Employee Self Evaluation
Employee Name:
Position: Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Factor 1: Responsibilities
 To regulate, supervise and implement timely, full and accurate set of accounting
statements and books of the firm reflecting all the activities of the firm in a way that is
commensurate with the requisite regulation and legislation in the territories of the firm’s
operation and subject to internal guidelines.
 To implement continuous financial audit and control system to monitor the firm’s
performance, and its flow of funds, the adherence to budget, the income, the expenditure,
the cost of sale and other budgetary items
 To timely, and regularly prepare and present the financial statements and reports to the
Board of Directors as required by pertinent laws and regulations
 To comply with all reporting, accounting and audit requirements that have been imposed
by the capital markets and other regulatory bodies of the capital markets in which the
company’s securities are traded or otherwise listed.
 To prepare and present for the approval of the Board of Directors an annual budget,
other budgets, financial plans and methodologies, feasibility studies, investment
memoranda and other business and financial documents as may be required by the Board
from time to time.
 To alert the Board of Directors and to forewarn it on any irregularities, lack of
compliance, lack of adherence, lacunas or loopholes and issues on whether financial
operations, financial plans, the audits, budget, the accounting and other matters of
financial nature could or do have financial implication.
 To maintain a work relationship and to foster additional relationships with banks,
financial institutions as well as the capital markets with the aim of securing funds that are
vital in the firm’s operations.
FACTOR 2: Problem Solving
 Developed the Custodian Risk Assessment Methodology
 Designed an Outsourcing Service Assessment Methodology
 Designed an ICAAP Policy
 Developed Liquidity Risk Management Policy
 Completed the Trading and Non-Trading Activity Policy
FACTOR 3: Teamwork / Cooperation
 I worked in conjunction with other employees in the group and the Audit Committee and
Board and other people across the department to ensure that these three policies and two
methodologies had the right content and that they met the threshold espoused by the
 I met all my goals and played a pivotal role in fostering communication and collaboration
within the team. However, I feel that I need to enlist the input of other key stakeholders
in defining priorities, milestones and resource requirement. My devotion to
accomplishment results and ‘make it easy’ for the stakeholders is what got in the way of
stakeholder participation which it would be important to point out is important.
Factor 4: Leadership / Supervision
 In my duties as CFO, I effectively conducted by leadership and supervisory role in
support to the administration and corporate and financial functions, and was operationally
driven to effect change.
 The supervisory duties included training, budgeting, mentoring, coaching, performance
evaluation and monitoring tasks
 I also advised the Chief Administrative Officer on the various corporate priorities and
policies, bylaws among others which effectively achieved objectives and improved the
departments operations.
 I took a leadership role in ensuring that the firm maintained public sector compliance
 I also analyzed the various legislations and the effects that they had on the company.
Factor 5: Communication
 I effectively participated in value creation as part of the leadership team, and with a keen
understanding of the mindset of the organization, I was able to act as the financial
highlight of the firm.
 I communicate with the CEO on a regular basis on a strategic and operational business
level, providing the administration with the necessary decision making support, plans that
addressed challenges facing the business and risk-adjusted forecasts.
 The job is too task focused and required a generation of many financial reports, I helped
to create a link within the business and created clear and simple strategic financial
blueprints that could be easily understood by all stakeholders, even those who had no
prior accounting competence
Factor 6: Resource Management
 The landmark policies and methodologies that I developed as highlighted in Factor 2
evidences the very fact that I was able to save the firm a fortune had the alternative of
enlisting the services of an external advisor been pursued.
 In a labor market where the role of the CFO is changing in the management of human
capital demands, I represented the corresponding change in bolstering the relationship
between the corporate finance and human resource functions, though the two departments
have historically not worked in collaboration.
 I played an important role in human capital decisions, besides setting and allocating the
human resource budgets, which has been the traditional role of this office. I took a
leadership role therefore, in decisions to do with human capital, which is important with
the appreciation that human capital is a value driver, and not just merely an expense. That
collaboration was integral in helping the company achieve its goals.

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