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DAMCO is one of the world’s leading providers of freight forwarding and supply chain management services. For more than 100 years, we have been providing our customers with transportation and logistics solutions that support the waythey want to do business, wherever they are in the world. We manage and serve some of the most advanced supply chains in the world; in a diverse range of industries. With a relentless focus on simplifying complex supply chains, we uncover efficiency improvements that enable our customers to cut their inventories, reduce operating costs, and make significant short-term savings for long-term competitiveness. In every DAMCO office around the world, we have local people who speak the local language and understand the local communities. We enable our customers to access new sourcing areas, customers and business opportunities with our established network. Our customers range from large multinational companies to small independent importers/exporters and local growers. We strive to deliver the same business understanding and enthusiasm irrespective of where and when our customers meet us. With our team of local logistics professionals, in a global network and morethan 100 years of experience behind us, we are ready to embrace the challenges of the future.



Our greatest successes have always come from working closely with our customers to understand their business and deliver the solutions they need. Whatever we do, this basic face of our business remains true, and we strive to get the best deal for our customers.


Our customers know they can rely on us to deliver consistently high quality solutions. And we do. This can be clearly seen in the fact that we have one of the highest customer retention rates in the industry. We provide with safety except any natural disaster happens.


We are passionate about understanding and meeting our customer needs, both today and in the future. In the industry, our people are known for their “can do” attitude and willingness to go that extra mile to find the best and most efficient solution. Our ambition is to continue to draw on our core values and talented colleagues throughout the world to provide consistently high quality freight forwarding and supply chain management services.


At DAMCO we pride ourselves in being different from the rest. Our truly global presence offers our customers individual logistic solutions in far away countries. In addition, our unique Supply Chain Management solutions are recognized by the some of the world’s leading businesses. Working with our Supply Chain Management people feel free from any worst condition. We love to give respect, value, importance and time to our clients. We pay our attention and give time to every client because every client is different from other and important to us.



The air freight is the expensive but the best cargo service, air cargo is the best choice, it supplies the cargo in just no time as compare to the ship cargo transfer. The main thing, that makes the people surprised that we don’t have our own cargo; we work with wide range of airline carriers and gets the best available deals. We plan according to our clients schedule in order to improve inventory flow.


Our supply chain development team is made up by more than sixty experts located in our regional offices around the world. Backed by extensive experience in supply chain and project management, we use proven methods and analytical tools to implement solutions that help you maximize the value of your supply chain. Our supply chain is all over the world, when you use our supply chain you will surely see that your logistics cost are reduced. With supply chain we also provide some services like end to end supply chain, supply chain health check and distribution network


We say that the ocean transport is the backbone of the global transport and key in optimizing your supply chain and with DAMCO you are safe hands. We don’t have our own ships but we do contracts with the other ship cargo transporters. We supply urgent shipment and create short term efficiencies and build long term relations.


It is not easy to say that my goods will deliver on time but by using the DAMCO services you will make this thing right, we provide land side solutions and services to make you feel easy and relaxed, in our land side transportation we prove you full container load and help you ensure that your products are collected and delivered at right place by right time. The delivery is timely and goods are insured.



Your business is dependent on being able to respond rapidly to changes in the market place, our flexible supply chain solutions make this possible. We can help you toreact swiftly and take advantage of new opportunities and from optimizing inventory and handling costs to responding to changes inproduct demand.


At DAMCO, we understand the importance of delivering on promises. During the years we have refined the principles, manage and resolve methodology ensuring supply chain control, visibility and reliability. Through constant internal and external measurements we know, and can act on, performance issues in your supply chain while driving consistency in performance and processes,thus reducing waste. Our visibility solution allows you to always have the latest information on your supply chain performance.


Our global set up and local knowledge allows you to explore opportunities in new markets with complete integrated solutions. From warehousing and distribution services to purchase order and quality management, we can get the right supply chain in place so your business can move fast, wherever you are.


DAMCO is one of the world’s most experienced providers of integrated supply chain management solutions. We manage the complex global flows of goods, information, and financials for some of the world’s largest companies and are proud to have the highest customer retention rate in the industry. Regardless of where you are located, you will be assigned a highly professional and proactive customer management team to help manage your supply chain solution. Our team is focused on continuous optimization using DAMCO’s standard operating procedures measured on the same performance indicators across all countries and activities. For you, this means that the right changes are implemented at all levels operationally and strategically.



In air freight which is the best reason for cargo supplying is very expensive because the aircraft travels with high speed and transfer your goods with in no time.


We recommend that the fare of the air craft should be decreased and make transits in flight, it’s a cost cutting idea but the some hours would be increased in delivery.


Ocean cargo transfer is less costly than air craft, many of the firms are doing business through it but it is too risky that every now and then the weather of the ocean side changes and reacts horribly with the ships and goods.


We recommend that first the weather control advise shall be taken and then only transfer the insured goods, and if the weather is not good before the starting of the journey then waiting is the best idea rather than to get a victim of strong winds and high tides.  

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Land side transportation is just a value added service but it has a high price so this value added service will not used by many of the clients because majority of the clients has their own land transportation which costs them less price.


We recommend that if they are giving a value added service then charge at least less amount or make it free and charge the amount in major cargo transfer which is done by ships and aircrafts so that the client at least thinks that the value added service is free because its all about giving value. 


As a leading global freight forwarding and supply chain management company, we are highly conscious of our responsibility to protect our environment for future generations. Our new Eco-efficiency strategy enables us to meet our ambitious environmental goals and help both our customers and service providers reduce their environmental impact. We also share our knowledge and best practices with others throughout the industry to reduce our collective impact on the limited resources of our planet.


The DAMCO says that we are working for the environment, we want to make the environment go green and carbon free and reducing carbon foot prints. Where are all these responsibilities in local countries?


We recommend that DAMCO has to do all the environmental responsibilities in every of its local country where ever it has branches and start a campaign on plantation that make the world green secondly to avoid burning of waste/garbage material and to use the ships which has low fuel emission so that they produce less carbon.


In the world of logistics there are many clients belongs to different cultures, every culture has its own beauty but due to multi cultures every person has their own home land language and when these people interact each other so it is really a hard job to understand the terms of others, in this era English is the medium everywhere and if any person doesn’t know English and the local language then almost half of the term stay incomplete and these things literally causes a local branch to suffer.


There are language barriers in multi cultures so these barriers are not easily settled, so for this employee has to learn languages.


In hiring of a employee make it compulsory that the employee must know the language of the local country, the language of the Head office and the language which is spoken almost everywhere as a second language


Aid & relief organizations face increasingly difficult logistical challenges as natural disasters spread across the globe, and the need for humanitarian help increases. At DAMCO, we currently provide UN organizations, NGOs and suppliers with a full range of worldwide logistics services. We offer complete ocean freight, airfreight, and landside services all with end-to-end facility. Our landside service is available practically everywhere in the world and includes trucking, customs clearance, warehouse and distribution. We excel at finding innovative solutions to meet the specialized needs and requirements of Aid & Relief organizations.


DAMCO is uniquely positioned to meet its clients’ needs due to our unsurpassed geographical reach. Globally we are represented in 315 locations in more than 110 countries. Our African team alone is made up of more than 600 dedicated people in 33 countries. We have well-developed networks and experienced team members on the ground in places like Djibouti, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and Niger. We also serve markets daily like Chad, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Sudan, and have done case studies on many projects throughout Africa. We also have a strong presence in 17 countries across Asia, from Bangladesh to Indonesia and from China to Pakistan. In addition, DAMCO manages supply chains into Afghanistan both through Pakistan andthe Russian Federation. In South and Central America we have a team of more than 560 people with strong networks across the region; including operations in Haiti for more than 4 years.


DAMCO is giving a facility for the NGOs and UN organizations so that they use DAMCO services to facilitate and cure suffered victims, why the DAMCO not supplying free of cost delivery to these NGOs and UN organizations which are another face of care taker.


We recommend that the DAMCO shall provide these organizations the free delivery/ transfer because they are doing for the humanity if not then at least charge them less amount and DAMCO should start a charity base campaign for the poor in every country where DAMCO has a branch.


The footwear & apparel industry has 2 main segments fashion and sports performance. Both are fast paced with complex and varied products that require constant attention and tracking right through to delivery on the shelves. This poses significant supply chain challenges. As the world’s leading provider of end-to-end supply chain management solutions to the apparel & footwear industry, we count most of the world’s major brands amongst our customers. We understand that visibility, short lead times, scalability and responsiveness are keywords in managing your supply chain. Our tailor-made solutions enable you to achieve unparalleled levels of reliability and flexibility in your supply chains while helping you to cut costs and gain end-to-end stock keeping unit.


Our global team of dedicated industry specialists offers customized solutions to meet your specific supply chain requirements. As the global economic and political environment changes, our global footprint enables you to implement flexible sourcing strategies to minimize risk, improve product quality, and reduce total costs. Supported by a strong team of local experts around the world, we strive to keep our organization at the forefront of market and technology developments within the apparel & footwear sector.


Our global presence, local on-the-ground experience and consistent high quality solutions have made DAMCO a recognized provider of supply chain and transport solutions to the apparel & footwear industry.


As the chemical industry faces increasing demands for stable and secure deliveries into emerging markets, DAMCO is at hand to help. We understand the importance of balancing global production efficiencies with local customer requirements. We can provide you with robust and flexible solutionsfocused on safety and operational optimization,which will support inventory reductions while increasing your profitability.



In South Asian countries the politicians wants to get money by threatening the big companies if the companies has to expand their business and branches etc so they are charged by the politicians a high amount. This all comes in worst corruption but now these rules are followed by everyone.


If the terrorist know that the company which is opened or about to open is a Non-Muslim organization then the organization start receiving threats on phone calls, firing on the buildings, receive calls to wind up and return back and kidnapping of the employees, these matters create hurdles in the progress of a country and the company too.


Bomb blasts are now very common is South Asian countries, all the agencies are involved in these bomb blasts as well as the political parties, many people say that this is one kind of action to reduce population. Secondly start using guns then to have a control over the population that they fear and stay at homes for a particular time. Just because of these ridiculous actions a lot of innocent people suffer and many of them might lose their lives. Some got injured and some stick to homes.

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Rallies are basically a march done against of something, sometimes rallies ends up to 2 weeks, due to rallies the big hurdle is of traffic jam and noise pollution, the people holding banners and posters in their hands and protesting against the matter which they want to remove.


Strikes are done just because to remove anything, or to increase or decrease the price of any good or material, strikes are main done for petrol, food, shelter, and some economic services. Due to strikes schools start getting off and transport also ends up.

All these issues are very major is South Asian countries that is why many multinational firms suffer in South Asia      


In DAMCO every employee of the company has a cell phone given by the company with having a post paid sim for the contact with the different parties and clients. The employer can give a message through cell phone of email it depends the necessity; the employer can also make a call and can also send a fax. Secondly there is a language barrier that many employees of the same company who are in other countries don’t know the right medium language like the Chinese and Bangladeshi people both have a problem in speaking English and both have totally different accents which is very hard to understand and literally they sometimes speaks such a wrong English that really flows over the head. And it takes time to understand that what they said and what you said to them. Communication between home and host countries is mainly done by Emails.


My hero award is basically a hard card board small sheet on which the name is written of the employee who is rewarded, my hero award is for language, best communication, completion of work on time, over time, honesty with the work, work holic person, regular on time, formal dressed, do all the work on time, timely submission, who attended meetings abroad and true with every member of the company. An employee can have many My Hero awards.


As a manufacturer of consumer electronics you need flexible supply chains, enabling you to make timely and informed decisions in response to changes in demand and supply. DAMCO’s goal is to help optimize your supply chains.Consumer electronics include electronic equipment intended for everyday use, most often in entertainment, communications and office productivity.


Whether it is supplying into a conflict zone or in connection with military exercises we have the expertise. We have proven operational skills and local on the ground experts in many of the world’s hot spots. We can help you get your shipments securely to their destination, even when there is no established infrastructure.DAMCO has a proven track record within the area of government and defense logistics; we have earned the trust of several government defense agencies and private defense industry contractors with operations in hard to reach areas of the world.


Reefer is basically frozen foods, the delivery of frozen foods with quality and quantity, No damage or nasty wasted food is put in the cargo with on time delivery which remains freshness. When transporting of frozen or perishable goods then an unbroken cold chain from point of origin to final destination is vital. Transportation of fresh produce is often a challenge, keeping your product fresh all the way from point of origin, to the end consumer.


Increased globalization and shorter product life spans provide additional logistical challenges for the retail industry. The retail industry faces the continuous challenge of having the right products in place, at the right time and at the right cost. Managing and improving margins is a priority for retailers everywhere which has led to an increase in the demand for global direct sourcing strategies and supply chain management, as well as inventory optimization.It’s all about the material you deliver and want to sell in another place.


Told us that when he joined DAMCO , he saw many problems like some clients don’t t send orders on time, and when the order is late delivered then they came to us that why the order is late so you can see that people are placing order late and wants us to deliver it fast, some clients don’t even know to whom they should contact when they enter the office for some minutes they are wasting their time by talking and asking information from the wrong fellow ,then they came to the write person.

We asked him about the management role that when the DAMCO enter in the market so he said that DAMCO is new it’s a logistics line of MAERSK New in comparison with MAERSK, so when MAERSK entered Pakistan so at that time people don’t know what is logistics then MAERSK came up with general ideas which focus on easy transfer of goods and materials, then time by time MAERSK also expand its services. Now MAERSK has many logistics under it and having a worldwide name with lot fame.

We asked Mr. ABBAS that how you get the clients. He said we are working in DAMCO we don’t have to go anywhere the client has to come here no matter where he lives because when he/she has to transfer well then automatically he/she searches on net the local logistics, or if they know the address then they direct came to us. We don’t give huge discounts, never, what the fare is ordered from top level management we take that.

We asked him about the Hiring and Firing of the employees, so he said straight forwardly that hiring is a different one then firing. Hiring is little bit difficult, first the age and qualification is taken under consideration then experience, then asking and giving salary, then interviews then selection. After selection the employee is temporary for first 3 months, in those 3months we see his performance and then make him permanent or send him/ her back to home. Firing is another phenomena, in firing if a person is not serious with the organization, not completing the work, not good in getting clients, over all the performance is below 50% how we say 50% because we do performance evaluation test of employees and rank them if the employee is not even giving satisfactory performance then we say Sir you are too good now please leave this organization, we gave him his due salary and experience certificate.

We asked him about training he said that training is first given to the newly hire employees but training is also given to the employees to polish them and train them so that they know more and work better, the companies spend many  rupees on raining. Training includes classes or lectures or presentation on some particular field, practical in that field etc

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We asked him about the cross culture and religion so he said that less cross culture people come here because its Pakistan so majority is of Pakistani people, now religion, he said that company has no religion right, the company respects every religion and you can find our employees having different religion than Islam. Every religion is good and we support the people of every religion.

We asked him about the classes that which class mainly targets you? He said that majority of upper and middle class because transferring the goods in huge quantity is not an easy task and secondly not a cheap or less expensive task. Secondly he said yes there are difference in societies, the very extremist people say that it’s the firm of Denmark don’t work in it so I said let them say, in from one and out from the other year is the simple job for these kind of people, I am doing my best towards my company.

We asked him about the promotions he said that promotion in local countries are done by the local people but on the criteria of the top management of head quarters, promotions of the people like give them My Hero award, salary increase, incentives etc. we also focus on motivating the employees and giving them benefits so that they love to work in organization. Many people say that the western people have more value than the eastern people so this phenomenon is wrong I don’t believe because whenever I do meetings and personally meet the western people they all meet me very nicely and treat me nicely.

We asked him about his job? he said I love my job ,  I am happy with it no matter every now and then I am doing an overtime to compile the work but I love my job and I respects my company because they are giving me good salary, incentives and abroad travelling is given. My role in DAMCO is of Executive Supply Chain and Client Coordinator. I coordinate our clients show them the right way to transfer and feel free and relax after choosing DAMCO.  DAMCO isn’t getting off no matter any strike or any blast or any other mishap. We have only two holidays Saturday and Sunday. We have many meetings abroad on the behalf of DAMCO and DAMCO sends us there to attend that.

Another in DAMCO that no blood relations is allowed in DAMCO that a father or son or brothers or sisters etc working in the same organization, its good because sometimes if a employee did a mistake so the boss little scold him and the good thing is that none of your blood relations are seeing that. Its really a matter of prestige that the boss is scolding your father in front of the son or any blood relative in front of other so its not allowed in DAMCO no blood relations,

There are some works that every employee has to do before going home that he/she has to check is table, put the stationary in stationary side, turn off the computer, take your bag with you, sign when you are going and then move. Top level management also do polling in office to know that either they are working right or wrong and everyone is free to answer what he likes, mainly the options are given and the employee has to select any one of that.


We believe that brave speculation leads to sparkling innovation so we recruit people who possess to change the pre-conceptions, create inspiring solutions and make a positive change. We support and reward visionary people, we continually reinvent ourselves from within. It energizes the environment in which we live and work and the people work with us .With DAMCO you are given the freedom to be yourself, the freedom to flourish and make a rapid impact with in a culture that stimulates and encourage bold creativity. At DAMCO we are ambitious as a commercial organization, we are involved in the wider world determined to improve ourselves and the lives of others. We intend to do this not only via consumer choice and behavior but also though our various social and ethical policies. Committing to working with DAMCO is about being yourself, maximizing your potential and then imagining what is to done next.


This includes making decisions impacting sizing, pricing with quantity and margins. Maintenance of good government relations is also the responsibility area for us. As is evaluation of new projects and development of new ideas to build profit. It conducts competitive analysis and feasibility studies, performance and measures success criteria.


Works on establishing an efficient credit policy with clients that would cover policies and payment terms, negotiates and maintains trade and strive to improve effectiveness in doing and completing order on time


Its work includes interacting with banks to control company cash flows. Devising new methods to keep cost of capital as low as possible and striving to minimize devaluation hurt. The company tries to save more and more in its treasury, the basic matter of treasury is to do cost cutting.


HR is a staff function and makes its contribution in business as a business partner, a change agent, an employee champion and as an administrative expert in the delivery of services. Developing excellence in our people and our organization is the key to delivering outstanding business results. People excellence is about ensuring that strategies are in place and the support is there so that people can do their job properly, that training structures are there to develop potential that reward systems which motivates effort and reflect talent operating so we attract  and retain the very best people.

HR is responsible for activities such as recruitment, training, compensation and performance appraisal. As an expert it helps create and continually improve the culture needed to deliver the strategies of the company achieve DAMCO’s success by allowing for greater empowerment, entrepreneurship, creativity and risk taking.
All recruitment is done at the entry level, with focus on the internship program as a major source of recruits. Corporate level training programs, such as collaboration, team building, creative thinking etc are conducted locally whereas functional training programs are conducted internationally. The pay for performance system is adhered to where the pay is tied in with the performance of the individual others such as medical, housing and allowances.


External relations is visible and valued in DAMCO because staying externally focused is a corporate priority. DAMCO works closely and collaboratively with other disciplines throughout the company and has maximum opportunity for hands on involvement in strategic initiatives that help shapes the business. Building of mutually satisfying business relationships inside and outside the company , communicating clearly and persuasively thinking strategically managing crises, making principle-based decisions and applying well informed judgment . DAMCO manages the communications and relationships with many third parties who help us to understand the communities in which we work and whose opinions and decisions can influence our freedom to operate, the success of our business and the reputation of or company
Creative thinking and principle based actions are as follows:

  • Creative innovative plans
  • Building company’s reputation
  • Provide expert leadership
  • Support in crises
  • Issue management
  • Manage communications
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Develop corporate strategy
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