Discussing The Terms Of Quality Management Information Technology Essay

This report mainly discuss about the quality management. The concept of quality management and its four different quality management schemes adopt in commercial operations. And briefly discuss about quality controls and their benefits to the customers by Adidas Company which engaged in London Olympics 2012 as official partner.

Through out the first question discussed about the quality management concept and features which use to identify quality. And quality in terms of business and services perspective and how quality can be define with customer satisfaction. Also how quality management can be measured.

As second step briefly discussed about four different quality management schemes adapt to commercial operations and the similarities and differences of each quality management schema. And discuss its importance of communication and record keeping within the organization.

Select an organization which engaged in London Olympics 2012 and did quality audit and gave recommendations to do the modifications. I have selected Adidas Company which provides equipments, shoes, clothes and accessories to London Olympics 2012.

As third part of the report briefly discussed about the information made available to customers and importance of effective marketing. Importance of user and nonuser surveys when determining customer needs. And what are the consultation methods used by the represented groups to encourage the participation for London Olympics 2012. Finally evaluate the value of complaints procedure and quality improvements.

As fourth question of the report analyse the role of self assessment of own quality management system. And discussed about the staff consultation to implement effective quality scheme and I have proposed new modifications and ideas to improve the existing quality management schema.

Question One: Concept of Quality Management

‘Quality is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs. Quality programs include

Fitness for use. (Is the product or service capable of being used?)

Fitness for purpose. (Does the product or service meet its intended purpose?)

Customer satisfaction. (Does the product or service meet the customer’s expectations?)

Conformance to the requirements. (Does the product or service conform to the requirements?) ‘

Define quality in terms of business and service provision

The business and service organization is profited by selling their products and services. To keep the quality of the products and services these companies must practice the quality management. The quality must be including in all steps of production process of product or service. The best quality is key concept to improve sales as well as marketing tool. The quality is key element of Competition in the market.

The organization is manufacturing products. The product must be capable to fit for use, confirm the manufacture’s requirements. And also meet its intended purpose as planned by the business organization. As same as the organization is service provided one, then the service must be fit to the requirements of the company, it must meet the intended purpose of a particular service of the company and confirm its requirements.

Define quality in terms of customer satisfaction

The customer is the most important person of the business and service organizations. These organizations manufacturing goods and services to full fill the requirements of the customers. The organization’s existence is depends on the customer satisfaction. The products and services must be able to meet the customer’s expectations by the product and service. The product and the service must be value its price paid by the customer. The customers are attracted to the best quality products and services.

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After consuming product or service the customer is satisfied and, the customer thinks to buy the same product or service again, then product or service represents best quality. Then the customer has confidents to buy other new arrivals. Due to best quality some trade marks are more popular. These products and services satisfy the customers in higher level.

How quality management can be measured

Quality management can be measured in different ways. Number of scraped goods, reworks done for produce goods, additional material or inventory which do not use for particular production, warranty repairs or service done for sold goods, customer complaints made for sold goods and services, liability judgement made for goods and services, product recalls and product corrective actions taken to products. The above mentioned measurements are considerably high the products or services are not in a bests quality.

Question Two: Four different Quality Management schemes appropriate to commercial operations

‘The Quality Management Systems (QMS) scheme helps organisations to meet customers’ quality requirements and relevant regulatory requirements, while also enhancing customer satisfaction and achieving continual improvement of its performance.’

Describe the rationale underpinning four quality schemes commonly adopted by commercial operations

Quality Planning

Quality planning is the process of identifying the quality standards according to the products and services which produce in the organization and determining how to satisfy the particular quality standards.

Identify the particular quality policy, scope statement, product description, quality standards and regulations as products and services. Then use cost benefit analysis, benchmarking, flowcharts and design experiment methods to determine the current quality levels and identify the gap between the identified quality standards and current position. Then determine quality management plan, checklists and input to other processes, as the final stage. The above mentioned quality planning methods represents the quality position of the organization and produce best quality products and services. The quality planning is also carrying out as quality management scheme.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is the process of evaluating overall production performance on a regular basis and assures the production’s satisfaction in terms of quality standards.

Evaluate quality management plan, evaluate results of quality control measurements and operational definitions. And use quality planning tools, techniques and quality audits for evaluate overall production performance. Then give confidents of production satisfaction in terms of quality standards. So quality assurance is also a quality management scheme.

Quality Control

Monitoring products and services to determine if they comply with relevant quality standards and identifying ways to eliminate the poor performance of the production process.

Monitoring work results, quality management plan, operational definitions and checklists in the production processes of product or service. Then use quality control methods of inspections, control charts, pareto diagrams, statistical sampling, flowcharting and trend analysis to identify lower performance of the production process. Then do quality improvements, change acceptance decisions, do rework, completed checklists and do process adjustment as quality improve decisions of quality control scheme.

Total Quality Management

Implementing quality improvement programmes within the organization to maintain the particular quality standards. Maintaining quality programmes in all stages of production process (planning, training and induction, process control, field testing, product design validation, process validation, test and evaluations, quality audits, maintain and calibration) and among the staff(senior manager, production manager and production staff) who are working in the organization.

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Identify main similarities and differences between quality schemes


All these quality schemes are based on particular quality standards of the product or service.

Quality control and quality planning schemes take corrective actions to minimize the poor performance of the production process.

Quality assurance and quality control evaluates the current quality levels of the organization and come up to a decision.

Total quality management and quality control change the quality practice continuously.


In quality planning schema based only on the previously planned quality levels.

Quality assurance schema consider only about the level of quality assurance.

Quality control schema continually improves the performance of the quality practice.

Total quality management implementing quality programmes, if usable or non usable as stage of the production process.

Explain importance of communication and record keeping in quality schemes

By communicating quality schemas give the new ideas to develop the quality practices within the organization. Communication identifies the purpose for the weak points of the low quality production steps. And also identifies the best schema to carry out in the quality management system.

Record keeping compare the past results and identify the weak points within the production process of goods and services. Can be used to draw statistical diagrams and identify the major defects and improve the particular stages of the process and for analysis purposes. Record keeping makes easy, the benchmarking processes with other organizations.

Question Three: Quality Controls and their benefits to the customers

Adidas Company is one official partner of the London Olympic 2012. That provides shoes, clothes, accessories and equipment for London Olympic 2012.

Assess the information made available to customers and the importance given to effective marketing

Information is available through internet, television and other media. They are highly use internet to send information to the customers. Because they can take the customer feed back through internet faster than other mediums. Information availability improves higher buyer in, improves market presents through easy access using internet, feed back is high therefore significantly can be improve customer satisfaction, faster transaction times, more efficient order processing and due to less manual work the fewer errors.

Can be able to keep existing customers introducing new styles, attract new customers using different prices and styles, can be able to make a trend in the market using marketing and increase market share, taking feedback from customers and improve the quality and new arrivals to the market.

Evaluate the benefit of user and non user surveys in determining customer needs

User surveys

Users are the existing customers. To keep them the new products and style must be introduce for that their customer satisfaction is more important. By doing user surveys can be able to identify their needs, expectations, and the trend in the market. And also can be able to identify limitations. The user surveys can be easily done from the audience of London Olympics 2012.

Non user surveys

Non users are also customers. They were non users may be due to unaffordable prices or dislike to the products. From these surveys the Adidas can identify the reason and can be able to produce products for their desire while keeping the standards of the company. Olympics is in 2012 from these surveys helps introduce new fashions.

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Examine the methods of consultation employed to encourage participation by under represented groups

Publish the growth undertaken after joining as a partner of London Olympics 2012; Show the sales improvements within that period through media discussion and press conference. The new arrivals can be market through the Olympic 2012 through internet and television. Release newspaper articles about, the benefits gain by participating London Olympics2012.

Investigate the value of complaints procedure and analyse how each is used to improve quality

Identify weaknesses

The customers identify weakness points of the products. That can be size requirements, colour requirements and etc. Then the Adidas can change the products as customer perception.

Identify low quality points

Some products can be broken only in one place, all the times (must be continuous customer) If they received considerable number of complaints about a particular cloth or shoes or etc. then Adidas can identify this low quality point and will be able to improve quality.

Complaints about after sales services

Can be complaint about the staff who provided after sales services. Then the Adidas can improve the quality of the employees who are employing in their company.

Question Four: Principles of Quality Management

Role of self assessment in order to determine an Organization’s quality management

The quality policy must develop as first step by the Management team. The quality improvement team must establish representing all the departments of the company. Quality must be measures continuously to reduce quality awareness errors. The corrective actions must be taken for quality issues and zero defects planning must be done to the future productions.

The identified errors can be removal through daily quality checking and reduces the error making purposes. Then critically recognise the particular point will help to improve the quality. Employees must be educating about the quality standards and issues and the importance of quality work and quality council must work daily basis and planned a zero defects day.

Explain the stages of staff consultation necessary for effective implementation of a quality scheme

Staffs are responsible for the production. Quality of the product or service is depending on the quality work done by the staff. During the planning stage to after sales services stage, the staff must do the quality work. The surveys can be done through the staff about quality scheme of the company. The documents are also filled according to the quality standards. The workforce planning is also should be change for effective implementation of quality scheme. The time management and material management must be quality for the effective implementation. Train the new staff for the particular positions then the errors will reduce and improve the quality scheme.

Propose new systems or modifications to existing systems that could improve service quality

The quality standard and policies must be change according to new trends and customer perceptions. Continues improvement is more practical because it is not cost very much.

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