Autocratic Style Of Leadership Management Essay

The autocratic leadership style means that the person in charge has the entire control upon all decision making. In addition, in this style of leadership, managers don’t take care of the opinions of their staff and ore not open to changes. The communication in the autocratic leadership can be considered as “one-way” ( the manager say something and staff comply) This leadership style, has some advantages but many disadvantages and is considered as an old way of manage people.

One of the advantages of this style of management is the rapidity of decision making. According to Money Zine, in emergency situation, people prefer to be told exactly what to do and where to do it because of the stress. So because of this the autocratic leadership is more effective in stressful situations and military situations because subordinate want be guide.

But this kind of leadership has many disadvantages and is criticize by many researchers. The one-way communication of this leadership can be considered as a problem because just one person decide and if this managers does an error event if staff found it they will not be able to tell him. So because of this, autocratic management slows down the progress of the whole organization. Moreover, the autocratic management, because of the high level of control of the managers, gives a high level of stress to the managers and this stress can be a problem. In addition, the characteristic of autocratic leadership can conduct to the decrease of motivation within the whole organization. In fact, people dislike to be ordered what they have to do.

To conclude on autocratic leadership, all these disadvantages generally conduct to a high employee turnover. In over word the high turnover of employment is one of the main characteristic of Autocratic style of management.

Mrs. Sarah applies a democratic style of management at the Hotel Cote d’Ambre. The democratic can be defied as a style of management which delegate authority to staff by the process of delegating responsibility to complete the given task. The big difference between Autocratic and Demographic leadership style is the fact that in democratic style employees take part (give their opinion) in decision making. In contrast of autocratic style, democratic takes more time for decision making because of the participation of all staff. Such as the other leadership style, democratic has advantages and disadvantages.

The main advantage of democratic style is the motivation of employee within the whole organization. By putting them in the process of decision, employees feel part of the company and at the same time important. Moreover because of the concentration of everybody the initiative are more profitable for the organization. In addition, the relationships in the company are better than in autocratic style of management. In fact, there are less friction at the workplace and the working environment is better. Because of all these characteristic employees are motivate and the turnover level stay low. Employees feel good in their organization.

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But this management style has also some disadvantages such as the time of decision making. In fact, all employees take part of the decision making and this can make the decision take time. In addition, managers can do as if they follow democratic management style but in reality they are simply doing a disguise autocratic style of management.

These two management style is the opposite of the other one. But both are good but they have to be use in the good situation. But generally the democratic style of management is better to motivate and decrease turnover rate in the organization. The democratic style can be useful in emergency domain such as fireman and Army because of the rapidity of decision making due to the situation.


The relation approach is the process by which experts want and tries to combine the Sociology and the Psychology in management. Experts find this process useful because they found that an organization is a social system with relationship between groups. The main tenet of this theory is the fact that managers can make work be done by satisfying the social and psychological needs of employees. This process is composed by 8 basics principles:

Humans are not only interested by cash they also need appreciation and recognition.

Organization has to treat their employees as human and not as machine

In an organization it is normal to have formal relation, but informal relation is also very important and managers should encourage it.

Job satisfaction is very important and to do this one of the main element is job security

Managers should consider their employee as they equal and should not express an superiority complex

Managers have to prevent conflict and misunderstand and provide good relationship to increase satisfaction of employee

Autocratic leadership style must be avoid to increase freedom. This will increase motivation and satisfaction of employees

Make employee participate to decision making can be a good thing to make them feel part of the company (democratic style of leadership)

This human relation has advantages such as:

Managers see their company as a part of a whole

Managers put the emphasis on improving communication and coordination

Managers found that a good internal management will help and insure the company survival

Managers see that the environment is a important factor of the organization survival

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But it has also some disadvantages:

Long time of decision making

Friendship relationship between managers and employees

Employees can consider work as granted and make poor performance

Low productivity because of a sort of laisser-faire management

In contrast we also have the Bureaucratic approach of management. It is a style of management based on the logic, order and the use of formal authority because of this we can say that it can work with the autocratic management style. Generally this approach of management is known as a efficient and fair style of management. The main principals of bureaucratic approach are:

Promotion based on skills

Strict hierarchy of authority

Division of labor

Formal rules and procedures

The advantages are:

Presence of top level managers that operate a great control on the organization

Rapidity of decision making

Efficient and effective work


The disadvantages are:

Discourage creativity and innovation because of the absence of participation of employees

Decrease of motivation and satisfaction

The rigid structure make the employee feel them jailed

High turnover rate

Task b)


In a company we can found two type of group that operates within the organization, the formal and informal groups.

The informal groups can be defined as employees that put themselves into non-officially structured groups. Such as an example, groups of friend, ect…

The formal groups are groups that are formed by the company to do a special task. In contrast of the informal groups these groups are structured for a efficient division of work. In these groups we can also found a sense of identity, loyalty and finally leadership and purpose.


Generally, a team is a group of person with complementary necessary skills to complete a specific job. Teamwork can be defined as work done by a group of persons and each person of this team has done a part of the whole work. Working in team brings many advantages to the organization, but generally the main advantage is the increase of productivity and efficiency. In addition, the motivation is better than in a single working.

In our case XYZ Ltd want to develop effective teamwork within the organization to decrease competition between employee and increase productivity. To do that the company will have elaborates some things to make possible the apparition of teamwork.

So the first step of the apparition and maintains of teamwork in the organization is the organization culture and this come with the appropriate leadership. The leader must have the required skills and in addition must apply the appropriate style of management (democratic) to make a positive culture within the organization. These factors (such as culture and leadership) have an effect on the motivation of employees and bring commitment in their mind and this is very important with no motivation there is no success because of the lack of effort.

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Secondly, after the leadership and the culture, employees have to improve communication in the organization because teams need communication to operate to share information, opinions, etc. Communication is one of the bases of teamwork.

Thirdly, the confidence is also important. All members of the team have to have skills to manage their task. Without this members of team will not trust each over the will not share the necessary information and this will slow down the effectiveness of the team and will be a barrier to success.

Moreover management has to act on the opinion of employees. A bad opinion will conduct to the failure of the project. To act on this and on motivation, one of the main arms of managers is the working environment. A good working environment will improve behavior, satisfaction, motivation and opinion of employees.


During the past ten years, because of the globalization, the domain of technology and communication has known a crazy increase and improve. This has helped the amelioration of communication around the world. Thus, we can say that telecommunication and technology can improve team functioning by permitting the exchange of information around the world. In fact, it is the Globalization that brings the new technology appears because of the need of exchange information around the world.

The main innovation is this domain was the apparition of the internet and by this email (allows communication (exchange of data) around the world). This will facilitate communication between team members of General Electronic and make the progress to the target easier despite the distance between them. More recently we can see the use of “skype” a program that allow people to do video conference to be more in contact to each over.

Computer makes team members more productive and efficient by permitting the carry of several tasks at the same time.

Mobile phone permits the exchange of information orally and at real time. Thus, this technology allows team to save time. In addition, phone makes possible the contact of person even if they are not at the office. Moreover we also have 3G device such as blackberry of Android that permit owner to read their mail at any time (save time and thus money).

In conclusion, nowadays working in team, despites if the members are not in the same country, is easy than in the past because of these technologies.

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