Discussing The Functions Of The Maybank2u Website Information Technology Essay

What kind of bills that users are able to settle within this system? Maybank2u has offered its users from almost 6oo payees’ corporations which include both government agencies and private sectors. Basically, Maybank2u website allow users to settle their common bills such as utilities bill, mobile postpaid bill, internet bill, ASTRO (Measat Broadcast Network System) bill, credit cards bill and now users may even possible to make their income tax payment to Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (LHDN) through the website.

Besides, Maybank2u is not just emphasize in providing a convenient bill payment for its users by reaching these payees’ corporations as many as possible, but also it assist users in the other way. For instance, users are allowed to view their past payments as well as to manage for future payments, as a result users might have achieving a better cash flow management. Furthermore, it also allows users to pay any bills by using non-Maybank credit card except for Maybank credit card bill and Maybank loans.

The following is showing the user interface on how to pay bills online via Maybank2u.com:

Photo 1

Users who wish to pay their bills via Maybank2u, of course firstly they will have to log in to their internet banking account. After they have successfully logged in to their own user account, they will have to select the ‘Account & Banking’ tab. By selecting it, all the accounts that the user possessed will be shown such as savings account and current account. Users are given two options either to select the bill payments tab on the left-hand side or select it on the action column which is located beside the savings account column. (Photo 1)

Photo 2

After selected the bill payment tab, the user interface will show many types of bill payment to the users. It still depends on the user’s intention to select on which kind of transaction that he or she would like to access. For example, if a user would like to settle his utilities bill, then he might go for the ‘Make a one-off payment’ tab to continue his particular transaction. (Photo 2)

Photo 3

After the user has selected the ‘Make a one-off payment’ tab, he or she will choose the payees’ corporations based on what kind payment that the user deal with. Normally, the top ten common payees’ corporations will be listed as shown in (Photo 3). However, if users are dealing with different kind of payees’ corporation, they still can choose it by clicking the ‘select from list’ to search the relevant payees’ corporation.

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Photo 4

The next step is that users are required to fill in the particular details, which includes the amount to be paid, bill account numbers and the date of payment. The system has provided a very effective guide by showing the user a sample of where is the bill account number should located on the bill in case if the user cannot find it. (Photo 4)

Photo 5

Then, the user are requested a Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) to verify the payment. Basically, TAC has been given at the very first to the user once they have opened up an account in Maybank and they can change it at any Kawanku ATM or through the Kawanku Phone Banking. If they wish to change the TAC, then they will be receiving a new TAC via the SMS. After they have successfully key in their TAC, the transaction is said to be done following by clicking the ‘Confirm’ tab. (Photo 5)

Photo 6

The transaction is being successfully done and showing the final steps as the photo above. (Photo 6) users can choose either to print out the receipt so that they can keep a hard copy of it or make another payment if they desired.

2. (b) Improving customer service in Maybank2u

Maybank2u website provides a very good customer care line in their customer service category in which it does listed down the contact numbers specifically for each purpose such as customer care hotline, lost or stolen card as well as the credit card centre. Besides, Maybank2u website is also taking care of their customers’ feedback diligently. Customers can choose to compliment if they are satisfied with the services or may be even provide any suggestions to improve the system. However, if the customers would like to lodge a complaint due to any inconvenience or dissatisfactory incurred, he or she is welcomed to submit the complaint in writing directly via the website.

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There is still inefficient incurred despite Maybank2u website provide a good customer service to its customers. The service is sometimes said to be inconvenience for its customers. For instance, users may need to contact a lot of customer service numbers if they are going to make enquiries from different administration as each of the contact numbers only serve for one specific purpose. It is also consuming time when a customer is trying to contact the administrations to make enquiries, let say a customer may report for lost of credit cards and at the same time, he would also like to know regarding his credit card information, but he is not able to get things done just by giving one call, instead he should call for the other respective numbers to deal with another purpose. Furthermore, customer care line is not a free toll calling, hence it consume the user’s money as well.

One of the ways to improve the customer service in Maybank2u website is by implementing a more effective communication method between the users and the administration. Since it is said that inconvenience occurred to the user due to various type of customer care lines that serve for only their respective purpose, the customer care line should try performing a linkage between the administrations of each department. In other words, only one customer care line to be created in which it is able to connect to the administration of each different department. As a result, it is definitely a time saving method especially during the phase of connecting the users to the administration. Besides, users would not have to switch to another customer care line number in order to make enquiries on other service; instead they can just switching it to the respective administration by clicking another numerical code on their mobile phone.

It is notified that there is still another issue of the customer care line in which it is financially charged to the customers. Normally, most of the customers would prefer not to be charged when making a contact to the administration for enquiries. It is said that the system is providing a negative externality to the community; hence the customers would be likely to enter to the bank to make their enquiries due to this is the only option that they would not being charged. As a solution, customer care line should be improved to offer its user with a more efficient communication way. For example, the system might implement Instant Messaging software that allows users to contact the administration without any charge is being concerned.

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If the Instant Messaging software were to be implemented, the installer file of this software should be displayed in Maybank2u website so that it is for the ease of the user to download it. Users are required to register for a different account which is not similar with the internet banking account. Once the registration has been successfully done, he or she might be able to use this software. For each time they are signing in to their account, a system message will be sent to alert the user so that not to provide any privacy information such as password or credit card information to the administration.

It is suggested that Maybank2u website should provide a more interactive customer service by implementing new service of communication software that enable user to deal with the administration face to face. In other words, Maybank2u website might have to set up a video call facility so that to allow users to make any enquiries without necessary to present themselves physically at the bank.

Maybank2u website should allocate the video call installer on its own website to allow its customers to download it in order to use this software. After the users have downloaded the software, he or she might have to register for an account to be eligible to use it. Once the registration has been successfully done, they are able to reach the administration through a video call by signing in their username and password. Then, a system message will automatically send to the user whenever they are signing in to use the video call facility. This message has to be sent to the users so that they will be alarmed not to expose any password or privacy information about their account to the administration.

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