Consequences Of Lacking Loyalty In The Work Place Management Essay

Nowadays there is no work place loyalty in most of the companies.There are so many reasons for lacking loyalty in the work place. The employee loyalty affects the performance and the productivity of the company so that the lack of loyalty leads to the total destruction of the industries.In this paper we are going to discuss briefly about the reasons for lacking employee loyalty and what are the possible ways to improve loyalty in the workplace.


First of all we can discuss about the main reasons that lead to the lacking of employee loyalty in the work place.The employees are expecting minimum security from their employers,but they are not getting it,that gradually affects the relationship between the employees and the employers. The companies are always working for their own benefits,they are not giving any focus on employee’s needs and their security.The loyalty benefits both employees and employers.The loyal employees are working for the success of their company,so the companies should provide some security to the employees.Nowadays the employees have lot of options for getting jobs,so they can move from one company to other company very easily.The contract between the employees and employers has broken down in many industries due to so many reasons.The present employees are entirely different from employees in the past.The new contract mainly focuses on commitment. The new generation employees are giving higher values on their carrier development and personal achievements rather than company goals and targets.But in the past the employees used to work only one or two companies in their whole carrier. So they maintained a great relationship with their employers. They had a strong belief that company’s future depends on the performance and dedication of the employees ,so they worked hard to achieve good production and success of the company.But now most of the employees are working for almost ten or twelve employers in their whole carrier.So they don’t have any relationship to the mangement,that may cause the lack of loyalty in the work place. Most of the people are now getting opportunities to work from their own home,that also affects the workplace loyalty.Nevelle Bain,the former chief executive of cadburry schweppers points that “companies that are best at maintaining loyalty are those with a real focus on people.Its not just about money.Loyalty cannot be commandeered.It must be earned and constantly reinforced by continuous bond building between the leaders and the followers”.(The change in employee loyalty,Barbara M.Mcguinness)

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The other main reason for the lack of employee loyalty is most of the companies are now planning to cut their jobs and their employees due to the lack of production and for saving some money.Now most of the companies are computerised and they don’t need too much employees in their work place for doing jobs.So they are trying to avoid most of the job postings and so the employees have no security to keep their job.Lack of sales and productivity is the main cause that tends to company’s mind to avoid employees, because most of the companies are now going with losses. So in order to sustain, the management is not considering any loyalty to the employees. The other important factor for lacking workplace loyalty is the heavy work load of the employees. The employees are now working under high level of pressure to perform and to achieve goals and targets of their companies. In most of the multinational companies, the managements are assigning projects to their employees and they are giving limited time period for completing these projects. So they have to work overtime for finishing these projects with pressure and tension. Sometimes they are not getting enough time for spending with their families . So most of them don’t like to work in these kind of work places and naturally they force to search for another jobs. The employees are not getting proper health care from their management. Some of the companies are not providing any insurance coverage to their employees. We all know that, in some factories or in some industries ,the labours have to do some dangerous jobs, so they have to make sure that they are getting proper insurance coverage. Some times their salaries are not enough for their medical treatment, that also tends to move employees to another companies.

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We have discussed about the reasons that leads to the lacking of loyalty in the work place, in order to complete this paper we also need to discuss about how to build loyalty in the workplace. There are some secrets for building loyalty in the workplace. The main secret is to develop a continuous bond between the management and their employees. If there is good relationship, the employees can communicate with their employers without any hesitation or any fear. So they can express their ideas and opinions to the management for making good results and good benefits for the company and they are getting enough opportunities for involving all activities of the company. The companies should conduct meeting or conference with their employees once in a month for discussing their future projects and reviewing their recent activities and employees should take this as a golden opportunity to express their thoughts and ideas. This involvement increases the loyalty of employees in a workplace. Flexible working atmosphere is the other key factor that helps to improve work place loyalty. Sometimes the employees are not getting time schedules as their wish, that tends employees to move from one company to another company. Most of them like to work in day times rather than night shifts, it varies from person to person. So the employers should give highly attention for setting up proper schedules for employees. The companies should provide bonus and promotions to their employees in specific time interval. Suppose one employee who works for almost four or five years in a same job, he will get bore and he will definitely try to move to another job. The company should provide some bonus and increment in salaries during the festival seasons like christmas. Nowadays the living expense is increasing day by day, so the company should have to increase the wages of their employees. The management should give awards and rewards for employees who proved their skill in the work and those who working hard for the success of the company. This encourages other employees to work hard and helps to improve loyalty in the work place. The companies should develop carrier development programmes that help employees to develop and identify their skills. The companies should provide pension to their employees, so that they can use this amount after their retirement from the job. Most of the people like to work in those companies which provide pension to their employees

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We need to discuss something about the bad effects of lacking employee loyalty in the work place. The success of company depends on the employees performance and dedication to the management. The lack of loyalty in the work place affects badly to the total performance of the company and it leads to the decrease in production of the company and naturally company moves to great losses. The companies can’t sustain with losses and naturally it leads to the total destruction of industrial sector. The industrial loss also affects the country’s economical growth because most part of countries income coming from the taxes from industries. The lack of loyalty also affects badly to company’s brand name in the market.


In this paper we discussed briefly about loyalty in the work place. From this paper we can understand that loyalty in the work place lacking in every industries. So both employees and employers should be aware of the consequences of lacking employee loyalty in the work place. The management should conduct proper training programmes in the industry to make aware of employees about the consequences of lack of loyalty in the work place.

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