Develop Workplace Sustainable Policy Management Essay

Developing sustainable policies in workplace means to create green environment in office and other thing remain the same that are profit and people. We should thing about the Green environment week in this we should trained our employees to how we can create sustainability in office through training and green environment seminars

Communicate workplace sustainable policy

The top management issue official notification to all the employees to attend the Green Environment Week and middle management should pay their part and focus to communicate the real meaning to Green Environment Week.

Implement workplace sustainable policy

After training and seminar management keep that in their employees mind and should tell them the importance of this policy and middle management should implement the policy.

Review workplace sustainable policy Implementation

After all steps the final stage of this is to evaluate the implementation of the policy and check the results and show this to all the employees that how much important and how much beneficial that is for the company.

Activity 1

A). What are three main things businesses should do in order to sustainable future?

Making safe and healthy products

Treating the workers fairly

protect the environment

B). How can company reduce waste and pollution? Describe in three ways

Develop Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) department

Building Schools

Using waste to reproduce the helpful material

The CSR department planting business and the rest of the company doing business

Carbon neutral carpet

C). Traditionally when have most companies taken action to change their approach to the environment?

When company loss their customer, environmental scandal, abuse labor and produce toxic products

D). How does corporate social responsibility work positively towards sustainability?

In this video two topics that were conduct into the Corporate Social Responsibility in the parts of living and operational conditions. The first part of study meant to explore and explain corporate policies and planned to instigate social responsibility in the working situation and employment. Two precise issues point out in the study. The second part of the study aimed to develop corporate participation in local society and economic renewal; and the encouragement of environmentally satisfactory practices. The video concludes that CSR is a process not a product.

Activity 2

A). List of three most powerful pieces of legislation that present the Australian framework for business sustainability and environment protection

Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Strategy

Heritage and Environment is supporting business growth and profits through environmental projects that boost efficiency

Functioning with business is a key function of the OEH strategy for gets better the sustainability of business in NSW.

B). What is the prime purpose of each Act.

The Primary purpose of each ACT is following.

The department is in charge for implements Australian Government’s policy to take care our environment and our Heritage, and to encourage a sustainable way of life.

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

It provides us a legal structure to defend and handle national and international vital Fauna, Flora, Ecological communities and important Heritage places.

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It will safeguard the environment, sustain our people and support our financial system.

The Clean Energy Act 2011

It sets out the method that Australia will introduce a carbon price to reduce Australia’s carbon pollution and move to a clean energy future.

National greenhouse and energy reporting act 2007

This Act provide for the reporting and distribution of information associated to greenhouse gas emissions, greenhouse gas projects, energy production and energy consumption,

Clean Energy Regulator

It is an autonomous body under Australian Government and set up by this ACT. The Clean Energy Regulator will administer new and existing regulatory schemes including the:

Mechanism Carbon Pricing

Carbon Farming Initiative program applications

Australian National Registry of Emissions Units

National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting scheme, and

Renewable Energy Target.

Comcare Australia

Comcare works to reduce the human and financial costs of workplace injuries and disease in the Commonwealth jurisdiction.

This program encourages the large energy using businesses to improve their energy efficiency. It does this by requiring businesses to identify, evaluate and report publicly on cost effective energy savings opportunities.

The primary responsibility of improving work health and safety and workers’ compensation arrangements across Australia

Work health and safety Act 2011

This Act to address issues identified during the implementation of the new WHS laws.

Fair work Australia Act 2009

It is the national workplace relations tribunal. It is an independent body with power to carry out a range of functions relating to:

the safety net of minimum wages and employment conditions

Enterprise bargaining

Industrial action

Dispute resolution

Termination of employment

Other workplace matters.

Industrial benchmarking

Australian centre for sustainable business and development

Accelerate sustainable development by proving the business case for sustainability and ‘Profitable business that is good for the world’.

Australian Sustainable Business Group

It helping organizations deal with the substantial and rapidly changing environmental, and greenhouse laws and helping them to become more sustainable

Banksia environmental foundation

Achieving a Sustainable Australia Recognizing and rewarding environmental excellence Promoting best practice principles contributing to action-learning and education

Boral Ltd

It provides the construction material whose do not affect the environment

Forum for the future

It is a non-profit organization working globally with business and government to create a sustainable future.

Global reporting initiative

To make sustainability reporting standard practice by providing guidance and support to organizations

Sustainable business education case studies

The Local Government Association of NSW and the Shires Association of NSW represent 152 general purpose councils, 12 special purpose councils and the NSW Aboriginal Land Council.

Sustainable business Australia

It is a business think tank and advocacy group promoting commercial solutions to environmental challenges, SBA member companies collectively influence policies to create clean, green business opportunities and help to shape the next great technological era.

Implementation toolkits

It provides business assistance and advice, strong technical knowledge and scientific capabilities. By integrating the services of the Department’s partner agencies we have a stronger capacity to support NSW industry and businesses in creating jobs and leveraging investment.

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C). Describe what actions businesses must take to comply with each piece of legislation.

Businesses must think about these:

Take Social responsibility

Green Environment

Employee’s benefits

Government Regulation

Organizational Structure

Labor Laws

Environment protection steps

Business Educational studies

Recycling waste

Fair work

Activity 3

A). Explain what product Stewardship is

Product Stewardship is a conception where the Environment, Health, and safety security centers on the product itself and everybody concerned in the lifetime of the product is called leading to take up liability to decrease its Health, Environmental, and protection impacts. For manufacturer, these include planning for paying for the recycle or the disposal of product to end of it valuable life. This may be achieve in parts by re-designing products to use less injurious substances and to be more long-lasting, reusable and ecological and to build products from recycled equipment. For retailer & consumer it means captivating a dynamic role in ensure the correct disposal or recycle of an end of life goods.

B). Explain who product stewardship related to waste management

The Local harmful Waste Management Program endorse product stewardship philosophy as a management strategy because in the present waste management organization, all the liability for managing toxic goods fall to local government and rate-payers, even if they do not use the goods. The manufacturers who design and market the product are not the part of the recycling organization. Product stewardship program require producer to collect, finance, transport and correctly dispose of their goods at end of life. Product stewardship program is being implemented in many countries like Canada, Asian, Europe and many parts of the countries including Australia.

Waste Reduction and Recycling Act 2011(QLD) (31 of 2011) (“ACT”) gives a chance to make significant improvement in waste & resource management. The Act gives a mixture of mechanisms within a frame that seek to support waste reduction and resource recovery and thereby reducing the impact on environment of waste even as promote sustainability.

C). What legislation and regulates product Stewardship.

The Product Stewardship Act 2011 gives the frame to efficiently manage the environmental and health of people and safety impacts of goods, and in exacting that impact related with the disposal of goods. The frame includes voluntary and co-regulatory and compulsory product stewardship. The way of the legislation deliver on an answer promise by the Australian Govt. under the National Waste Policy, this was agreed by governments in NOV 2009 and authorized by the Council of Australian Governments in August 2010.

Activity 4

A). What EMS will cover

Environmental issues and opportunities to be addressed by EMS

Environmental and business results with their benefits

Establish aims, scientific measures and objectives, and related milestones.

Get management promise to EMS, describe EMS resource needs, and categorize EMS leaders

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Existing plan, program, procedure, process, and tools important to the EMS

Identify improvements to attain EMS objectives

Assign job for developing enhanced or developing new procedure, process, and tools.

Identify personnel affected by EMS, define responsibilities, and communicate responsibilities

EMS related training needs responsibilities and schedule.

Evaluate EMS project performance

Top management Review progress, identifies adjustments, and confirms commitments.

B). What legislation, codes and practice and industry standards it will comply with

Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999

Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000

Hazardous Waste (Regulation of Exports and Imports) Act 1989

Product Stewardship Act 2011

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA)

Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)

The Australian Industry Standard

Australian accounting standards

Fields of Research (FOR) classification

Research Fields, Courses and Disciplines (RFCD) classification

Socio-Economic Objective (SEO) classification

Labor law

C). how will be responsible for its management

Manager himself responsible for its management or Leader of the EMS and Department of CSR and top management how finalize it

D). how it will follow product whole of life principles

The green environment always helps to product whole of life principles it will also helps to this approach.

E). what you will do to communicate the EMS to all stakeholders- internal and external

Internal stakeholders always knows the importance of EMS and I can also communicate this to my honorable stakeholders, doing this we will improve the management by direct communicate the lower staff and remove hesitation, collect the real information it will help in other problems, labor also happy with us and they knows that company will do something for them.

I will tell External stakeholder that people like us for this EMS and it will increase the market share and profit and build brand name or company name less toxic products make customer happy and increase our sales revenue and investor love to invest in our company it will increase our business.

Activity 5

Research the ‘green offices’ and describe five ways you can create a more environmentally friendly working environment.

The hype of going to be green you have already started to replace family unit cleaners with organic ones and using a petrol car to a hybrid car but why we stop at office? Green office means to make your offices environment friendly and sustainable. Green Office is to aim to support employees across the world to make little change to their working practice to positively affect the environment. It raises knowledge of important green matters, as long as office employees with the realistic advices and tools and give help to create a extra sustainable method of working.

Five ways that helps us to make friendlier working environment.

Use Soy-based ink (Soybeans ink)

Remove waste of Vending Machine (Coffee Machine)

Cut Down Transportation (Carpools Matching Service)

Less use of lights

Less use of papers if office, use Networking to share documents

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