Communication Skills Are Important For It Professionals Information Technology Essay

My topic is talk about to IT professionals communication skills. Communication express message to other people in a way to helps them to understand meanings. It is also receiving message that other people are sending to you. It depends on the individual person how the expresses individual messages. There are several types of communication used by humans to work together and exchange messages. There are many types of communication. One form of the communication is verbal communication which includes a form of oral (speech, a one conversion, group meetings), written (memos, letters, resume, essay), and electronic (email, online database). The second type of communication is non-verbal facial expression, eye contact, body language and appearance, voice and hand movement the tone is included. People share thoughts, perspectives, culture, to communicate information to send and receive, provide and receive opinion.

Communication is needed to everywhere. Without communication no one can transmit a message to each other. Most IT organizations have found the lack of communication skills during they interviews IT professionals. High-quality communication is very important in all organizations. In today’s world, the search engine technology is one of the greatest inventions of mankind. Industrial era is dependent on technology and computer technology brings more job opportunities for IT professionals. Computer technology means knowledge and continued development. IT professionals must be able to adopt new inventions of the technology. Not only great computer knowledge is important for IT professional but also they need effective communication skills.

Here one of the examples is the system developer professionals. His / her job is to develop a computer system. But before starting to develop a new system, he / she need to understand the system requirements. The first step requires analysis of customer information that is collected. Developer in connection with the new system requires the customer to ask questions. It is good to hear because he / she needs to suggest to the customer may be based client comprehension skills. Developers need to ask deep questions to get information counter. Client does not understand the technical part of the system he or she knows only input and output, so this system to collect detailed information from the client to the developer’s work. Employees working in the team if it is large project may require. The developer has to work independently or as part of a team. In a team employee must have excellent communication skill to talk with a team, staff, talk to senior staff. Each time it is possible to project a meeting or discussion of the issues with other team members. Sometimes you may need to use any written communication as well. So it is important for you to able to write letters, emails, memos, reports and resolutions. Once you complete the project or the computer system, you create written documentation because you can easily understand the technical part of the system, but others may not be necessary.

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As an IT professional, you must have the appropriate knowledge of technical and communication skills. Using IT jargon is very important for documentation. Many customers do not have a clue about most of the jargon used by IT. You should use simple language, but if you use jargons, it is not enough that you as an IT professional who understand jargons, you should be able to use your knowledge in a way that others can understand parts. For example, if you make any database and customer does not have any knowledge about that, you must have to specify or make any document with that so customer can read and understand. Then he can use that database on his way these is one type of communicate with customer. So you must have to be good written communication skills otherwise it is very hard to understand for customer.

Nowadays most of the businesses are contact customer using an email and the telephone. Businesses should take care of customer in an efficient manner and also a friendly so they can make long-standing relationship with them. It is very important to how you communicate with customer if they find any communication problem that might be affecting company’s business. If you have good communication skills than you and company both are confident. Computer engineer is another example of IT professional. They should be able to and also communicate with large range of people. IT professional must be able to work individual or in a group of people they must need a good communication skill as well as technical skill because it does not means you just work with your computer. As IT professional you must have understand how communication take a place in different conditions.

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In the conclusion, IT professional’s job is not just to make new invention or work on computers. Once they make new technology, they have to explain it to others by giving demo or presentation. The person who is IT professional; who has made a new technology, his or her real job is to explore that technology. So what they need to explain their invention. They need communication skills. IT professional’s job is to work on the technical part of computer. It does not mean they finish their work; they must have to very effective communication skills to explain their system or technology because each and every user or listener is not aware of that system or technology. IT professional should have to good verbal and non-verbal communication skills for work together with non technical people. It is very helpful for non technical people to understand a technical part of the system.

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