Analysing the effectiveness of time management skills

Introduction: – Time management skills are our abilities to recognize and solve personal time management problems. With good time management skills we can control of our time and daily routine and decrease our stress and increase our energy levels. We can able to maintain balance between our work and family lives. We have enough flexibility to respond to new opportunities. The key to successful time management is planning and then protesting the planned time. People who say that have no time do not plan, or fail to protect planned time .if we plan what to do and when, and then follow to it .then we will have time for all activities. But we can see many types of obstacles to achieving our goal due to many kinds of point. It will describe following. (ref.3)


Writing a report

Clarify obstacle to achieving goal.

Describe the need to review

Importance of review

Timescale -how can we manage time?

Report 1

Divya M Chauhan- (Manager)

To -Managing Director,

Finance for U ltd,


Date -14-05-2010

Subject: Employees Report On Personal Development Plan

As a manager of finance 4 U Company I have task about obstacles in personal development plan and describe the need to review. For the purposes of this report ,finance 4 u is in credit crunch so quickly we want to take some action, but many obstacles are create problem to achieving objectives. So we need to review due to monitor this task and also self review makes importance to this task. All of these analyses will help to finance 4 u companies. My analysis on these points is following.

Obstacle to achieving objectives

poor planning consequences

not enough money for raw material, employee’s salary etc

man power is sick

Adopt new technology is not so easy it has many issues like again give training to employees, so it is expensive process.

costly machinery

coaching skills, leadership skills

continuous self development

financial issues


lack of knowledge in particular areas that necessary in order to achieve a goal

lack of skill for needed tasks

Lack of confidence, fears and doubts.

How to overcome them

Financial resources-it is very important to analysis financial resources.

Man power

Personal skills

Participate staff to make a decision

Focusing and visualizing daily on our desired outcome.

Attend meetings, conference, seminar and workshops

Development of new skills

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Improve in knowledge (how to tackle new situation)

Attentions about Coaching, mentoring.

Work in a team,

Need to review and monitor plan

Believe in System

Effective system-well plan

Time system-do work on time

Storing information

Systematic work

Making a schedule

Importance of self review

Self review is a process by which you learn more about our self such as, what we like, what we don’t like and also how we tend to react to certain situation. Knowing these all things can help determine which occupation and work situation could be a better fit for us.

Self review can cover personality and attitude, skills and achievement, knowledge and learning style, interests, values and also entrepreneurism.

Self review can reveal our characteristics. It will define our strength and weaknesses. It gives us more choices and broadens our options, so then we can have the confidence about our goal-target.

It also improve our skills it give us capability for:

Do Fast Work

Do Something new

Make a More production in Same quality(ref.4 and ref.5)

Skills of time management

Multitasking-handling all different types of task



“Prioritizing is the answer to time management problem-not computer, efficiency experts, or matrix scheduling. You do not need to do work faster or to eliminate gapes in productivity to make better use of your time. You need to spend more time on the right thing …” (ray Johnson)

Priority of work, more important information

Priority of work, less important information.

Prioritizing is about making choices of what to do and what not to do. To prioritize effectively you need to be able to recognize what is important, as well as to see the difference between urgent and important.

To understand how time management can useful for us I would like to explain with following example .as a manager of company I should make plan like this.


Not important


Emergencies, complaints and crisis issues.

Demand from superior or customer

Planned task or project work now due

Meetings and appointments


Reject and explain

Trivial requests from others

Apparent emergencies

Pointless routines or activities

Not urgent

planning, preparation

research, investigation

customer relationship

developing change

accept new technology


Research and developing plan.

Resist and cease

Comfort activities. Computer game, etc.

Chat, gossip, social communications

(Ref.6 and ref.7)

Timescale: My PDP assignment


Make presentation slides

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Write a report

Make assignment

Final submission


Become more effective, confident.

Improve general skills


Action taken

Data collection from

Books, internet, etc.

Improve writing skill

Achievement dates






In a conclusion it is clear that in every organisation there is need of time management and it is very beneficial for any organisation to have a proper time management. It is above mention that there are many skills of time management, but it depends on the situation and organisation structure. As i have mention above multitasking and prioritization skills, both are very useful in the company. In addition self review is also very important in the organisation. It is improve our skills, so automatically we can do work easily in sort time, in same quality and get more production. In my point of view these all management should adopt finance 4 u ltd., to become more productive company in the competition.

Task 3

Various methods in the personal and professional skills

Introduction: I have this task about analysis to various methods in the personal and professional skills. These analysis will help to finance 4 u such as in skills development, how to train employees, what types of coaching will help to organisation etc. every organisation have many task in the way of development that are social responsibility ,relation between organisation and public sectors. These all are support to organisation to become more valuable, productive, finance level etc. So I would like to analysis 3 different organisations skills development, social responsibility and give report to finance 4 u ltd. it will help to solve problem which is credit crunch.


Research in the various personal and professional skills

Analysis of 3 organisations

Ensure all organisations staff personal and professional skills

Writing reports

Presentation to the managing director

Report 1

Divya M Chauhan- (Manager)

To -Managing Director


Date -17-05-2010

Subject: Personal and professional plan in Oil & natural gas Corporation.

Ongc which was incorporated on June 23, 1993 is a public sector petroleum company in India. It is the most valuable country in India by market capitalization contribution 77% of India’s crude oil production and 81% of India’s natural gas production. It is the highest profit making corporation in India. It produces about 30% of India’s crude oil. The company has adapted progressive policies in scientific planning, acquisition, utilization, training and motivation of the team.

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The following personal and professional qualities followed in this company.

They ensure that employees have a peen nests for exploration and keep an open mind.

They ensure that employees be always be ready to look at opportunities for betterment and the search for new idea, new practice, new products and new ways of doing things better goes on continuously.

ONGC has adapted progressive policies in scientific planning, acquisition, training and motivation of the team.

They give to special training to their staff such as IT training. It also gives them coaching class.

Social objectives: ongc is playing an important role in society.

Promotion of literacy

Medical camps

Grant of scholarship & assistance to deserving young pupils of weaker sections of the society

Environment protection

Animal husbandry

Women and child development

Public relations:

Creating value

Maximizing return to investors

Give customer value

Ensure their problem(ref.8)

Report 2

Divya M Chauhan- (Manager)

To -Managing Director


Date -17-05-2010

Subject: Sainsbury’s personal development training plan

Introduction:- the Sainsbury’s brand is built upon a heritages of providing customers with healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food. Quality and fair price go hand in hand with a responsible approach to business. Sainsbury’s stores have a particular emphasis on fresh food and they strive to innovate continuously and improve products in with our customer needs.

Sainsbury has a specific personal and professional plan available using a variety of methods such as workshops, activity and coaching training etc. it is spilt into the following steps.

From starting to advance training they give like this to their employees:-

Mandatory for all colleagues

Is a basic introduction to Sainsbury’s explains the way we work, how to deliver great service and includes all the legal and compliance subject such as health and safety.

Takes place during your first 12 weeks

Introduces you to your role and includes all the basics you need to know how to work productively and safely on your department

Timescales vary depending on your role and hours.

Develops you to grow in your role and deliver to the required performance standards.

For management and team leader colleagues, job experts and those who want to develop for their next steps.

Coves how to manage and supervise in your role.

They develop leadership skill also.(ref.9 and ref .10)

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