Critically evaluate the role of strategic human resource management

The main purposed of strategic human resource management is focussing human resource programs for long term objectives. It help health care to achieved their goal for their business and services. Human resource is an important asset that need to be maintained. Strategic human resouce management can help heatlh care successful by providing high quality from their employee. Several methods of the strategic human resource management have been used by organisation, such as recruitment, selection, developing human resource, and rewards. This essay will explain furthermore about the methods that can improve effectiveness of strategic human resource management, and finally discuss consequences of using strategic human resource management in health care.

The main assets of organisations is human resource. In organisations human resource consist of employer and employee. Kabane, Orchard, Howard, Soriano, and Leduc (2006) mentions human resource in health care consist of clinical and non-clinical staff. Clinical staff defined as doctor or physician and nurse and non-clinical staff defined as administrative staff. On the other hand, there are some of the health care that have one type staff. The health care just have clinical staff, so for administrative job it will be organized by nurse. Nurse will have double responsibilites not just maintained patient, but also managed administrative. In this situation, health care should really selective when finding their candidates, because nurses will do different activities in same times. They need candidates that have extra skills, extra knowledge and good personalities. In other words, health care will need strategic human resource management.

Firstly, health care should recruit the employee. Recruitment is one of the methods that really important to get qualified candidates with good knowledge, abilities, personalities and skills. Organisationals strategies and culture can be survived and growth with qualified employee. Stone (2008) states that recruitment is process searching aplicants to fulfill the job in organisation. First, organisations should make good planning. Health care should know the main vision and mission when finding the aplications. Beside that, they should determined the quantity of the aplicants. Secondly, organisations should analyse what kind of job that they need. Stone (2008) mentions that job analysis help organisations to define the criteria of the aplicants who are significantly connected with the job. The process of planning and job analysis are significantly important for this step. This strategic will help health care to get qualified manpower.

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Secondly, health care should selective when select their aplicants. Selection can help them to fulfill the job with the right human resource. Jackson and Schuler (2003) notes that selection is process to determine aplicants by looking their technical competencies, personalities, behavioral styles, and preferences. They explain the strategic of selection by using assessment methods. The first one, organisations should check personal history candidates by looking their resume. Secondly, organisations will give written test to candidates which consist of ability test, knowledge test, and personality test. Third, there will be work simulation. This step help aplicants to know the real situation of their job. Then, the candidates will be interviewed. The aim of this step is to indentified the candidates behavior and their knowledge. After that, there will be medical test which is for showing medical conditions of the aplicants. The test consist of general health examinations, genetic screening, and drug and alcohol testing. Finally, aplicants will be interviewed with human resource departement it self. This step need two ways communication. The organisations should explain very clear about the situation of the job. On the other hand, the aplicants should know their qualifications and preferences. Therefore, they will get same advantages. Selection strategic help health care to find the right employee in the right place.

Third, health care should develop their human resource. This step will give benefits for organisations and employee. The employee can improve their knowledge and skills. Jackson and Schuler (2003) notes that developing and training employee can help organisations established, because they have competent employee. Jackson and Schuler (2003) mentions that development can maintain employee performances for long terms. In addition, training can help to improve specific skills from their employee. Strategic development and training are give clear instructions and role models, feed back, practice, and evaluation. This step will help employee to get better carrer in their organisations. Beside that, health care can compete in the future, because they can improve their manpower to be more competent.

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Finally, health care should have good systems for remuneration and rewads. It will retain manpower and make employee will loyal. According to McKeown and Jandrey (1991) organisations should pay their employee balance with their productivity. The remuneration systems should be admited with both of organisations and manpower. Stones (2008) notes that human resource compensation not just consider for employee remuneration but also incentive remuneration and employee benefits. The employee remuneration system is the cost that organisations should pay for employee productivity. Meanwhile, Incentive remuneration is bonus that organisations should pay because the man power can achieved organisation targets. On the other hand, employee benefits is the value that organisations offered, such as annual leave, sick leave, or scholarships. This methods can motivate employee, so health care will have loyal employee.

The impact of using strategic human resources management for health care is significantly effective for their business and services. However, O’Brien-Pallas, Duffield and Alksnis (cited in Hogan, Moxham, and Dwyer 2007) point out that health care that not using strategic human resource management can caused the retirement of their manpower to be postpone. In addition, there is no replacement between young members and expertise members. Nevertheless, they notes that strategic human resource management can help employee to get job satisfaction, so the retention, turnover, and leaving rates will be decreased. On the other hand, Kabane, Orchard, Howard, Soriano, and Leduc (2006) explains how budgets, gap between stakeholders values, absenteeism rates, high rates of turnover, and low morale of health personel will be occur without strategic human resource management. Therefore, strategic human resource management help health care to established their organisations.

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This essay has evaluated the effectiveness of strategic human resource management especially in health care. As discussed above, there are many methods of strategic human resource management that can significantly help for health care to established their business and services, such as recruitment, selection, developing human resources, and remuneration. This methods is great important to help health care obtain the best manpower. Manpower is one of the assets that affected many aspects in health care, so it should be managed very carefully. However, strategic human resouce management give advantages for two side. The manpower received job satisfaction and health care achieved their main goals for long term.

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