Assess Leadership Skills In An Organisation Management Essay

There are seven traits through which we can assess the leadership style of an organization

A leader should have an integrity, and must be a trust worthy person, so that people can rely on them, and because of this these people need a mentor, who will guide them towards their goals.

A leader should be an optimistic person, because people doesn’t want to follow a person always thinks negatively and ignore the positive part.

A leader should be able to influence the change and should support the change, because if they don’t accept the change, they might not grow.

A leader should be able to take risks, because if they are not a risk taker, then they are not the leaders. A leader is a person who has clear a understanding of what can be achieved by taking a risk and how it might benefit their follower and prepare them for better tomorrow.

A leader should be tenacious, i.e. they should not give up and keep on trying unless they reach their goals.

A leader should be able to motivate others, and keep them moving towards the achievement of their desired goals.

A leader should be dedicated and committed towards the achievement of their goals. [1] 


From my observations of Tesco is using participative leadership style and their principal style as a participative leader appeared to be consultative in approach where most decisions were conferred with team members before final decisions were being made by them. As a result, maintaining lines of open communication within Tesco created an environment of warmth, friendliness, trust and emotional support and this communication and developing relationship with followers is considered as an effective leadership

However, on the other side BA leadership style was also consultative, but it was not always consultative. There were times where his style did appear to change, and the reason might be lack of self awareness, motivation, empathy and emotional inteligence. These circumstances were mainly apparent when dealing with other leaders (consensus) and members of his team that were perceived to be lacking in motivation (authoritarian). Although, Johnson and Scholes, point out in their book of corporate governance that this approach is relevant to the leaders who has a lot of experience, common sense and emotional intelligence to be effective leader.

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The 21st century the leaders should be creative and innovative, because new ideas can bring success to the organization, and therefore it should be the mission of every leader should to look for innovative ideas regularly, which is completely new than that of an organization which is currently committed to.

These innovative ideas come from having deeper understanding of customers and market, and they go beyond the customers expectations and fulfill their needs.

According to Gratton, there are four future requirements of leadership which could be useful for New-Line GenX.

Dream Collectively: The future leaders should allow people to work interdependently but it has to be within the company’s general framework and identify a work and co-ordinate the major themes for action.

Balance the short term with the longer term: The future leaders should build a vision for the future through the engages people and let them understand for the future role

Value people: The future leaders should treat people with respect and allow them to put forward their ideas and obtained trust and make sure that their ideas will be valued and they can make a difference

Understand of the reality of the organization: The future leaders should build a model of the organization that is of high level trust, inspiration, and commitment; develop an understanding of process of fairness and justice and recognise the workforce’s perception of consistency, integrity and pride [2] .

Moreover, future leadership will have to learn an entirely new skills and competency skills.

Generate and Sustain trust: Trust is powerful and ingredients of competencies, fairness, caring constancy and authenticity, these all are valuable for the future requirements of leadership and management for New-Line GenX.

Intimate allies: The future leaders needs to create respect, dignity and culture improvised.

Power of Appreciation: The future leaders needs to appreciation good work done by the employees and this is powerful motivator to take challenge by the employees for the new adventures.

What is important: The future leaders should remind people of what is important for the organisation and value to work and collective focused strategy of the company.

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It is therefore, the above points need to be considered by New-Line GenX for the future requirements of leadership and management.



It is absolute necessary to make team work in order to improve operational procedures and efficiency in the operations of Tesco and BA. Leadership required personal strength to motivate all the employees together. Thus, Tesco and BA have required to an act together in all department such as warehouse, web-design, sales, back-office, company senior management, marketing and other functions etc. Leaders need to motivate and equally inspire all the employees by using equal amounts of extrinsic and intrinsic techniques. In addition, leader needs to make sure that different people can take different amounts of each extrinsic and intrinsic motivation. However, experience is most significant qualities to direct participation in all activities of the organization [3] . It is advisable to both companies to be presented the board of management that the four many type of leadership style can be beneficial for them.

To be a great leader the author think that you have to have many qualities, the most important of which are charisma, motivation, experience and most of all fantastic communication skills. It is therefore, it has advisable to both the companies consider to focus on ‘New Leadership Theories’ rather than old traditional theories such as Fielders Contingency and Path-Goal Leadership Theory. Managers need to develop a business by facing the challenges, involve all the employees in decision making process and taking risk if needed.


First of all there should be the clear understanding of qualities required for an effective leaders, and these qualities are

Enthusiasm : A leader should be able to get things done, which they can communicate to other people.

Confidence : A leader should believe in themselves, as this can be sensed by other people.

Toughness : A leader should be resilient, tenacious, and demanding high standards.

Integrity : A leader should have personal wholeness, soundness, and honesty, which can inspire trust.

Warmth : A leader should be in personal relationship, caring for people and being considerate.

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Humility : A leader should be willingness to listen and take the blame; not being arrogant and overbearing.

In addition to all of the above quality, a leader should also be motivational, and should also posses high level of emotional intelligence.

There are various methods used to develop leadership skill

The first thing to do as a leader is to ask for the feedback from their team, on what they think about their leadership style.

They should listen carefully to their team members about their work related worries, because it is said that great leaders are great listeners.

A leader should take complete responsibility of how they are being heard, and their message to their team should be clearly understood by their team members.

The most important part of developing leadership skill is to learn to respect their teams hard work.

A leader should lead their team with an integrity.

A leader should involve their team members and distribute the task among their team depending on the situation and individual capabilities.

Finally a leader should focus on developing their skills, and this will enable them to improve motivation as well as team performance. [4] 


After researching on this assignment I would like to conclude that leadership plays an important role in the development of an organization. I also found that both the organizations Tesco and British Airways has a great leadership styles, whereby Tesco is using participative leadership style, through which it had created an environment of warmth, friendliness, trust and emotional support under the leadership of Sir Terry Leahy, Chief Executive of Tesco, the company has experienced enormous growth and is one of the largest supermarket in the UK. Whereas on the other side the leadership of British Airways was also consultative, but kept on changing. But finally I would say that both of these organization should keep on developing their skills and acquiring new skills that will enable them to compete in this fast pace of global economic climate. I am also sure that, if the directors of New-Line GenX follow the leadership theory and implement them in their organization, will enable them to have a better future of New-Line GenX.

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