Clinic Management System Is To Manage Information Technology Essay

A project manager is the person resbosiable for accomplishing the stated project objectives. Project management responsibilities include creating clear project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraint for projects, which is cost, time, and scope.

The Project Manager is responsible for making sure a project is completed within a certain set of restraints. These restraints usually involve time, money, people and materials. The project must then be completed to a certain level of quality.

Project Managers usually use Project Management Software to help keep track of resources and project deliverables (or outputs).In my assessment I will improve Clinic management system to be better and more effective. To create that system I will use VB (visional Basic) program. Each screen in my program includes different information. Clinic management system will make the work go easily and perform very fast.

In my system I will include:

Develop a new user and give him the user name and password to enter system.

Name of screens.

This screen is same previous one but it determine for user which screen can use it.

Patient registration screen.

This screen for doctor to know the number of patient and reviewer.

Screen patient are diagnosed and treatment of cases.

Schedules to meet with Dr.

Conformed appointment.

Also I make screens that display reports for:

Report of all patient registers.

Reports on personal history of the patient.

Repot for patient in waiting to meet Dr.

Report on the audience to meet the Dr.

Reports on the audience to meet Doctor Confirmed.

Reports on the medicines.


There are many advantages from upgrade normal documentation system into computerized system. Most of organizations need to store their data, for example clinic management system.

In clinic management system, a lot of information they will need to store and use them in daily process. These data related to doctors, patients and medicines. Imagine all these data written in different files and papers. It will be difficult to search and store these files. Also, they will take long time for searching. To search any information or data from clinic management system related for doctors, patient or medicines you can just type the name and the system will find it easily.

Another important point is to keep these files without losing any one. There are many different possibilities for that, for example when the files being transferred or mixed up with the wrong files. The last point is the efficiently of the work process. Computerized system will make it faster than old system. For example in clinic management system you can type the name of file that will be much by the system and fined it for you quickly instead of using normal system. There are many difficulties to search file in normal system because the file maybe loss or any important paper in that file. Also you will take a lot of time to find that folder.

Now I will explain the system that I create in different screens by Visual Basic program. I develop this system in English language. But it can change for Arabic language if it is required. Then Reference for all screens that will enable the user to go for different screens. In the third screen I develop a new user with his user name and password. I will give easily user name and password for user that can be remembering. Fourth screen will include names of every screen. Then in the fifth screen the user can know for witch screen can login and for witch can not. In the sixth screen I make it for patient details. Each new patient must register before meet doctor, so this screen to save patient information. When he patient come to register for next time the screen will display message for user that this person is already registered. Screen number seven will be for doctor to know the number of patient, reviewer, who will be interviewed. While the completion of the treatment, it is already hide the references or patient from the list and comes after the other person. Then screen number eight the doctor register all cases of patient before and then gives him the suitable treatment. In the screen number nine it will displayed the time for meeting doctor. To see the doctor the system must be store three important things, patient name, patient file NO and phone no. After that the system will decide the date and time to meet the doctor. The screen number ten the reviewing will be conforme, if it is not conformed the patient cannot visit the doctor.

Furthermore my clinic management system will provide reports. The first report displays the number of patient. Second report will be on personal history of the patient. Third report will be for patient in waiting to meet Dr.Forth report on for patient how has an appointment with doctor. Fifth report is for patient to meet Doctor Confirmed. Finally report on the medicines.


One of the main benefits of the clinic system, It was organizing a course of action in the clinic, for example an organization scheduling patients or visit for the first time in the clinic. In addition to facilitating the retrieval of data for a patient if he reviewing a doctor. Also gets detailed reports and organizations to find out the number of auditors and collections of a diagnosis of the patient, etc. Then to know the number of patients who have an appointment with the doctor on a daily basis. Finally to make the system very fast and has height response of rate.

Scope of the product:

The scope of the product is to change from manual system to computerized store management system, which is allowing easy communication between staff, doctors and patient. In clinic system use database system for all information that make the process of work going easily. In the clinic management system is easy to add, modify and delete records instead of changing or destroying the whole file. Also the interface of the system is much user friendly. By this software the searching will be easily by simply typing the letters that much them. In the computerized system you can easily keep your data save, for example by creating another copy of whole system and save it as a backup. When any failure happens to your system then you will have another copy of it.

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Registry: will help patient to easy register in clinic. Also it will know directly the new patient and old patient.

Finance: The patients can payment the money.

Staff: will enter patient information.

Patient: will be rejecter for the system.

Medicine: that will be given for the patient.

Supplier: will provide the medicines.

The flowing entity relationship is show the specific functions:


The aim of project is to develop clinic management system.


There are different objectives of clinic management system:

Staff can store and retrieving the information related to patient.

The system can store amount of data about 128 GB.

Reduce the user time when using the software.

To help staff to search for files.

To help the staff to enter patient and medicines information.

Highly secured.

Multiple users can access it in the same time.

It is easy to use and easy to understand.

The system will have fast response rate.

Patient files will found very fast either for updating or deleting.

Creating a new recorded will be very easy.

After these advantages that I remained below I think this system will be very useful as clinic management system. Also, it will make the work more easy and flexibility. It will take less time to execute what the user want. Also, the system will benefit the doctors and patient at time.

Project Budget:

The budget is very important that is used across different department of the clinic. It is order how much time to spend on specific areas of the clinic. It is important factor to successful project. The project budget=13,000RO.



Duration hours/day

Cost b/h


Project manager

manager of team how is responsibility manage the team




System Analyst

To analyze all requirement needed in project

5hrs/20 days



System designer

Design system layout




Graphic Designer

Design graphics, required for the interface





Define & Writing the code of the program




Database administration

Develop the database






Hardware requirement:



Operating system


Hard disk


Processor the speed should be 32MHz


Memory 128 Gigabyte






Flash disk (2gb)


Total cost


Software requirement:

Visual Basic


Microsoft access


Meta edit




Total cost


Success Criteria:

Clinic management system is specially designed for general clinic system, this system let them have a high efficiency management tools, computerize and systematic patient records, detail of information, this is the first aim from this medical service.

To make the system successful system it must provides easily to storing and retrieving information related to doctors, patient and medicines. Also, this system is reducing time for staff for data entry which includes searching and organizing. The system will be including functionalities like (editing, updating and deleting). The system will have high response rate.

The flowing skills will help to make the project more success:

Manager skills:

Planning skills: costs of project must be define and the budget and putting a schedule.

Leading skills: This is the skills to deal with team members, how to make the team work reward.

Organizing skills: This means team building and being able to put rules for the team.

Controlling skills: how to control project overall and when you can make meeting and reviews.

Communication skills: This is the most important skill for manager, the manager should be able to communicate with different level of people and understand their ideas. Also the manager cans suggestion by using his experience in this filed and his communication skills to explain for his client.

There are many ways to communicate:

Communication will be very important to make your project successful. With good communication there will be many benefits for you project. Good communication will make your employees trust and respect you. There are various ways of communication for example:

Weekly meeting with team members: make meetings every week to keep on track on the project and keep updated.

Reports: Weekly reports must be disterputed between team members to make sure them follow the right plan.

To keep in touch with them they must use technologies like SMS, Phones and e-mail.

The manager should be friendly and show for team members that we are donning the job well.

Provide process updates for staff.

Sending updates information.

Manager activities:

There are some activities which the manager should be having it to get a successful management:

The manager must be familiar with all resources.

Make plan to avoid or solve any filature can happened for organization.

Analysis and design objectives and goals that are important for enter project.

Training for team members.

Controlling team members.

Organizing the works must be clear and an organized.

The manager must manage project in effective way so the project can meets quality standers and fixed weakness points.

Solving problems of project, the manager must control the risk in the project.

Reward experience staff to increase the quality for project.

Controlling the maintenance of project. Should be comfortable and flexible with changes.

Understand the organization he or she works in.

Able to communicate with people.

Organize the key problem of cost, time and quality.

Must be able to complete project from start to finish.


The Response time will take few minutes, if the client will not change the requirement during project development phases. I assume that I shouldn’t change the program used for developing the software because it may affect the accurate and the performance of it. If he wants to make any changes he should start from the beginning to avoid any problems that happened to the system.

Testing the software during the project no errors, because may while the users use the software there are many errors in the software. To create the system we need 6 staff. The most important polices prepare report for budget, maintenance in time and marking meeting every week. The system will be operating in windows environment and will be completed in 6 months. Finally the system will be easy to use.

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General constraints:

The project can be affected by several influence factors:

Time issue: this can affect the project progress if it is not well managed.

Software and Hardware requirements: availability of these requirements and resources is a fundamental factor that affects the project process if not available.

Proper Information gathering: if not provided with the suitable information this might affect the project design.


These milestones are very important to be delivered and finished in the same day that is planned to finish because if it is not finished in that day the project will be failed.

There are four milestones for my project:

Gent chart will be the first milestone which is delivered from planning task.

Analysis resource will be my second milestone witch delivered from analysis task.

Prototype will be my third milestone witch delivered from Design task.

Show system will be my fourth milestone witch delivered from Implementation task.

Gantt chart:

Gent Chart is very important for my project to support my plan to making this system.

I did the Gantt chart and the end result was that I need four team members to finish the project, three months is the estimated total duration for the project. In the chart you will find many Main tasks that follow by subtasks.

Work Break Down:

Task and subtasks:








Select project area

5 Days

Sat 1/5/10

Thu 1/10/10

30 RO



Collect project ideas

5 Days

Tue 1/11/10

Mon 1/16/10

25 RO

Define purpose of project


Mon 1/20/10




Gathering customer requirement

12 Days

Thu 1/27/10



30 RO

Identify project sponsor

10 Days

Tue 2/11/10



20 RO

Get project team

8 Days

Mon 2/22/10

Wed 2/30/10

70 RO

Prepare the requirement

10 Days



Wed 3/10/10

100 RO

Make project brain storming

5 Days

Mod 3/11/10



25 RO

Improve project scope documentation

15 Days

Thu 3/17/10



80 RO

Make web meeting

7 Days





40 RO

Gent chart

12 Days

Sat 4/11/10


100 RO



Overall project analysis

8 Days

Sun 4/24/10



120 RO

Requirement analysis

7 Days





60 RO



Design table

10 Days



Mon 5/20/10

70 RO

Design ER and DFD.

5 Days

Thu 5/21/10



50 RO


18 Days

Wed 5/26/10



80 RO



Program system

12 Days





120 RO

Test and correct system

14 Days

Wed 6/28/10

Mon 7/12/10

60 RO


Before starting making any project the manager of project must determined what is functional, on functional and quality functional for the project. Functional requirements show how the system behave.Non functional requirements are mainly to specify criteria that judge the operation of the system like reliability for example. Quality requirement will show security, usability and maintainability of project.

Functional requirement:

It will describe what the software should do and also define the internal working of software:

1. Staff (Doctor or nurse):

-Input: StaffID, Staff Name, Sex, Address and password.

-Output: patient diagnoses.

2. Patient:

-Input: patient name, patient address, patient gender, phone and age.

-Output: patient cared, bill and medicine.

3- Pharmacy:

-Input: medicine code, medicine name and pharmacist name.

-Output: pharmacist name, medicine name, price and date.

4- Appointment:

-Input: AP-Date, Staff_ID, AP_Time and Patient_ID.

-Output: AP_Done.


-Input: Medicine No, Supplier No, Invoice No, Qty, Unit, Unit price and sell price.

-Output: Medicine Name.

Non-functional requirement:

Usability: the system should be easy to use by Staff.

Maintainability: the system must be easy to modify and maintain.

Effectiveness: This means that system should perform well in relation to the effort.

Interoperability: the system should be able to work with any operating system easily.

Efficiency: the system must give good result within amount of time.

Security: the system should be secured from un-authorized access.

Accessibility: we must make sure that the system be accessible for all authorized staff and not accessibility by anyone else.

Extensibility: the system must be customizable.

Quality requirement attributes:

1. Security:

Software must have login form.

Each user use the software has user name and password.

Only staff can have edit facilities for content data.

2. Usability:

The menu must be clear for user.

The system must have functionalities like(edit,delete,update,next,search and cancel…act)

The system must have help button to help user.

It must have key board control.

The system must be able to store and retrieve patient information.

The system must be able to provide error message.

The system must have good arrangement of objects.

The system must be consistence(ex. Color and line size)

3. Maintainability:

Software must be developed to meet changes.

Accept the new requirement.

Allow changing the format.

Risk management:

‘Risk’ is seen as a negative word in IS organizations and it’s include that something wrong happened with an IT project. Where risk is addressed in IS, it is mostly used as a factor to edit a system’s potential financial returns, instead of used as management practice. Until know risk management is something that is done minimally at all in IS.

Risk management means any unexpected event that can happen for a project, which causes some harm for your project.

Risk management is an investment .There is cost associated with identifying risk, analyzing this risk.

There are different types of risk.

-Business risk: It is potentially the most damaging because if the information system does not solve business problems it will be rejected.

-Development risk: It is unlikely to cause the information system project to totally fails, but they can be very disruptive and cause delays and large cost overrun.

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-Technology risk: Sometimes the system is breakdown, so that it will be increase the fails and cannot complete the work on times.

-Financial risk: Spend cost for salary staff, training, maintenance, prepare the budget and improve the quality for project.

Risks Examples for clinic management system:

These are some of the risks that a software development projects face:

The client may change or add new requirements or services to the system.

In case of Differences between the software engineers in their ideas that will affect the procedure of the overall work.

Any suddenly or unexpected change in the plan of implementing the software.

If it is difficult to know what the client exactly want this may cause to misunderstanding.

When you give the clients your final product but for some reason they are not accepting.

In case of change, I have to pay more for the team and workers and that will increase the overall cost of the software.

Management skills to avoid risks:

These are some of the steps that the management can follow to reduce the affect of the risks:

Be clear with the clients and discuss what they want exactly in details.

He should train his team members and workers who are dealing with to be always on time and all the work process has to be as planned.

Keep track of the motivation of the workers.

He should avoid any action that can cause to any of these risks.

Keep your data secret able to avoid or reduce any decrease of information from outside that can harm your work.

Make weekly meetings with your workers to discuss about every step and overall performance of the work.


Tracking OF Project:

Project track will checking the project after you doing if the project need to modify or is correct or not. It is important to check quality of our planning. By project tracing I will explain woke break down.

Budget: When the manager did track for budget he saw it more than budget which they decided in plan. When he searched, he found the reason is the staffs added hardware recourse that did not decided in the plan. The staffs found printer and scanner are important for this project. So the budget became more.


Time: Every week the manager check the work finish with plan. He found the time duration is enough to finish this project in the time.

Staff: after sex month the manager saw the staffs did not finish their works in the time. He search for the reason and he found that the staff they lazy because they are boring. So he discusses to give them more salary. The manager can solve this problem with his staffs by motivation.

Change requirements: sometimes client want to change his requirement, because he does not familiar with this requirements. But he was late and without paying money. So the manager did not accept his requirement, because it will affect the plan.

Function: manager should make sure the functions on this project the same function which can service the client.

Quality: manager should make sure from the quality of this project. Such as Usability, Reliability, Maintainability.


In this assignment include important points for project management that is help manager to manage the team and project at same times. This project can be developed for any clinic. Also there is some risk management which can happen for that project .Finally I draw Data follow diagram for my project.


Privacy of our patient’s personal information is important to us. We are dedicated to collecting,

Using and disclosing personal information responsibly.


Personal information for our purposes is; that information necessary for the provision of

Professional oral health care services provided to you, and information necessary to administer

This clinic practice. Personal information includes all that information provided by you to us on

Our patient information/health/medical history form at the first visit and any subsequent visits.

Personal information may also include any information provided by you to us during the normal

Course of communication between patient and clinic office staff. We will use and disclose only

Information provided to us by you or another person acting on your behalf.


We are committed to protecting your personal information. We have established and

Implemented a variety of security measures to properly manage and safeguard your personal

Information from loss, theft and unauthorized access. Access to your personal information shall

Be on a “need to know” basis.


Your personal information shall be disclosed to only those who have a need to know and the

Specific information disclosed shall be restricted to only that information relevant to the

Recipients need to know. Those who have a need to know include other dentists and health care

Providers (i.e. clinic specialists, personal physicians). Further, the personal information

Disclosed to dental benefit providers is limited to only that personal information required by the

Provider. You may at any time designate any restrictions as to whom we may disclose your

Personal information or restrict the content of a disclosure.


We will retain you personal information for the time necessary to continue providing oral

Health services to you, and for its connected administration. We will destroy information in a secure Manner when the information is no longer necessary for the provision of oral health services and

Is not required to be retained for compliance with provincial or federal regulations or statutes.


We are committed to providing you with open contact to your personal information held by us.

You may at any time ask us to see your records held by us and to appeal amendments to that

Information. We will provide access to you within a reasonable timeframe recognizing your

Desire for the information and our need to carry on our practice with limited interruption.

If you agree to does that system please sign below:

The signature:—————————-

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