Contribution of job analysis to HRM

Job analysis can contribute towards human resource management application. Firstly, company with detail job analysis can help them to run their staffing activities more efficiently and effectively. Job analysis can help human resource management department to save a lot of time and cost. When company has created a new job, they must come out with a set of job analysis so the Human Resource Management (HRM) knows what kind of job applicant needs to recruit and more easier to conduct a short listing and interview. Without job analysis, the HRM will need more time or longer period to select a suitable job applicant. Moreover, the chance of hire or select a wrong job applicant or unqualified job applicant for a particular job position will be higher. Eventually, training needs to be provided when a company hires an unqualified job applicant.

Secondly, job analysis can help the company to achieve their goal or target. With a detail job specification, new employees know their range of duties, task and responsibilities needed to perform. Those employees will know what task and duties need to be done everyday. They will feel certainty and easy to catch up. Besides that, supervisor or managers no need to spend a lot of time to guide their subordinates because job specification has been provided to employees and they will know what they needed to perform. They only need to motivate and give support their employees. Whereas, managers or supervisors have more time to do their work task and more time to think an innovative plan.

Thirdly, conducting a job analysis will fulfill the legal consideration criteria and estimating the salaries and benefits to a particular job. HRM can estimate the correct salaries and benefits for a job after the job analysis have been done. If the job analysis does not done accurately, it will affect the HRM to place a wrong dollar value which maybe under rewarded or over rewarded. In this situation, some employees will feel not satisfaction or unfair. It will also affect employees’ performance and company objective will be difficulty to achieve. For the legal consideration, conduct a good job analysis wills never against the legality of employment and make sure there is no discrimination happen when starting to recruit and select job applicants.

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From this article, we can see that recruitment is a significant parts of an organization that contributing towards Human Resource Management application. First and foremost, recruiting will help the organization to build a pool of potential job applicants so that the Human Resource Management can easily to select the right candidate for the right job from this field. It may help the Human Resource Management in discovering the sources of manpower to meet the requirement of staffing schedule. Human Resource Management can utilize and go after the correct recruitment process to facilitate the selection of the best candidates in an organization in order to obtain the sufficient number and qualified candidates that really can assist the organization to achieve its goals and objectives.

Besides, recruitment is important since it act as a relationship between the employers and the employees. Human Resource management should well identify the appropriate candidates that meet the qualification of the particular jobs and whether to recruit internally or externally and the methods of recruitments, it is depends on the particular companies because there are advantages and disadvantages for both strategies and depends on the different level of management positions. For example, if the firm needs to fill up the managerial role position they should look for executive search firm or professional organizations methods. While for non-managerial roles, they can fill up the position by using employment agency, job fairs or virtual job fairs, and advertising method. Thus, hire the right candidates can help the Human Resource Management to increase the effectiveness of hiring the prospective employees. Consequently, when the companies get the qualified employees to work in their organization, the performance of their operation will be increased and more efficiency.

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Finally, we recommend that companies should identify the sources before they choose the method. It is because, every company should know what they have to attract and recruit rather than filling up the position and where the prospective employees are located. After that, the company can only start to choose the most appropriate method to attract qualified and potential candidates.

Selection Criteria

Selection criteria help to standardize the selection process for an employer which is particularly useful if there are large numbers of applicants to review. It was difficult for an employer to be objective when they have to read through hundreds of applications.  In these situations, employers can more easily base their decision on who to interview according to how well candidates have demonstrated in writing that they meet the selection criteria.

Additionally, selection criteria will also benefit the organization in selecting the right and qualified applicant for a particular job by rating applicants against the criteria. Furthermore, the chances of progressing through the selection process will be greater and faster with the help of selection criteria because job applicant need to meet all the criteria in order to get employed. Selection criteria will help the organization to hire more qualified job applicant which will also increase its productivity.

Selection Method

Selection method is useful and important method for a particular organization. It may help organization to select the best and suitable employees with the related position. By using interview method, the opportunity is given among the employees and the employers. The employers give an opportunity to job applicants in which to market them through interview. However, the employers also can market their own organization to the employees by using the method of interview.

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Besides that, the organization should use more than one selection method to determine the employees based on their organizational skills, decision-making skills, interpersonal skills, communication skills and also planning skills. It can help the organization to hire more qualified job applicants.

Each selection method has their own techniques to help organization to test the employees. Therefore, the organization will assess the employee selection with more easier and faster. The organization can classify and determine the characters of each employee through selection techniques in order to make decision to judge whether the employee suitable for a particular job position. Different level of position may appropriate to use different selection method. For example, hire managerial roles is more suitable to use assessment center test or cognitive aptitude test. However, hire non-managerial roles is more appropriate to use personality test or internet testing.

Line Management Involvement

Line management involvement can contribute towards human resource management application which is companies should have the human resource and line managers working together in the process of staffing. Human resource will recruit new workers while line managers will do the interviews and hiring decision as they are the closest to employees and know what is required to fill the positions. As the combination of both the departments, it may minimize the risk of failure in staffing.

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