Advantages And Disadvantages Of Innovative Hr Initiative Management Essay

Innovative HR practice toward expatriates is meaningful to an organization which wants to enhance human resource department functions better such as FedEx Corporation. FedEx followed the following steps to sets its Innovative HR initiative .People are the important vital innovative resource in the corporation. ( Clardy 1996). Successful Human Resource Innovative based on the company has learned how to manage, motivate, and reward people. FedEx is a large multinational corporation which treats people as the first assets. FedEx Corporation is completing within the following steps.

Leadership skill

Professional development

Effective communicator

Developing Career Planning and management skill

Develops Creative and Innovative Skills

Develop Multiculturalism

Competencies as a Compensation Specialist

Leadership skill

Leadership is mostly about behavior. (Burke, R & Cooper, C (eds.) 2004). Put the behavior in the first position .in FedEx Company, they use the People -service -Profit innovative philosophy. It shows that the company they will like to impart the rights to their stuff to make the decision and provide the innovative solutions for company. Expatriate improve their managerial skill to help the stuff to find out its suitable way. In the leadership steps, normally they should to set a clearly vision of their career path .also personal mission is necessary for the expatriate .communication is the important aspect to achieve the vision and mission that the expatriate should most force on .

Professional Development

Above are the model and the steps for taking an effective Professional development. It is entirely requisite for the expatriate to take a systematic training to help them to be professional person.( Brewster, C, W. Mayrhofer, & M. Morley (eds.),2000). Aim to this strategy, FedEx design its innovative training and development program which is online training, overseas training and management training to provide the expatriate its concept, ability to making the right decision and its technical skills.

Effective communicators

As we all know, communication is an important tool to solve the problem. (Ahmed, F, M H Ullah, & M K Uddin, 2006). To have an effective communication, FedEx corporation design the three different types of communication ,Survey-Feedback-Action and Guaranteed Fair Treatment Procedure

Open Door Policy .it help stuff to have a 2 way communication .the employee they have rights to list the problem and provide its own idea to solve the problem. In addition, this kind of communication help to keep a good relationship between managers and stuffs .they can figure out the problem soon and take a solution in time. It will make a FedEx to be a better position which competes national and international. At last, it will make stuff satisfaction which in a lower turnover rate.

Developing Career Planning and Management skill

This aspect is talking about how the expatriate planning their career path and enhance their management skill. Master the skill can develop the intelligent stuff when they return to their respective company.

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FedEx Baldrige award plan

FedEx use the Baldrige award plan to completing the career planning and management skill. They provide the stuff to have a career training which including the mandatory and intensive Management Skills Training MSSD, Station Operations Management Training MSSD II, Gateway Operations Management Training MSSD3. Management Applied Personal Skills Training MAPS and Leadership Principals I and II (Pudelko, M. (2005).FedEx also has a manager training program within the company elected managers of high management potential, rotation in the 15 months to complete the project the various departments of the company, giving them the opportunity to learn the various departments, cooperation, understanding business Broaden their horizons, develop and master the knowledge and management practices in all areas. Through this training, they also increased their strength.

Develops Creative and Innovative Skills

Set a clearly human resource strategy will be effective for the corporation to take the action (Denton, K 1992). FedEx try to satisfied employee with their work environment, so they doing lots of stuff to try to drive the company in a right way which is job applicant system, to make the staff have the power to change its job that called job rotation to help the expatriate to maximize adopt its work environment. The advantage is clears to toward the expatriate to encourage them work out the way to solve and help to think out an innovative solution to run the business better, help the expatriate to learn its innovative skill which turns to a better competition. (Gupta,Ashok k,David Wilemon, and Arvind Singhal.1999)

Develop Multiculturalism

FedEx is a multinational corporation which has employs from diverse countries .so they have different cultural, behavior and values .the respond ability for the FedEx Company is delivering the post mail in time. Then it is sort of important to develop the multiculturalism. Expatriates who will develop a multicultural approach, which is a system of belief and behavior, recognize and respect in an organization or all of the different social groups exist, to recognize and respect their social and cultural differences, and to encourage and support them to continue Contribution in an inclusive culture, authorized all within the organization or society.

The net benefit that will be realized will lead the expatriate into becoming a manager which views diversity as a source of competitive advantage.

Competencies as a Compensation Specialist

It is direct related to the compensation and the reward which is about the salary, work life, and the benefit. Fedex Company set the incentive plan to try to enhance staff working hard and smart for its reward.

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First. The True Heart Ambassadors. Project since the September 2003 launch in China, and its purpose is through customer feedback on staff performance evaluation and reward outstanding staff, and encourage all employees to work harder in order to continuously improve the capability requirements and self-In working to achieve a higher goal, to provide our customers with better delivery service.

In addition, The Courier of the Month plan, the project aims is to deliver an outstanding member of the affirmative; sure they improve customer service quality in order to pay for extra effort.

The Smile Award confirmed that outstanding, to provide quality customer service to pay the extra effort of employees.

3.4 How the programmers help to overcome career issues for expatriates?




Employee Communication Program Guaranteed Fair Treatment Procedure

Open Door Policy

Leadership Evaluation and Awareness Process

Job Change Applicant Tracking System

Recognition and Reward Program

Nowadays, Most of enterprises are facing the serious problems which are recruiting or attracting talent employees. Most of the enterprises are complaining about the talent stuffs and the demands for labor are difficult to meet, and the traditional recruitment channels or methods are becoming not valid. FedEx corporate creates 6 unique programs to solve the expatriates to overcome their career issues especially the culture problem. FedEx has over 240.000 employees in the world. It is necessary to consider cultural differences. Language, cultural practices, procedures and work ethic these elements will be an obstacle for the multination enterprises likes FedEx.

People-service- profit (PSP) program, it will helps enterprise to eliminate of cultural differences among the stuff around the world. People-service-profit program, the people priority acknowledges will create an environment where stuffs feel secure enough to take risk and increasing stuff satisfaction and belonging. (Denton, 1992 ) .FedEx used “cultural match” strategy for recruit the appropriate stuff to reduce the impact of cultural differences for long time .cultural match is define that looking for those target areas Compatible with similar cultural backgrounds to the appropriate positions. It can help the expatriates to adopt their working environment in a short period. This strategy aim to help expatriates to feel the company’s culture and values.

FedEx corporate sets three security communication systems to ensure stuff fully share information and true expression of different opinions. .there are survey-feedback-action, Guaranteed Fair Treatment Procedure and Open door policy.

Survey- Feedback-Action, It is an annual employee satisfaction survey, which rates management’s performance and forms a basis for improvement.( Badwwy,Mickael k.1998.)SFA has been implemented in FedEx for 25 years. It provides an effective and smooth communication between employees and managers. SFA questionnaire composed of 25 questions, which including the views of the immediate supervisor, benefit and work environment satisfaction, the views of the company’s management culture etc. in this way ,manager s can understand the exist problems with the expatriate stuff and local stuff. It helps expatriate stuff to have a great communication to the manager and help them to find out the solutions.

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Guaranteed Fair Treatment procedure, this process concerns issues personally related to the employee. (Roberts E.and A.Fusfeld 1982.) It is a complete complaint mechanism. Such employees are not satisfied, he cans first complaint to his superiors, and superiors must be given within 10 days of his written answer. If the employee is still dissatisfied, he can leapfrog complaints. This fair treatment procedure program is perfect for expatriates stuff .it ensures their rights.

FedEx’s Open Door Policy allows employees to question or put forward a complaint about matters of corporate policy, such as benefits, hiring, seniority, vacation, ensure expatriates to get its two way communication with their stuff benefit, help expatriates clearly understanding the company culture.


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Leadership Evaluation and Awareness Process, which must be completed in order to progress to management level. In this program ,company will use the job Rotation to help the expatriate to complete the various jobs in the different department in the 15 months .it giving them the opportunity to learn how to cooperation, understanding the business, broaden their horizons, develop and master the knowledge and management practices in all areas. Through this program .they also increased their strength, so that in future the company as a more important work.


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Job Change Applicant Tracking System (JCATS) JCATS is an on-line computer job posting system that allows hourly employees to post for any available job. (Wagel,William H.1986). If the employee doesn’t like the current position, they can apply a new job position in the FedEx company .it extends expatriates more opportunity, and it will enhance or master other job skills and help the company to find out the right person on the right position.

Reward and Incentive Programs

As part of the Bravo Zulu initiative, managers reward employees for outstanding efforts and achievement on the spot. Rewards include “quick cash” bonuses, theatre tickets, dinner gift certificates, and other gifts of similar value. The Golden Falcon Award is granted to any employee who receives a customer-written letter of commendation describing the employee’s efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty. The recipient is issued ten shares of Federal Express stock and a congratulatory visit or phone call from a senior executive.

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