Duties and responsibilities of event manager for any events

Event manager is a person who plans and execute the event. He is the person who takes the responsibility of making and to happening of the event. The role of the event manager are many in the events , some of the major duties and the responsibilities are very much influencing the success of the event .They will also attend the event in order to find every thing is going as per the plan.Event managers supply to all types services to which are relating to the events and the functions which are taking place on the event.It is the responsibility of the event manager to coordinating all the logistics which are involved in making the event work to the clients satisfaction.

The main duties and the responsibity of the event mnager are as follows

All the running around

Booking the venue

Identiying the event audience

Devising theconcept of the event

Arranging the catering and the entertainment of the event and the other ancillary service to make the event run to a complete success.

Some of the main and the important objective of the event manager is to make that the goals are achieved by planning, implementing and the regulating the process and by using the given resources in a good and in a able manner.

Duties And The Responsibilities Of The Event Manager

He is a person who plans and execute the event .The event managers and their team are often behind the scenes of the running of the event.

They may also be involved in more than just the planning and the execution of the event,but also the brand the building, marketing ,and communication strategy.

The event manager is an expert at the creative ,technical and the logistics element that helps an event to a great success

This includes event design, audio visual production, script writing, logistics, budgeting, negotiation, and of course client service

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It is a multi dimensional profession.

Some of the sub points to be remembered while planning a event are ,

Good team members with different skills are a necessarily. Make sure to gather volunteers. Prepare a budget which should include all the possible expenses ,he should prepare a draft poster. Prepare a draft schedule of the activities in the event. One of the most important step or duty is to make the team members to speed up with the plans, collaboration of the duties will make duties of the manager easy.

He can also delicate the works to different people in order to make the work easier, make sure that any of the websites to be updated should be updated without failure. Remember to collect the sponsors and the other sources of the money from the delegates .Delegate work to the different people and let an experienced person to coordinate all the activities. Make sure that the team members do not have any internal problems with themselves.

He must be aware of the items which are to be gathered for the event. He must visit the place with his team and should make the necessary things are done .All the works are to be completed before 24-36 hours before the event. Remind the VIPs about the event which is to be taken place on their behalf .Check whether all the activities are going on well as per the schedule .

The most important duty and the responsibility of the event manager is to sit with the customer to plan for the event and the type of the events that are taking place. A timeline is also made to insure that the programs and the number of the events are being sufficiently handled.

After the event has been over it is important to get the feedback from the audiences and from the participants. Clear up the place ,check everything ,remove the banners.etc.

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Settle the bill and other accounts relating to it. Do not forget to deliver the bills and the receipts to the sponsors and the authorized people.

Planning before the event will makes the event manager to save much of the needed time. The event manager should also select the team leader for the function or the event.

The event managing need a lots of skills and a experience to make a event a huge success. So the event manager should need a lot of the experience and stability to do the project in a good and decent manner. For that the manager should start working and planning in a little bit earlier. Also he must be able to group the staff under him and make them to work hard and for the success of the event either it is birthday party, wedding party, socials , and other formal events.

Event manager should also be aware of the catering facilities and the other services which are provided to the customers so he must be aware of the event and he background situations as well so he must be able to do it in his best level. The other feature of the management style is that he must be adjustable with the resources which he have got and he must be able to co ordinate the staff to do their jobs and to make the event a great success and to make the best use of the elements which are there for the event.

The event manager should have the following skills in order to have good and successful event to be taken place. The some of the following important qualities of the event manger are —

Time and organization management.

Good communication skill.

Able to handle the risky situations.

Should be a good negotiator.

Should be good in the basic computer skills.


Able to handle budget management.

Able to handle the timeline for the event.

Able to have the managing skill of controlling the staffs under him.

Should be calm and be gentle in the pressure handling situations.

Should be a good public relation officer and to be good at the marketing skills.

Its good if he have the interpersonal skills.

The most important feature of the event manager is to raise the funds related to the events. Assist in coordinating and to securing the all the permits which are appropriate, getting the events to be licensed .Getting the materials and the products which are needed for the event to be taken place.

The other most important one is the budget and the project management .create and adhere project budgets and the timelines for the special events, also cooperate with the executive director to get the income and attendance projections for the events, do the mock post event follow up and the action steps.

Manage to get the special committees for the event which includes developing the goals and the objectives of and for the event, conducting the facilitating meetings and leading those committees to a successfully completing the established goals and objectives.

Then the overall responsibilities of the event manager as follows

Foster strong relationship between board and committee members, families, sponsor , volunteers and the staff. Continuous critical analysis of the events and the programs in order to determine whether they are effective and to study about the success of the special event, i.e. the particular event.


Successful event managers are truly perfectionists thy have the immense power of the calm —under- pressure and all with an eye for the detailed explanation of the events. An Event manager considers every aspect of an event like location, sponsors, special festivals, caterings , accommodation, budgets, prevent the cost and the overruns and security.

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