Basketball Match That Crazes You And Others English Literature Essay

Growing up in New York City is never complete without a touch of basketball which is one of the most famous sports in that community. Kids from all over the neighborhood would gather up at the upper east park. We would all stand there and pick the two most controversial teams in the NBA and play with their names.

The joy of a basketball match for a player is to win as it is for the supporters, and to do so convincingly. Imagine entering in to the match as underdogs and coming out as the victors. My mind goes crazy when the fans go on chanting slogans in praise of a team that is performing extra ordinarily. A great feeling of self esteem and feeling like jumping out of my skin accompany the continuous overwhelming celebrations. To best illustrate the feelings of going crazy, I am compelled to describe one of my most exciting experience. There are no feelings of such high spirit as described in an indeed crazy match I participated in.

Basketball has always been one of Americas exiting sport. It is a sport that not only provided thrilling excitement, but also true team spirit full of satisfaction. In addition, the motivation which superstar basketball players gave us when making the high basket of 7 to 8 feet high was so immense. This sport has shown me how important it is to keep doing what I love. Throughout junior and high school I played for my school. My high school matches were so memorable to me because I enjoyed them to the fullest. I was just so crazy to know how much power and energy a simple guy like me could get, in one small gym court. Just the thought of it made me crazy.

In the locker room I heard the murmuring of the guys talking about their day and the rustling of them getting their jerseys and shoes on. Coach walked in, the room silenced. He gave his preamble speech, his voice echoing off the lockers, everyone listening to him as if he was public speaker.

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The speech of the coach was full of energy and it made all players more energetic as well as it made me crazy and excited to play the game in more aggressive manner compared to opposing team for the purpose to win with flying colors. I was feeling more energetic and trying to relax from all personal worries and issues of daily life. The purpose would be to concentrate on the game and play it with absolute focus. Most of the audiences of this basketball match were becoming crazy to watch the exiting game, as well as me.

It is very essential in the basketball to co-ordinate in effective and efficient manner. Therefore after the coach’s speech we all spend a few minutes to make some strategies in our minds individually. When we all young boys had made their personal strategies basketball team huddle, we talk game strategy and who’s going to have a big game. Outside the locker room we could hear the crowd roaring “let’s go, let’s go tigers!” that made all of us and the audience go crazy with excitement.

We all were crazy and anxious to win the game. The audience applause for the New York Tiger basketball team almost made me crazy to show the sticking and exciting game to all the audience. The entire New York tiger team members were feeling crazy to win and pumped up to play the best game of their life. We left the security of the odorous, stale and stuffy changing room and headed out the floor, where the crowd were almost deafening with “buzz!” for the purpose to encouraging and giving more confidence to all team members. We all looked at each other and said, “it’s time to start!”.The first touch of the orange leather ball was exiting, the grip stimulating to the touch.

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We got the ball, and the first basket is scored, then the next and the next as the first half of the game seemed to fly by. When it hit half time the score was tight and everyone, including the crowd remained tense, waiting and desiring for a win.

It buzzes again, and then the whistle of the referee. The next half started and it went by just as fast as the first half; and then a roar of excitement went over us as we got the tying basket. “Time out!” yelled the coach of the opposing team. We ran to the bench, sat and tried to listen to how we would play the last 45 seconds. We were so close to each other that you could practically hear the heart beats thundering in the other guys’ hearts. Coach’s lips were moving and there was a small breeze from his hand moving as fast as he told us where we had to position ourselves so as to secure a win. All that criss-crossed everyone’s mind was the need to score.

While waiting for the other team to return to the court, the smell of the refreshments was being blown into the already stinky and hot gym. The smell of the popcorn was appetizing but we could not pay attention to that since we were too anxious to get that game fixed. The salt from my sweat was stinging. The cut that the big butch player from the opposing side thoughtfully gave me while he fouled himself out, and my legs started to burn.

They came back on, without any more time to think about the hurt or sting. I heard nothing but my team; saw nothing but the orange ball, two baskets and the nine other players on the floor. We all tasted the salty sweat and the sweet taste of wanting a victory.”Ten, nine, eight, seven…” We strip the ball from the other team at half court. The only thing left to do was watch our wide open rookie score a jump shot to win. “Six, five, four, three, two, one, buzz.”In order to get where you have never been, one has to do things he/she would have never done. I know that everyone on the team that night pressed harder than they ever did, maybe for themselves, but mostly for the rest of us. We did it for each other. We won.

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That was an experience of a lifetime according to me. Nothing has ever driven me crazy like that night’s experience. I am the kind of a person who has a strong feeling and passion for the mass action. The teamwork that is driven by a similar course is just amazing. It is a representation of many minds clustered together in one amorphous mind. The feeling of excitement comes alongside a much awaited win. It makes all the stakeholders feel like being at the top of the world. Sobriety is continually eroded as the patience is momentarily lost when the most expected results are taking too much time to be realized. Waiting for what seem to be taking too long takes away the hope of getting it. I am completely pissed off as the light of victory is getting dimmer and dimmer. I just cannot understand how the fate of a basketball match has to wait to the very dying moment of the match. The rule of the final whistle in deciding everything raises the level of my adrenaline to an unprecedented level.

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