Advantages And Disadvantages Of Personal Selling Information Technology Essay

Rebecca Smith started a small business called Ready to Eat. She started the business with three people who was specialised in different categories. Other than Rebecca Smith two persons were looking after packaging and the delivery. As the Business grew by, she recruited other three people for various needs. With such Business growing up she needed a computer which can look after the business transactions which can life easier. This computer is built on the Information System software.

In the existing System, system without a computer is said to be a tiresome. The following are the disadvantages of not having a proper Management Information System

Employees do not have a proper schedule of having their rosters.

Management cannot keep track of the Employee wages.

The Stock Orders has no track of how much stock exists and the stock to be ordered.

In the Payroll Department everything should be taken in written form. This might lead to improper balancing of the accounts.

Without MIS, pricing of each can be difficult.

Proposed System

Proposed system can overcome the disadvantages that the existing system has. It can provide the following advantages.

By feeding the details of an employee in a computer, this system can tell us when a particular employee should attend his duty on what particular day, so that managers need not to worry about allotting the people for a particular work.

As part of the system, Computer generates the wages accordingly with a built-in payroll system.

With the STOCK Control system, Computer calculates how much stock is available in the Shop so that Stockist has no worries about it. Here the employee checks the stock using a held device

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With an Information System like this it can be easy for an employee to price each product with a help of barcodes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Personal Selling

Personal selling depends on personal communication between the seller and buyer. Advantages and Disadvantages can accrue from the personal communication. Personal communication should have an impact than messages delivered through advertising media, so that the selling can be done at a better approach. It also allows timing of message delivery and obtaining the feedback from the customers by changing messages during a sale. Disadvantages can be of a personal selling to a high cost for reaching a member of the audience. One important issue to remember is that personal selling does not come cheap.

<Different Applications that can help Ready to Eat Services>

Email or Electronic mail can make the customers to order the products through the Internet. Some Networking tools like FIDONET, “Health NET”, and World Wide Web could help Ready to Eat improve. Other Electronic Services like Fax, Computer Conferencing can be used for “Ready to Eat”

Knowledge Management

It can help Rebecca’s ready to eat identify, select, organize, disseminate and transfer critical as well as important data which contains valuable information. Knowledge expertises in such a way that organizational memory is able to solve effective and efficient problem, dynamic learning, strategic planning and decision making. By having a good knowledge the company can bear any sort of problem anywhere in the world and at anytime. This knowledge should be distributed among group of people where it will be able to grow, rather than one person having the knowledge and not sharing with other people in the group.

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E-Commerce and its challenges

In order to provide a good business, the company must turn itself into e-commerce processes, especially B2C e-commerce. Out the challenges, the major challenge is the companies need to change distribution system and work processes to manage shipments of individual units directly to consumers. Another tough challenge for e-commerce systems is the integration of WEB-based order processing systems with traditional Servers for small companies and Mainframes for larger enterprises. One good thing about the WEB-Based order is that consumer can place order over the WEB and can find inventory that are available for sale.

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