Definition And Study On Management Management Essay

What is management? Management is defined as the process of overseeing and coordinating the activities of other people effectively and efficiently to accomplish the goals of the organization. According to Mary Parker Follett, management is described as “the art of getting things done through people”, which captures the human dimension of management. During processing management by administering and coordinating works, functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling are carried out by using organizational resources. Management is important in existing the organization to achieve the purpose.


What should we call to a person who have administrative and leadership skills? The answer is a manager. Manager is defined as a person who is responsible for overseeing and coordinating the work performance of the organizational members. Hence, managers are required to carry out planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in accomplishment of the goal of organization. According to their scope of responsibility or managerial levels, they are able to know roles, skills and time allocation.


How about organization? Organization is a managerial context which the management occurs. Yet, organization is defined as a group of organizational members who are responsible to accomplish the same goals. Moreover, organization is a systematic arrangement made up of individuals which is responsible for profit of organization. They should be directed by managers so that the target of the organization can be achieved. Organization would not exist if a specific purpose for the organization did not be targeted.


4.1 To Study Leadership

In learning business, leadership will be studied by students to manage employees in an organization in the future. Leadership is the most important skills for a manager. As managers can possess their strong leadership capabilities, they can lead their employees during the changing of environmental and organizational condition. Therefore, effectiveness and efficiency of activities can be achieved for organizational success. Furthermore, managers would examine the background of their employees and direct the suitable activities for them. Thus, the employee morale would be gained and boosted to achieve the common goal.

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4.2 To Increase Teamwork

By doing assignment of business studies in college, students will be divided into groups by lecturer due to working and helping among each members in the same group. As the students learnt the importance of teamwork, they can analyze the personalities of others at work in the future. This can reduce the conflict among managers and employees. In fact, teamwork is needed in teams which are segmented by departments nowadays in order to complete their organizational goals. Instead of achieving the higher goal, manager would duel with the others’ interests in teamwork peacefully.

4.3 To Improve Knowledge

In order to run and maintain a business well, students should learn the basic principles of management in those text books. Thus, students will be educated in fact knew more about the managerial roles, skills, and functions when they are working in business or become the manager in the future. Moreover, a good management education is needed in interviewing for an upper-level position. Besides working, principles can be brought into life by giving real life examples to student. Hence, students may learn to manage everything effectively and efficiently in life for the promotion of effective practices in the future.

4.4 To Accelerate Productivity

In learning management, students will know how to plan, organize, lead, and control in fact learn to get a productive results on the proper time. Soon, they could know to divide employees into many teams with different roles so that the business would run effectively and efficiently. This is because managers may become productive when they are coordinated in teamwork by discussing those issues and correcting or improving them. Therefore, when the department carries out a new concept, managers can direct strategies with increased productivity and improve their business.

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4.5 To Plan Future Of Organization

In studying business, students could learn to know rewards and challenges in business. This is important for them to be performed in a dynamic work place where can provide profits and losses for a manager. They would learn to duel with a variety of personalities and to face the uncertainties in the future. Although challenges made managers difficult to motivate works, they could overcome them by gaining or improving rewards. By using their creativity with the help of their knowledge, skills and experiences, they would plan to be rewarded by nurturing the employees’ work performance in order to achieve the organizational target.


5.1 Review

Clearly, studying management gives advantages to students who will become a manager one day. Students will be educated in studying leadership, increasing teamwork, improving knowledge, accelerating productivity, and planning future for organization. By learning these skills through management, a manager can complete his performance effectively and efficiently to accomplish his organizational goal. Management is being important nowadays because it had been universalized, which means management is needed in organizations, organizational levels, organizational work areas, and size of organization in every countries.

5.2 Reflection

Learning in business can improve our management education which can lead us to become an effective manager. So, I hope that students would take course in learning business studies due to the universality of management. Therefore, everyone could work together to increase the improvement and balance the sector of economics. In fact, I hope that everyone would use their creativity widely to complete their works effectively and efficiently in order to accomplish their organizational goals. Hence, this can produce a productive manager in fact improve his country’s image.

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