Common Appraisals In Hospitality Operations


4.1 identify the aspects of hospitality operations which are commonly appraised.

A responsible supervisor should have a regular assessment of the performance of staff so that staff can greatly enhance the functions, such as the assessment method: regular use of questionnaires to survey employee job satisfaction, understanding the responsibilities of work, communication skills. Supervisor should regularly observe the performance of their staff, but also watching, checking up, looking for the mistakes, and getting after people, so that employees can be wrong. But when the staff might not wrong, you do not need to go to the staff some of the comments. Supervisor should go to counseling, so that employees greatly enhance job satisfaction, but also can make to significantly improve employee performance and guidance so that staff can have good leadership skills. Supervisor can also collected staff views, can know that the work of employees and company satisfaction.

Sometimes employees also should help solve the problem, you can go to give some suggestions to the staff should also be given to improvement goals: measurable performance goals, such as: specific reduction in customer complaints within a certain period of time. Sometimes also be the setting of short-term or long-term training programs, this can help to formulate a goal, but also to teach employees the legal responsibilities, needs assessment performance with the performance appraisal and performance review. Performance appraisal and performance review to help assess performance, it can make to the service greatly enhance the quality. Supervisor will use training and informal day by day evaluations find them to be a very simple way to rate performance. Hence the need to understand staff needs, satisfaction, to enhance staff training, to on a regular basis to know employee’s performance.

To keep training, counseling, care staff, such as: employees often late, they should care for our staff to know the reason, find solutions to. Staff lack of knowledge and language, you can organize various training programs, give rise to more knowledge and language skills, the staff work performance, have outstanding performance, we can grant award, recognizing their outstanding performance. Thus the performance of employees have any problems, supervisors should pay more attention on the staff, and appropriate training and incentives.

4.2 apply a range of performance measures and appraisal techniques to individual aspects of hospitality operations, the product and the whole operation.

Actually need to use different methods and techniques to assess staff capacity and performance, we can use surveys to understand the employees job duties, work requirements, enthusiasm, but also can hold regular talks, so that employees have the ability to work and strengthen vocational training, and guests can also visit the hospitality of the staff capacity and performance, in fact, we can in some public relations firms to find some people to play a mystery shopper to assess staff capacity and performance, aim to further practice and improve the overall service services industry, but also can assess the overall level of service, and attention, and identify areas that require improvement, and it can make to the company can ask the staff self-assessment program. In fact, supervisors can give submissions to the staff, the staff can write on requirements and evaluation of supervisors, so that employees and supervisors can enhance interpersonal and communication skills.

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In fact, the performance assessment can set a time, for example: three months, six months, one year or longer, in fact, the table can be used to appreciate the staff appreciates the ability to work, and this process is performance appraisal and performance review, employee performance evaluation can collect performance information to the official measure of performance, structured and documented procedures, the purpose is used as a target to reach or not and behavioral indicators, as their superiors staff direction and focus, as performance feedback and communication tool for employees, as salary increases, bonuses or pay adjustments based on, as the dismissal of the standards and statutory requirements, and the rotation as promotion, training needs analysis and determine the development of effectiveness of the recruitment criteria for the selection tool. Performance reviews are providing the occasion for supervisors to get feedback from employees about how they feel about their job, and the way they are treated.

In fact, 360-degree feedback method is a method of assessment; 360 degree feedback can provide feedback to subordinates, colleagues and supervisors. It also includes a self-assessment, and in some cases, feedback from external sources, such as customer and supply business or other stakeholder’s.360-degree feedback often received feedback from people who used the training and development programs. 360 degree feedback generally has high employee involvement and credibility; may have the strongest impact on behavior and performance; and may greatly increase communication and shared goals. 360 degree feedback helps by bringing out every aspect of an employee’s life. According to a Bell core representative, the results are better working relations; better communications; more information on management performance and style; increased effectiveness and productivity of individuals and the organization as a whole; knowledge of training needs; a better grasp of organizational priorities; and greater employee input in designing self-development plans.

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Management by objectives method is a process of agreeing upon objectives within an organization so that management and employees agree to the objectives and understand what they are in the organization. Some objectives are collective, for a whole department or the whole company, others can be individualized. The principle behind the target management is to ensure that everyone in the organization have a clear understanding of the purpose or goal, the organization is also aware of their roles and responsibilities in achieving these goals. A complete object management system is to enable managers and employees the right to take action to implement and achieve their plans, you can automatically achieve these organizations.

4.3 determine the usefulness and limitations of the various quantitative and qualitative appraisal techniques and their application to hospitality operations.

360 degree feedback‘s is that in any case of communication between employees and other people, not one-way communication, for higher performance. It gives people a chance to know how they are seen by others; to see their skills and style; and may improve communications between people. Cooperation with people outside their department, helpfulness towards customers and vendors, etc. may not be rewarded by other types of appraisal. Feedback process to give people an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback to colleagues may be given uncomfortable. Feedback recipients can understand how others view them; have the opportunity to adjust behavior and development of skills so that they are good at. Use 360-degree feedback system of performance evaluation is a common practice, but not always a good idea. It is very difficult to correct the structure of 360-degree feedback process, to create an atmosphere of confidence when use the 360 assessment to measure performance.

Performance reviews and performance appraisal‘s harm are For the performance evaluation form are clear and objective indicators as far as possible the organization, the majority of staff will consider performance a problem. Fact that the unfair performance evaluation of staff, after all of the performance appraisal, motivation and satisfaction will drop, In fact, if employees are satisfied, employees offered no problems to improve the performance evaluation system. Moreover, it could cause decline in employee morale, plus will make to the interpersonal relations. And then performance appraisal should be give employees feedback on performance, and then document criteria used to allocate organizational rewards, provide the opportunity for organizational diagnosis and development.

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Management by Objectives is continually emphasized what should be done in an organization to achieve organizational goals, and process secures employee commitment to attaining organizational goals. But the development of objectives can be time consuming, leaving both managers and employees less time in which to do their actual work, and the elaborate written goals, careful communication of goals, and detailed performance evaluation required in an MBO program increase the volume of paperwork in an organization.


I think this report is very interesting, but also so I can know the contents of the texts, but also to explore in depth I lessons problem, you can explore the hotel’s various issues, such as: facility, location, visitors, and guest’s nationality. And can also explore the hotel’s operation and management, but also know the future direction of development in the hotel, or future, whether in the hotel or in other industries, play a superior position, should know that take into account issues such as: to take care of the entire department the operation of the department’s business objectives to know, know that the product information department to keep staff training and regular assessment of staff competence and performance, to regularly care for our staff training in the psychological situation and the language ability of employees, regardless of the feelings of employees . Moreover, this subject of the future are very helpful in terms of different sectors have no business goals, but can understand the responsibilities as a supervisor, allowing staff commented that the staff assessment of supervisors, which can let your manager know the views of improve the problem, so you can make to a more favorable relationship between people.

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