Challenges to Infant and Toddler Goods Market



We are the fastest growing retailer of infant and toddler goods in the Australian market. As we are gearing up to meet the market demand, it appears that our online sales are growing. We are looking at what other retailers have done and experimenting with new forms of organising to support our expected growth. Thus, we can be a successful online retailer.

Online retails being problems, the customer cannot try on the goods before buying them and international online orders with caution.

2.0 Summary of the issue

The customer always complain they cannot try the product before buying them and what they do if they cannot get what they ordered. We can do the refund system if customer really do not like the product with no shipping costs that we can attract more customers to purchase products on our online retailer. According to Harvard Business Review (2017) “Zappos provider clever solution to the customer cannot try the items before buying product. Zappos eliminated shipping costs and using the call center to establish the strong relationship with customers. The most important thing is customers can try them all on, and send back the ones they didn’t like, gratis. (Harvard Business Review, 2017).

Besides, customer always worries about if they cannot get what they ordered. We would provide the new order status page on the final page on our store’s checkout. It is useful for “see real-time updates on the location of their shipment” and “check the status of their shipment without needing to contact you directly” (Shopify help center, 2017) to let customer check it and reassurance.

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Customers would concerns about the purchase fees when buying from foreign. According to Findlaw (2017) before you order, you need to know what is the product priced and is it converted to U.S.D if there displayed different currency. We accept U.S.D only, that would be more clearly, customers would not confuse with that.

3.0 Implications for the business

Any online retailer’s problem or issue cannot without “communication with customers”. Therefore, we would create the new department which is Live Chat/Real-Time Support. According to Birkett (2017), 56% of responders have used live chat/real-time support to answer the question on company’s website, 49% of responders are using this system for online-purchase questions. Furthermore, when live caht/real-time support, the staff can understand what the customer needs, that staff can recommend other items suit for customers, the sales would increase either.

Also, we will provide the customer service training to our new department “Live Chat/Real-Time Support” use the positive language, find out the easiest solution, we know that, somethings could not be done and we have to explain it to customers in positive way (Kolodynska and Kolodynska, 2017). Make customers feel like we are bring the shop to customers home.

Finally, we try to satisfy what all customers need, answer their online shopping question then our online retailer sales would substantially increase.

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