British Gas Is The Main

British Gas is the main provider of energy policy in Great Britain. This is an important part of the Centrica group. This organization offers a variety of services to energy consumers across the UK. British Gas electricity and gas supplies to customers and also offers a gas heating system in the country. Centrica as a multinational company that provides most services in North America, Europe, and then they eat the business of the Kingdom of British Gas. They offer services such as sewer cleaning services including clogged drain survey inspection, maintenance and installation of gas pipeline operations. Centrica British Gas Association was founded in 1995 in Windsor, England. In recent decades, the British energy market dynamics, because they provide a comprehensive range of services on the British Gas paid staff of over 9000 highly qualified for heating and gas services equipment to its customers. British Gas had always wanted to give really good service and proper equipment, electricity, sewage and drainage pipe. Be to achieve the above objectives of the British gas strategy and be able to build the perfect design of Human Resources (HR).

Human Resource Management (HR) is an effective resource management in the organization. The HRM is to examine the quality of work and make the resource productivity and satisfaction. HRM Guide with the guidelines for the efficient use of services and resources for the organization. HRM is covered usually with a broader measure such as

Job opportunity.

Analysis of employment.

Work planning within the organisation.

Compensation and Evaluation.

Relations with the employees.

Safety, health and wellness.

HRM has an important role in the organization for survival. Organizational ladder must be able to say that the focus of lead on human resource management that he deserves an important factor in strategic decisions and further work. In addition, the heart rate is an important part of the organization. The main purpose of HRM in

Support the organization to make their goals.

Employment of qualified workers.

Explain the HRM strategies to employees.

Provision of job satisfaction and maintain high quality work (Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson, 2007)

The successful management of the organization will acquire and develop resources within the organization. The fund of the organization includes materials, equipment, land, technology, finally, and especially the staff. Organizations such as British Gas should be able to hire good qualified workers to meet organizational goals. This human resource management, occupation of business that focuses on people will look at the organization. Responsible for providing detailed plan and ensure customer confidence. Centrica earnings of large companies like British Gas parent for an extended period. British Gas will get most of its revenue from customers, including residential citizens across the country. Clients always consider the high level of service at competitive prices. If not British Gas, follow these rules in order to facilitate the client’s organization are likely to lose. Customer satisfaction for British Gas engineers must be trained to the standard required for clients. With the help of engineers can provide the company retains PWLB more fame and income. The director of British Gas Corporation is to manage the activities of the various functional areas of the organization. The three major functional activities, including the success of the gas in the United Kingdom,


Due to the phenomenal growth of the British gas industry will require more work to meet customer demand. This is one of the main functional units of the British Gas Corporation, which leads to success. British Gas has managed to establish the British Gas Academy in 2002, with an incentive to provide additional training to 5,000 employees were hired to staff. British Gas offers training in several of his employers, so that the actual results. Most training programs are very effective in the intensive training program. In this process, participants are expected within 10-14 months to be eligible for a technology that is compatible. It also offers skills training and relevant qualifications. British Gas offers training for all engineers and ensures they are using the latest technology trends. This activity is the organization focuses more on skills and expertise. The training also focuses on communication skills and their clients have regular contact with clients must have good communication. British Gas model of learning was for personal awareness and to foster cultural growth of the organization (Srinivas R. Kandula, 2003).

Manpower planning

This is an important operational activity of the British Gas Corporation. This region is related to the company’s current needs and future. Workforce planning including recruitment process and manage the training, which ensures that the organization has a professional team. Holders should be done by British Gas to predict events in the future access to the UK gas market. This strategy helps the company to determine the number of other engineers need for the company. We have a Director of British Gas engineers estimate the demand forecast in the future. Employment in the UK gas demand is to increase both methods. Agreement with the customer first and second how safe access direct to customers once, if they have a problem when you use. Today the current demand and rapid methods is growing rapidly and this leads to rapid recruitment of more staff for the company. This also raises a number of issues that impact on workforce planning. British Gas to update engineering, safety and health is the most important industrial gases. They should consider the regulation in the European Union health and safety regulations often change. Engineers can fix the field until they retire from service. They are the price of experience and skills have more work to British Gas is also an option to promote staff according to a senior role. This is a British Gas manager of planning, organizing and coordinating various engineering team. After this event, the company is to attract a variety of organizations to recruit people (The Time 100, 2010).

Recruitment Agencies

This is one of the most important activities of the organization and the British Gas is part of workforce planning strategies. Manger must implement diversity and integration plans and is looking for new employees to the organization. This is an important task for the HR department of the British Gas Corporation to plan and build an inclusive workforce. It also allows for the diversity of its customer base by hiring staff from different regions and nationalities, who can easily communicate with local customers. There might be more women engineers at the company to win the majority of female customers. To promote more than Oscar-winning British Gas for the employment to the women in science and technology and all associations to inspire British Gas Company Awards for the future workforce through the implementation of a program called the opportunity now. Engineers Recruit the right level is an important task for British Gas. British Gas recruitment activities designed to preserve the competitive position in the market. Most of the domestic gas customers demand a high standard of service. British Gas should ensure that their high posse employees with the best quality training. Much effort should be made from the manger to develop future organizational needs and the organization of the competition (Srinivas R. Kandula, 2003).

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HRM models mainly from British Gas for three main reasons, first implemented in the organization with the help of these models in the macro-perspective of HRM can. Second diversity and unity models serve as input for the project organization. Third, these models are answers to the most difficulties in implementing the HR organization. There are about 30 models in practice, the HR strategy and philosophies of each element are determined. Both models are suitable for large British Gas Corporation noted below.

Task 2

Baldrige model of human resource management

Malcolm Baldrige award-winning organization of quality models in the recognition of quality standards. This model is very useful to maintain the organization’s quality standards. 1000 points awarded grants under badrige in a different dimension of quality management. Other practices such as participation, empowerment and development have an influence on other dimensions such as leadership, quality and customer service. Baldrige model not only helps to strengthen the quality of British gas, but also to establish human resource functions of organizations. In the model managers need to develop human resources function with the new vision of service to their customers with 100% satisfaction. Baldrige model are five models in the practice of human resources

Human resources planning

HR training and education

Reorganization of human resources and performance

Involvement of human resources mood of human resources and welfare.

Each practice in the above is divided into several categories on their background. Detailed models of quality operations of human resource management as shown in the table,





Focus on customer satisfaction

Staff performance, satisfaction, growth and motivation.


The quality of strategic planning.

HR planning



Employee characteristics

Baldrige model allows an organization with a focus on global standards and services. HR managers must be aware of global standards and mechanisms to select Baldrige practices law. Lack of awareness Baldrige model of HRM has led to failure in quality organizations.

Harvard model of HRM

Harvard model of human resource management depends on the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization. Human resource policies and practices is the problem that is influenced by internal and external environment. The model proposed by Michael Beer, Walton, Mills and Bert Spector, entitled Management of human assets 1984th This model is also known as a flexible or multi-actor. This practice has two important aspects.

Factor of the situation

This factor is influenced by internal and external environment includes

Working conditions in the market.

Social values.

Business strategies.


Management philosophies.


The interests of stakeholders

The sector is characterized by a short-term impact on the political theory of human resource management




British Gas also has to consider that this approach is very important to your organization. This model of classification policies and human resource management practices are

Flows of human resources.

Reward systems.

Influence people.

Work systems.

Stakeholder interest



Employee groups




Long-term consequences

Individual well-being



Societal well-being

HR outcomes




Cost effectiveness

HRM policy choice

Employee influence

Human resource flow

Reward system

Work system

Situational factors

Workforce characteristics

Business strategy and conditions

Management philosophy

Labour market


Task technology

Laws and societal values

FIG: Map of the HRM Territory

This model helps the director of British Gas in organizations human resources planning strategy. It also has three major attractions for practice. First, the policies of human resources management should be determined by external factors and actors. Secondly, policies and practices of human resource management have objectives to employees and the third is to obtain results by staff through the implementation of the previous practice was closed. This model is useful for British Gas and the case of each operator is based on the objectives of the organization. (R. Srinivas Kandula, 2003)

Human resource planning is the process that maps the impact of the business strategy of an organization. This planning is reflected in the ability of British Gas and the ability of the skills of their competitors. Resources strategy for the implementation of British Gas should be able to logically organize the process. These decisions are used as the basis for the UK’s gas. The role of workforce planning and development is more important for an organization that works fine. Creation of planning effective workforce, the manager must be aware of the following,


Legal implications

The possibility of redistribution

Recruitment of qualified staff.

Lack of time.

Requirements management.

The availability of the right people.

Managing human resource planning is an important task for the management of British Gas Corporation. The main objective of the planning staff of British Gas is to provide adequate number of personnel for the organization. Human resource planning involves two steps, which are

Forecasts of demand for human resources.

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Forecasts of human resources.

Demand forecasting in the long-term factors and scream as changes in the economy, market trends, technological developments, global trends, organization and strategic plans, production plans based. There are several technologies in the organization of British Gas for forecasting human resource demands that some of them are listed below;


This technique is a statistical tool that is based on employment can predict future demand.

Zero-Based Technology

Using this manager of technology planning can easily determine the future employment needs. In this design each event starts at zero. This allows the administrator to anticipate the needs of manpower for each operation.

The technology and down

It is largely a programming technique commonly used in organizations of British Gas. In this process, each manager in the recruitment of human resources is responsible for forecasting the level of organization in the market.

Simulation technology

This is one of the experiences of British Gas engineers. Applied in the design of assessment of the situation in real time and manage expectations of different stakeholders.

The following factors should be considered by the administrator in the UK for a strategy for effective health workforce.

Turnover of staff.


inventory of existing capacity



A very important planning not only ensures the availability of human power, but also helps reduce the cost of human energy and the value of human talent. Manager for British Gas need to acquire skills in certain functions. Human resource planning is an effective tool for the organization of the value of human resource function to demonstrate the organization’s British Gas. (R. Srinivas Kandula, 2003)

Quantitative planning of human resources is important for the manager of the British Gas Corporation. He is one of the resources of the organization. They follow the expected value of events rather dull and acquisitions for the organization of future planning assumptions. Most organizations have experience in planning and efficient use of resources to develop its activities with a satisfaction of customer needs. Some of the methods of planning and development list

Determine the number of employees in new areas

If British Gas Organization of the tremendous works that can lead to misinterpretation of the role of officials for administer? In this process, the planning of human resource managers knows that the following problems may arise in the preparation of the plan.

How the interaction between employment, productivity and technological development can be understood by customers.

What kind of techniques used in the demand for labor?

How to make flexible arrangements.

Employees are required.

Maintaining a high quality professional

This planning is all about storage methods in recent years, is the director of British Gas, the reason for the resignation of recognizing the supervision of the resignation able to detect the reasons for this are not organizational costs and compare losses, but the data plan administrator both qualified and are costly to the organization because of the separation, selection and induction.

Downsizing program management

The planning tool allows the transmission of pain reduction current and protects the long-term future of the organization. This planning relates to the following questions.

Direct employees.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different segments.

Type of flow.

Retraining and transfers useful.

Hiring levels.

This analysis helps managers to plan the development of methods to decrease over time. Staff can be considered a resource if they need change, time of application, the flexibility of supply. When the decision is contrary to planning staff then created a great loss to the British organization. (P Reilly, 1996)

The above methods are useful for managers of British Gas Corporation for efficient operation. Human resource planning is a must for any organization to meet the needs of customers in their daily lives. Most of the expansion of the organization is of technological change with the support of human resources. The Commission proposes to amend the plan if additional resources are not available to the client’s needs. Sometimes if the organization is well equipped with high machines and money, but without workers in this case, therefore human resource planning has to change the offset as much as possible. Human resource planning can provide the content and the alleviation of human resources budget. Also contributing to the plan of physical facilities and working conditions in enterprises. Human Resource Management provides and facilitates the monitoring of all activities and human resource functions. This thesis on human resource management contributes to the head of British Gas Corporation of the various key concepts in the human resources of the organization in question and is also useful to understand the future excavations on the issue of human resources.

Task 3

Composition of the approaches to Human Resource Management practices should not be seen as individuals but the system. The idea is that a complementary business practices in human resources management, and therefore require a mix of experience and personnel, not only supports the overall strategy of the company, but like most other support and to generate the most synergies. In fact, Human Resource Management is cumulative practices, but as interactive. The idea comes from the composition is known as horizontal fit, companies should the process of Human Resource Management System view and assemble the components into a system to provide for possible synergies.

Human Resource Management practices from company to company and between groups of workers companies in different business strategies and contextual factors vary in the second. The result is that the highest point of the theory of rights management systems, resources, works best HPWS. Candidates are high performance, but that this relationship is moderated by strategic factors and contextual rather than a uniform for all companies and groups in the labor market.

Although HR is considered as condition none of human resource management theory, human resources seems to explain and predict the choice of organizational practices, personnel and SAN. This issue is complex and difficult, because it can dozens of different practices in Human Resource Management and operation of combining a number of permutations is almost endless.

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However, it appears that the dominant mode of conceptualizing HRM / HRM

partly because of their dependence on resources (RBV) theory to prepare a response to a specific architecture, and its variations. Presumption of HRM / HRD, is that companies can (or have achieved, click) the benefits of human resource management practices. Many of the protagonists in the literature (sales, profitability, etc.) are largely based on profit and essential, because the market economy and maintaining growth (Boxall and Purcell, 2003), in order to distinguish benefit income and expenditure. One way to improve business performance, reduce costs, the second is the revenue increase.

At this stage the difference between personnel management (PM) and human resource management are to be made. Opinion of the leaders (and the closely related field of industrial relations (IR)) is a pluralistic access to employment, and workers as carriers and agents who carried out Operation and development of lower energy efficiency and operating costs and allows HR Management access to work, with emphasis on human resource development in the organization (human capital), and published its strategic plan (active) debate the development, promotion and distribution of the benefits of long-term human development (maximize beer and Dulebohn Ferris, and Stoddert, 1995), Spector, 1984.

Since the concept of human resources / human resources, the question is: what is the whole function of the executive staff is anxious to strengthen its intellectual property system in high-performance work? And the answer is usually differences in the so-called high-performance systems (HPWS).

form are generally considered to represent HPWS the involvement of employees (Cappelli and Neumark, 2001), McMahan, Bell and Viricy(1998:197) states that talking to strategic HR become” the second generation of management “in relation to the strategy of company performance and to achieve. HPWS practices are the basic functions so that a mutually beneficial system. Remove management team, careful selection of personnel policies implemented in security, formal methods of conflict resolution and reduce the gap position.

Framework theory

General models of SHRM and wisdom conventional

The field of strategic human resources has given much evidence in support of human resource policies. This has implications on performance and therefore people should be managing during the debate, and business investment. As for the theoretical conceptualization of engagement strategies between human resource practices and business strategy has led to three main approaches, known universalistic, contingency and configurationally (for a recent review of this integration Approaches, see Martin-Alcazar et al., 2005 [1]). In the case of joint Existence of a relationship between human resource practices and firm performance, the assumption of these models different groups of variables and relationships between them, which ultimately influence business results. Therefore, supporting the Universalist approach of practices applies throughout the world, showing a positive effect on the success of the firm (Osterman, 1994; Becker and Gerhart, 1996; Pfeffer, 1998). The conditional approach is based on Universalist vision of introducing economic variables and human resource organization According to the improved performance of the organization (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick- Hall, 1998, Delery and Doty, 1996). Finally, add the configurationally approach, the need Center lines of human resource practices in a systematic manner, taking into account not only individual Effects (Miles and Snow, 1984, Ichniowski and others, 1997). Or empirical research these lines has been considered particularly useful in the decade of the 90 (Huselid, 1995; MacDuffie 1996, Delery and Doty, 1996; Pfeffer, 1998, Becker and Gerhart, 1999) and empirical work supports the model and created a critical mass of evidence.

Although much research has been conducted with samples from the United States, has led to several studies in the European context with the same kind of methods give similar results (Guest et al., 2003; d’Arcimoles, 1997). In the case of Spain, research has also

the proof of the existence of human resource practices to meet quotas and configurationally

Models (Camelo et al., 2004). What is the relationship of human resources with solid performance, analysis in a sample of 130 Spanish companies from different sectors to indicate the existence of human resources? Predictors of successful business as the market extensively and excellence in training Options, which are very similar to those reported Ulrich et al. (2005) (Simon, 2003). Significant differences were found also in the use of procedures between different Companies in the Top End EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, Depreciation and amortization) per employee and lower levels of the ranking, which suggests the existence of a series of industry best practices always financial indicator refers (Simón and Rojo, 2004).

Research methods SHRM

Another view is obtained, but as you move from macro to micro levels of individual analysis and perspective of those involved in the analysis. As Wright and Boswell (2002) says, focuses on the macro analysis of variance between the companies and assume uniformity of individuals. Research for research on the micro-dimension rare so far, but the results led to a series of questions rarely SHRM literature. For example, a study of a wide range of workers in the software Industry of India (Paul and Anantharaman, 2003) shows no direct contact between human resource results robust performance indicators. By contrast, the results support a causal relationship between. This is the Human resources and individual level outcomes such as maintaining an employee or organizational commitment which in turn affects the operation rather than financial performance. On the other hand, Gratton et al. (1999) offers several types of links between human resources and estimated levels individual performance according to different schedules. Truss (2005), longitudinal case study of a UK subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard, also highlights the gap between the two. Performance indicators of employee performance, institutional and individual, and claims the existence of “conflict” between the evidence of the actual results of human resources. These problems are (The strategies in the short or long term, policies aimed against the practice, the role of the finance company robust operational performance indicators vs. individual) is a case example left to change the design of research in SHRM, macro, inter-agency The fields of application in the analysis of micro-enterprises.

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