisement, our opening date will be made known to the public, and a free diagnostic service will be give for the first 30 customers.

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We will maintain these opening advertisements with a smaller direct-marketing drive to some small business owners within and around the county, with lists drawn from the local Chamber of Commerce. For the first year that we are in business, we will not relent on advertising our business periodically and offering promotions such as discounts, free diagnosis etc. We will be running monthly advertisements in sections rather than the business one so that we will have steady response from home PC owners from different areas that saw our advertisements.

In order to attract more customers, we will make a promotion for three months for example, Spyware removal on a desktop PC for €50 including tax and software. This offer will draw the attention of customers because spy is a menace for small business PC users and many home PC users

6. A three- to five-year financial projection.

To get our PC Repair business started, we must provide cash and assets. We are also seeking a short-term loan, to be secured with the owner’s home equity, and repaid within three years [1]. In the first three months our financial plan calls for limited growth, followed by much higher sales when we will be hiring additional technicians. Our projections are relied on market research and ratios that is compared to similar businesses. We will try to cut down our operational expense as we grow, and maintain a positive cash balance as we repay our three-year loan. For us to achieve these goals, we will employ a vigorous advertising campaign or drive to exploit our competitors’ weaknesses. Using good cost control, we will see a modest, yet comfortable, net profit the first year, even after moving into a leased space and recruit new employee.

7. An exit strategy.

All good business plans include a section that lays out the benchmarks you’ll use in deciding to call it quits. The strategy could be based on a Euro figure, revenue growth, the market’s reception to your idea, or a consensus among top officers.

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