Analysis of the Business communication process

I have made document and analyze the communication process in one of the worlds successful and largest fast food chain, towards the achievement of business goal. I have chosen the organization is McDonalds which is situated in Papatoetoe.

Primary data was collected by interviewing the Branch Manager; he is my friend’s relative. After the primary research, all the relevant findings were analyzed and evaluated based on the communication theories learned from secondary sources through our textbook, lecturer handouts, online resources and the organization’s information resources.

The research draws attention to the importance of these findings on how effective, efficient, accurate and up-to-date these communication processes that shoe great impact on the three levels of communication in the main team namely:

Team communication

Interpersonal communication

Organization communication

Search shown some communication barriers on all the levels that hinder the affectivity and efficiency of the communication processes towards the achievement of their Team goals affecting the organizational goal’s is well. Though some of the problems were being acted upon promptly, some were not; therefore, the group came up with some suggestions that may be helpful to the subject organization towards the achievement of their business goals.


If we see towards the restaurant chain in the world McDonald is one of the leading restaurant chain in the whole world who touch the lives of the people every day. According to the demands of the McDonalds improved to their quality of the products and also services. If we see few years back there was not available facility of drive through and 24 hour services. Now if we see all of them are open for late night .McDonalds primarily sells hamburgers, cheese burgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, milk shakes, and deserts.


Communication is a process that involves exchange of information, thought and emotions. It is a process that requires a sender who encodes and sends the message to the receiver the message through the communication channel, decodes it, processes the information and sends the reply (feedback) via the communication channel.

Types of communication and examples of them in McDonalds

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Verbal Communication

Verbal communication is written and oral communication. The oral communication is spoken words in the communication process which can either be face to face communication or a conversation over the phone. These are influenced by voice modulation, pitch, volume and the speed and clarity of speaking. The other type of verbal communication is written communication. An example would be email. The effectiveness of written communication depends on the style of writing. Vocabulary or we can say grammar.

Examples shown below in McDonalds:

Face to face communication with customers. When customers enter the shop a staff is expected to approach the customer with a greeting such as “hi, how are you?

Email is used amongst the organization to send or receive information, i.e. customer detail, memos, daily plane or any change made to recent activity.

For daily planes meetings are held and manger talk about the planes with the staff.

Non Verbal communication

If we talk about the Non verbal communication is overall body language and facial expressions.

Staff is polite, friendly and use kind words and tone when dealing with customers.

The customer gets angry and makes a frowning face if not satisfied with the service.

Staffs use visuals such as body language and facial expressions.

Graphic Communication

Graphic communication can be pictorial representations, signboards, or even photographs, sketches and paintings. There purpose is to give us an idea what it’s about.

Examples in McDonalds

Opening and closing hours are on the door.

Signage of promotions in the store i.e. special deals.

Using of postures, promotional brochures, which show new product coming soon.

Price tags.

Model of Communication Process

Team Communication

Team Goals

Team goals are first make plane according to rules and regulation and then follow it. In McDonalds teams are always trained according to the pattern. Leader of the team give order to the other working members and whole team follows the plane.

Team Roles

In a team each and every team member has a roles to fulfill the need of. In McDonalds there is branch manager, shift manger or team leader. Now there are three counters to serve the customers. On counter 1 there are three members are working, on counter 2 there are two members and team leader working and on counter 3 again three member are working. And on other hand cleaning team is there to do the cleaning and also to help the members of the team if any requires help and it consist of two members

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Branch Manager

Branch manager’s main role is to give order to the team leader and after that leader have to work according to that with other members if while working any team member face any kind of problem the he/she will talk to the team leader and the team leader will talk to the manger. This way information flows in the team from top to bottom level management.

Team Member

In a team the main role of the team member is to contribute towards the goal of the organization. According to this main thing is that need to follow the orders and if there is any kind of idea or we can say suggestion they can give in meetings which are arranged by the team leader or by the head manger.

Advertisements and Promotions

McDonalds use advertising strategies such as T.V commercial, internet advertising bye emailing customers of upcoming promotions and through fliers. Because their stores are located nationwide this is one of the best way to attract the customers from every where. And on other hand branch manager can arrange the additional advertising like sign boards outside their shop to advertise a promotional strategy.

The influence of the communication channels in McDonalds

In McDonalds these are the main communication channels within company. With this method the organization is having ease of communication with the customers as well as among themselves. The result is depend on the quality of their communication with the communication channel e.g. if a new range of product are being introduced, manager will email branch manager respectively and the manager will discuss with their staff during their daily meeting.

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Barriers to communication

There are many barriers to communication; the following are the come examples.

The language barrier e.g. any customer who doesn’t speak English properly will be a barrier as the receiver mean to say staff will not understand the message properly.

Technical problems. While big meeting when big projector use during the presentations to show picture or adds off the new brands. If there is a technical issue then they cannot clearly explain the main message as accurately as they could have.

This kind of barriers affect the communication and as it shows down progress. There is only one way to in improve. In the language barrier example, the staff can get the help of another staff who may be able to understand the customers better. If we see customer is so important and to make customer happy proper communication is most important.


In conclusion, communication in McDonalds is very effective amongst the customer and itself. It is formal type of communication. The method of communication used by the company help with progression of the organization and help to maintained for e.g. if we see less customer complaints, target begin met and low staff turnover the company is increasing its reputation and also increasing profit and also number of customer.


Although communication is very effective I would still recommend McDonalds implement a method of communication between lower lever and upper level staff such as Manager. For example, a questionnaire only for low level staffs the result may give an idea to head manager of whether a staff is being properly utilized. A low level staff can turn out to be one of the company’s greatest assets in future.


Successful communication Is what achieves results, however to achieve result, however to achieve this, the appropriate channel should be utilized. If manager want to send message to all his/her staff but because of the roster some of the staffs are not available one some day the manager can leave a memo. This way where an employee starts his/her shift they can view the memo.

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