Creation Of The Work Breakdown Structure Management Essay

Project scope management refers the processes involved in defining and controlling what is included and what is not included in the project. The project team and stakeholders must have the same understanding of what products will be produces as a result of a project and what processes will be used in producing them.

In addition, the scope management must be stated clearly, ensure all of the process that the project includes all the work required and only the work required to complete the project successfully. These would express and discuss about the scope of management of this project which is a web-based travel agency system for Samson travels. Basically, the purpose of this manuscript is to provide suggestion and guidelines that are most important in the Scope management plan which are stated categorically below;

Creation of The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The project players will make effort together to develop a Work break down structure (WBS) after it has been put in place Samson travels which are the sponsors would make review of the work break down structure which is also going to be in the presence of the project manager in order to make sure that the all the endeavor necessary to complete the project would be put in place inside the work break down structure. On the other hand, the project team from their own side would also carry an analysis based on the WBS in order to make sure it has comply with the guidelines for creating WBS example; function oriented WBS. In addition, the project team would the project team members would establish the task required to complete each deliverable which will be appraised and agreed by the entire group members and Samson travel agency. The tasks would include the processes, the invention and all associated task. However, all-purpose guideline to follow for determining the level of details that is the lowest level of the WBS ought to on the whole to take no longer time as its supposed to complete the project, moreover, revision of the WBS would also take place at this moment after an approval by the sponsors as considered necessary.

Functional Requirements

The functional requirements have been defined in the project as to describe or provide a brief explanation to the users as well as the stakeholders on what functionality or services that the online travel system for Samson travels system is expected or capable of providing. The functional requirements consist of important criteria’s such as the descriptions of the processing that the system is expected to carry out and the details of data that must be held in the system. After having a brief discussion with our team members as well as referring to educational resources such as the Internet, the functional requirements specification for the online travels agency system for Samson travels are as follows:

The system should provide schedule searching where the user will be able to search the desired schedule and then book the tickets

The system must record all the booking done online by the user

The system should store the information entered by the user during new account creation.

The system should store the entire user’s personal information and must provide the capability to the user to update as well as delete account.

The system should provide effective security features such as login authentication to validate whether the user is a valid user or not and provide a firewall to avoid possible hacking activities.

Non-Functional Requirements

The non-functional requirement has been defined as the requirements which are not directly relevant or concerned with the specific functions or features delivered by the system such as response time, reliability, and storage capacity. Similar analysis which is conducted for the functional requirements are also done here which is by referring to educational resources such as the Internet and some books from the library. The non-functional requirements for the ticket-reservation system are as follows:


In terms of reliability, the FAR or fully known as the Failure Accuracy Rate of the system should be less than 10%. Also, the Samson travels agency system would provide assurance to the user that any potential of system crashing is minimal.

Quick response time

The Samson Travel agency system would have a quick response time for all the features involved and must make sure that the user doesn’t wait for a long time for a particular process to happen. For example, all the process such as login authentication should be done less than 20 seconds.

Quick data connectivity

There should be quick data connectivity between the system and the database when process such as data retrieval for login authentication is conducted to ensure higher rate of response time and efficiency as well.

Security Features

The system should have the capacity of protecting or securing data from any invalid access of data from hackers as well as virus protection from viruses such as Trojan horse as well as worms.

Usability Requirements

Usability requirements is where the developer Samson travels system must ensure that there is good match between the system that is developed and both the users of that system as well as the tasks they will perform when using the system.

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The usability requirements for the ticket reservation system are as follows:


One of the major factors in the usability requirements is the user-friendliness of the system. The system must be user-friendly and the user must not have any difficulty in performing certain functions such as Online booking of packages and ticket reservation. Also, if the user-friendliness rate of the system is high then the customer can perform any tasks such in a short period of time.

User freedom

When the user uses the Samson travels Online traveling agency system, the user must have a sense of control towards the system with the ability to navigate buttons as well as updating their personal profile (for members) without much difficulty and also, the user should be to correct their mistakes, for example, if the user mistakenly enters a different web page which he/she didn’t desired, then he/she can go back to their destination page by just clicking the button that links them to that page without the necessity to go the home page again.

Project Requirement

The requirement of this project is an aim that has got to be met before the entire project process can be carried out effectively and efficiently. However, Project Analyst is one of the basic and primary requirements in terms of the project. They analyze and specify the entire project requirement and make sure the entire process has meet requirement. In addition, in order to complete this exercise the project team needs certain hardware and software which would be listed below:

Firstly, the project team needs some sets of computer systems with high specification. Microsoft windows XP professional version 2003 with service pack 2, Intel(R) D CPU 300GHZ, 300 GHZ 512GB RAM

Microsoft Windows server

This server is a special operating system for a server computer in which the operating system can make best use of the performance of the computer.

Microsoft Access Database software

This software would be used by the authors in other to provide good data storage and optimum security features.

Managing Demand For Changes To Project

The demand for to the project scope that may have an important effect on meeting and project requirement be obliged to pursue the formal procedures specified. In addition, demand details must be filled in a form which would be reviewed in order to prevent scope embezzlement.


Decisively, Samson Traveling agency is a high end modern travel agency, with a unique edge to serving the general public the world as a whole. And from the company study, it is without doubt that the company holds abreast the vision to satisfy their clients exclusively.

Based on the research done, and the scope analysis, the author has decided to raise certain issues that could increase the company’s image and profit (after all, profit is the initial purpose of every business). The web application proposed is or would be to no detriment, but instead an edge for the company, the web application would solve a couple of impending problems that both the company and its customers are facing today.

Consequently, the system will be designed in such a way that users skill will be put into consideration as there are the once using the system at most of the time. But before the design, an analysis will be taken in other to know the level of their performance, so that the system will be a user friendly system with no training will be required.


Human Resource Management is based on ideas and techniques developed to enhance worker motivation, productivity and performance. Human resources include all project stakeholders such as the student, project team members and suppliers. The major processes involved in human resources management include:

Organization plan, which involves identifying, assigning and document project roles, responsibility and reporting relationships.

Staff acquisition, which involves getting the needed personnel assigned to work on the project.

Team development, which involves building individual skills or group skills to enhance project performance.

Project Human Resource Management includes the processes necessary for organizing and managing the project team (, 2010). In addition, a good human resource management will increase the success rate of a particular project as the people in a project determine the success and failure of organizations and projects.

Project Skilled Required

For the current project Samson travel agency system, the development team members need certain skills to make this project a success. Below are some of the skills the development team member must acquire:-

I. Programming skill – The programming skill is needed to build the software. Programming skill is important during the development of the software as most of the job required coding to do the job.

II. Designing skill – The design of the interface is also important as it must be easy to use, easy to understand and the most important of all is that the interface satisfied the requirement of the client.

III. Analyzing skill – The analyzing skill is important during the early phase of the project as analyzing the user requirement and the client requirement will make the job easier when designing and easier for the programmer to build the software.

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IV. Testing skills – The tester must understand the quality criteria and standards that the software objectives should meet and will be measured against. The tester must test the software for functionality, software output, reliability, user acceptance testing, and etc. The tester must also test the software to see that the software meet the requirement of the client and the end user.

V. Communication skill – The team member must have this communication skill as when team members communicate with each other, the tension between them will be reduced significantly and the chance of success will increase. This is a skill that the project manager must acquire.

VI. Co-operating skill – The team member must help each other for the success of this project. It is inevitable for each member to face certain problems during the project.

VII. Leadership skill – The project manager must have high leadership skill as he is the person who oversees the whole project and the one responsible for the entire project. He must be able to manage the entire team member and giving them work.

VIII. Documentation and presenting skill – The presentation of the software to the client and end user is very important as a good presentation will give them a good first impression of the software and that will increase the satisfaction of the client toward the software. A proper documentation with proper format is also important as they will introduce the product and also included the user manual that clearly indicate how to use the software.

Project Team Structure and Organization

Team Members Role and Responsibility

Project Manager

The project manager of the Samson travels agency system is responsible to deliver the project fully functional and satisfies the requirements of the system. He is expected to have the necessary management skills, problem solving etiquettes, team leadership ability and is responsible for assuring that project goals and objectives are met, quality work is completed on time and within budget, and for making appropriate decisions.

The project manager chooses the best team to develop the system and assign each member of the team to his best ability. The task dependency requires the project manager to be able to enforce the time efficient team, in order to avoid any sort of delay. In addition, this document helps identify and clarify roles, responsibilities, and authorities, and should be included in the Project Execution Plan.

The project manager is expected to possess following criteria:

Understand the basic of analysis, design, coding and testing

Financial fundamentals.

Expertise in scheduling, productivity, communications and network diagram

System Analyst

The system analyst of Samson travels system is person who in charge to assist current or potential application users in identifying and describe problems or opportunities that might addressed either by implement a new or change a exist system. The analyst uses business requirements in detail and, where appropriate, prepares functional specification for the system.

The system analyst is quite attached to a sumptuous part of the development of the system , and the system analyst here is basically the IT inclined system analysis professionals, who will be handling and at the lowest level, be in charge of reporting progress to the project manager and project team.

Systems analyst read and studies the process in and the system requirement. So if there is any problem in the previous system then basically the system analyst has to suggest new ideas in improving the system. His job is to make the designer know what to design. The system analyst will study the organization and the environments to come up with some requirements.

Personal Requirements and skills required of the system analyst include:

Think creatively

Good communication skills

Being patient

Analytical thinking

System Designer

In the development of the online system for Samson travels the designers basically is composing of web developers and network administrators will be developing a simple interface and will be managing the network. This interface which is composed of buttons, labels, text fields and images, will be very user friendly to use. Also the designer would draw out some sketches or story-board to simplify the system work flow.

Their main action includes: An understanding of the intended audience, client culture, and learning preferences as well as the understanding of human computer factors and interface design. Personal Requirements of the system designer includes:

Think creatively

Good communication skills

Creative thinking

Understand the basic of analysis, design, coding and testing

System Programmer

The programmer for the Samson travel agency system basically the one responsible to develop the coding for the system. He develops the system based on the requirements gathered and based on the system designer’s perspective. Also to build the software with his specialty and that is programming. He is the person who does the most programming in this development phase. Other than building the software, he have to ensure that other programmer are doing their job and passing up every portion of programming work on time. If there is some functionality problem, bugs or errors, he will be in charge to solve these problems. Tester is the person who will test the system once the system developed in order to get the feedback about the system. It is important for the project group to perform the testing part to make sure the system run without any errors. Personal Requirements of the system programmer includes:

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Coding expert

Being patient

The ability to understand the functional side of the system


Motivation Theory that Applies in Project Team of Samson Travels Agency:

Frederick Herzberg

The proposed motivation technique for the project team is Herzberg Motivational and Hygiene Factors. Frederick Herzberg wrote several famous books and articles that about motivation. Frederick Herzberg contributed to human relations and motivation two theories of motivation which is Hygiene Theory and Motivation.

The first part of the motivation theory involves the hygiene theory and includes the job environment. The hygiene factors include:

the company,

its policies and its administration,

the kind of supervision which people receive while on the job,

working conditions

interpersonal relations,


status, and


These factors do not lead to higher levels of motivation but without them there is dissatisfaction. The second part of Herzberg’s’ motivation theory involves what people actually do on the job (, 2010).

The motivators are:



growth / advancement and

Interest in the job.

These factors result from internal generators in employees, yielding motivation rather than movement. Both these approaches (hygiene and motivation) must be done simultaneously. Treat people as best you can so they have a minimum of dissatisfaction. Use people so they get achievement, recognition for achievement, interest, and responsibility and they can grow and advance in their work. (, 2010) Therefore, the hygiene and motivation factors can be listed as follows:


Company policies and administration


Working conditions and interpersonal relations

Salary, status and security


Recognition for achievement

Interest in the task

Responsibility for enlarged task

Growth and advancement to higher level tasks

The entire project team proposed this motivation theory and by following it, the team members will be well motivated and do well in their job. Regarding the motivation theory, some of factors are not for motivate team member such as the kind of supervision which people receive while on the job, working conditions and interpersonal relations. But if without those factors, the team member wills dissatisfaction. The project manager and entire project team follow the motivation factors that define by Herzberg to motivate team member, such as recognition when a team member success in certain task, he or she will recognize by the team member. (, 2010) Besides, motivate the team member by show interest in their job will have great improvement for them to archive their task. Since they have interest on their job, they will put in more effort and do their work better.


For the project team of Samson Travels agency, just apply motivation theory is not enough. There must have some of techniques to increasing motivation because motivation is better than offering gifts and compensation.

Get Team Member Onboard:

One of the biggest mistakes that the Project manager make is that they come up with their objective without including the team in the process. The more you involve your employees in decision making the more apt they’ll be to give it their all. If you’ve already identified the objective on your own, then ask employees how to achieve it. However, in this project team employees are carried along in order to prevent the mistakes that might lead to the failure of the project.

Work challenge:

In situations whereby the project manager gives a job to a particular team member, the manager would challenge him to submit it during a period of time. If he manages to complete the task within that period of time, the project manager will offer some benefits to that team member.

Find out What Drives Them:

Treat each member as an individual and determine what motivates them, and it’s not always money. There have been all sorts of studies that show if you throw more money at the situation, and then all they’ll do is come to expect it. A good way to determine an employees’ motivation is to simply sit down with them one-on-one and ask them directly what gets them going. As stated above, this techniques been applied in the Samson travels agency project team in order to motivate the entire project.

Offer Positive Feedback

All the team members get a charge from stepping into the spotlight. It’s important when you’re working in a team to acknowledge people in a public way, hold recognition sessions frequently to keep everyone enthusiastic and on track.

Listen Up:

Nothing will deflate the team member bubble than not being heard. Sometimes leaders do all the talking and no one likes one-sided meetings. Through meeting, Project manager can get some opinion or suggestion from the team members.

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