Common Computer Based Information Systems Information Technology Essay

Human resources- finds and hires people, handles such matters as sick leave, retirement benefits, evaluation, compensation, and professional development.

Research- conducts product research and development, monitors and troubleshoots new products.

Discuss the roles of the three kinds of management in a corporation.

Top level- concerned with long-range planning and forecasting.

Middle-level- deals with control, planning, decision making, and implementing long term goals.

Supervisors- control operational matters, monitor day- to -day events, and supervise works.

What are the four most common computer-based information systems?

Transaction processing system(TPS)

Management information system(SIM)

Decision support systems(DSS)

Executive support systems(ESS)

Describe the different reports and their roles in managerial decision making.

Transaction processing system(TPS)- record day-to-day transactions. For example in accounting, which handles in six activities: sales order processing, accounts receivable, inventory and purchasing, accounts payable, payroll, and general ledger.

Management information system(SIM)-produce predetermined periodic, exception, and demand reports. Management information system use database management systems to integrate the databases of different departments.

Decision support systems(DSS)-enable managers to get answers for unanticipated questions. Teams formed to address large problems use group decision support systems(GDDS). A DSS consist of user, system software, data-internal and external, and decision models. Three types of decision models are strategic, tactcal, and operational.

Executive support systems(ESS)-assist top-level executives. An executive support system is similar to MIS or DSS but easier to use. ESSs are design specifically for top-level decision makers.

What is the difference between an office automation system and a knowledge work system?

Office automation systems(OAS) support data workers who are involved with distribution and communication of information. Project managers and videoconferencing systems are OAS.

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Knowledge work systems(KWS) support knowledege workers, who creates information. Many engineers use computer aided design/ computer aided manufacturing(CAD/CAM) systems.


Describe the five logical data groups or categories.

Character-the most basic logical data element. It is a single letter, number or special

character such as a punctuation mark or symbol like $.

Field-field or group of related character. A data field represents an attribute

(description/characteristic) of some entity (person, place, thing or object).

Record-collection of related fields. A record represents a collection of attributes that

describe an entity.

Table-collection of related records.

Database-an integrated collection of logically related tables.

What is the difference between batch processing and real-time processing?

Batch processing-data is collected over a period of time and the processing happens later

all at one time.

Real-time processing-happens immediately when the transaction occurs.

Identify and define the five part of DBMS programs.

DBMS engine-a bridge between the logical view of the data and the physical view of the data. When users request data(logical perspective), DBMS engine handles the details of actually locating data(physical perspective).

Data definition subsystem-the logical structure of data-base by using a data dictionary or

schema. This dictionary contains a description of the structure of data in database.

Data manipulation subsystem-provides tools for maintaining and analyzing data. Maintaining data known as data maintenance involves adding new data, deleting data and editing existing data. Analysis tools support viewing all or selected parts of data,

querying database and generating reports.

Application generation subsystem-provides tool to create data entry forms and

specialized programming languages that interface or work with common and widely used programming languages such as C or Visual Basic.

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Data administration subsystem manages the database; database administrators (DBAs) are computer professionals who help define processing rights.

What are the five types of databases? Why does more than one kind of database exist?





Databases available for general and specific business purposes include business directories, demographic data, business statistical information, text databases, and Web databases.

What are some of the benefits and limitations of databases? Why is security a concern?

Two important security concers are illegal use of data and unauthorized access. Most organizations use firewalls to protect their internal networks. Some benefits are in business such as financial and marketing. Limitation is for security of the organizations.

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