Evaluating the styles of leadership

In operation of an organization, leadership styles of the leader have significant influence to the efficiency and quality of work done. When leaders demonstrate an effective and consistent leadership style, he could easily encourage his subordinates to do better to achieve better results. Therefore, in the first part of this report, we will consider about different leadership styles of Mark and Forgan, through which we can easily see the influence and impact that the different leadership styles can create over the activities of the organization.

The leadership theories and evaluate the styles of leadership

Leadership style strongly affects on how people work, how the company achieves the delegated goals and how people are willing to dedicate their experience, knowledge and passion for the company. There are many dimensions to leadership and many possible ways to build up the “best” leadership style. But the first way is to learn and then, cleverly apply in the practical situation of the company. A leader should have the ability as well as behavior. They must understand the role and its mission not only to the group, both the company and themselves. For work, leaders need to know to select the qualified members, and then take measures to encourage them to work efficiently. The working group is inevitable conflicts will occur so the task of a leader is to know how to keep peace between group members. Clarify the issues to find solutions. Role for task of managing is encouraging and look for information about the group’s task then diagnostic solutions, the opportunities, threats when performing this task.Next followed by consultation with other members. The last one is evaluation to choice the best method to solve this task. For individual, the leaders also need to achieve their own goals for personal development. Then get feedback from others about the strengths and weakness, counseling you and drawing on experience as well as goals to training. There is also a contingency approach to leadership. A contingency approach to leadership is mention about the ability to lead & influence others of leaders. This ability is influence by these factors:

Personality, leadership style and leader’ position of the leader.

The abilities, experiences and preference of leadership style of subordinates

The requirements and level of complication of tasks.

Effectively communicate visions, goals and values to colleagues and promote understanding of how delegated objectives support these.

A vision is an idealized picture of the future organization and it expresses the organization’s reason for existence. Visions grab people and then bring them into the fold. When a leader’s vision is effective and strong, employees and stakeholders get caught up in what they are doing, absorb the vision, and commit themselves to the goals and the values of the leaders.

The roles leadership is importance who influences the others to contribute voluntarily to the achievement of group task in given situation. They is to direct the group toward their goals .In currently, they set up a vision, goals, object, task for group. In currently, leadership set up goals for group.

According to Mark and Forgan, we can conclude the objective and vision of Mark and Forgan for the team operation as follow:

Vision: As the company prepares to launch a large scale state of the art residential apartment block, help team members develop their own capabilities.

Goal: the goal to achieve sales of eighty percent of the units available, trying to finish the job finished on time.

Value: Mark summoned the team to his office for a big dressing down for failing to hit the target. Never once did he commend them for their effort, for braving the weather, for going without food.

How Mark and Forgan promotes understanding of how delegated objectives support the vision, goals & values

Objectives are the elements which can decide the organization “to be or not to be”. Objectives play a supreme important role in managing and making an organization profitable. It’s like a lighthouse which tells the company where to go and if we don’t know where we are going, then the company cannot develop. Pre-set objectives provide a basis for planning and management control related to the activities of the organization. When objectives have been set, emphasized and stated clearly, then it’s communicated to all members of the company. Objectives at different levels within the company contribute to alternatives for decision-making. If the goal to achieve sales of eighty percent of the units available, then the team leader will analyzed his team to know what his team’s strengths are and what his team’s weaknesses are. Then he will understand the situation of his team and find out the solutions for achieving the objectives. When he understands every detail of his team, he will communicate to his people better, letting them understand the goals, vision and values of the company. Then team members will be aware of their tasks and responsibilities. Pre-set objectives provide guidelines for the team leader in decision-making and justification for actions taken. They help to develop commitment of individuals and groups to the activities of the organization. They focus attention on purposeful behavior and provide a basis for motivation and reward systems.

Enthuse and motivate colleagues to achieve objectives

Motivated employees help organizations survive. Motivated employees are more productive. To be effective, managers need to understand what motivates employees within the context of the roles they perform. In a team, the leader has to understand employee motivation and motivation theories to carry out the relevant methods to motivate their team members. The motivation methods of team leaders are part of motivation culture of the company.

Efforts of staff will help a company attain their goals and objectives, the individual employees also have objectives in their life and it is different from the companies’ objectives, it means that the staff must be motivated to satisfy their objectives which effect to the companies’ goal.

There are four forms of power that companies of Forgan anh Mark can use to motivate staffs by empowering them:

– Information: giving the information for staffs so that they can change their way of doing things. The next thing is: empowering them, the motivation for the change would be intrinsic and the decision is made independently.

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– Expertise: this demonstrates how to perform a task. The staffs see the task and decide whether he is able to do the task or not.

– Personality: the staffs will change in behaviour when they hear the request from the leader, it is intrinsically motivated, and the staff is independent of the leader.

– Moral power: the leader has communicated a shared set of values and obligations for staffs. These values can be a mission statement or vision. (Course Book, p.109, 110)

Promote confidence among colleagues to engage with change

The change is necessary if that organization does not operate efficiently. When the organization should adjusts to fit environmental context. If not changed, they will not work properly with the old method again.

To promote confidence among colleagues, Mark and Forgan should pay attention on how to prepare a effective team because the an effective team will affect well to work performance, decision-making, cohesiveness among members and so on, The effects will help promote the confidence among colleagues. Mark and Forgan should focus on the issues below involve increasing cohesiveness among members within on the team to they can be more confident when having changes within the organization.

Clear objective and agreed goal: that means Mark and Forgan should give the members within a team a specific quantitative goals and objectives, such as, required level of performances, the deadline for the competing the work and so on. It will effective to the members’ behaviour upon the works. It will effect to the member’ effort for doing required works. Beside, the members will be lack of vagueness in getting requirement and quality of work, so the members will feel more confident when they work, and the belief of members to the company will be improve

Openness and confrontation: Mark and Forgan should create more opportunities to the members within the team can interact together. It will help for the members can study skill and experiences together, they will develop and improve thanks to the interaction. Therefore, they feel more interested and confident in the work

Support and trust: a supportive environment can create more than interest in the team, the members will be more trust upon the success of work, and the support from the superior will help the members prevent many problems such as, missed deadline, weak accountability, cost overrun and so on of which will create the worry when they do the work.

appropriate leadership: this relates to members’ motivation, Project managers who should exchanges and takes the members’ views into account will create much motivation because the members feel respectably

Regular reviews: Mark and Forgan need to know what the members need and they need to provide it. Besides, they should usually observe the members’ action to can evaluate, praise and reward valuable to their contribution and efforts

Individual development: working environment, it is important element that effect to the members confident, if the company have working environment bad, not only the members feel depressed, but also they will feel worried that whether they are until suitable for the changes,

Sound inter-group relationship: when individual members within the team become familiar and acquainted then the connection between individual members is easier, they are easy to connect and exchange information together to get good solution to problems. Individual members will be more excited and motivated when they do the task [] .

All the elements above will make the members feel that they work for good company with good environment in which they feel interested in the work and create more opportunities for their the development.

Empower colleagues to present their own ideas, develop their own ways of working within agreed boundaries and to provide a lead in their own areas of expertise

Empowerment can occur in all organizations and management will empower employees based on the level or degree of their responsibility and authority will provide the employee or group. There are many different levels to empower; it depends on the expertise or experience of each individual. Leaders should choose the right time and empower them in the appropriate areas.

Mark and Forgan should believe in their abilities. Everyone has different abilities and if they have the opportunity to express it, it will make them confident to offer their ideas. They are highly competent. When members work together they have team spirit. Mark and Forgan can empower supervisory and management levels in this way can reduce the work of leaders and everyone feels responsible for the job. So, when they are empowered, they are free to make their ideas under the trust of leaders. Mission leaders will be provided directly to employees to make it. it makes self-employed persons in communication with the leaders, they can contact directly with the leaders. It leads to the idea of workers can not go through intermediaries that staff will present ideas in meetings. Employees can decide for them self and feel the flexibility in their work. Mark and Forgan should understand the needs of the people, when empowered; the workers will feel responsible for the job and achieve the goals of the team. In group, encourage employees to find what they achieved and how they can achieve. They will freely develop new technologies to achieve this goal. Empowerment can bring more success to the team of Mark and Forgan. Moreover, given the right to make the confidence to show that the growth of ideas, creativity, flexibility, understanding of their own region.

(Course Book, Working with and leading people, page, 73)

Plan or analyse work activities using appropriate objective-setting techniques and processes

Target task, goal or standard can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time expected and the resources available. Setting goals it means making plans to do the work: target plan can comply with the objectives of work, standing aims and objectives, outputs or improved targets, the development objectives. Working planning is an importance process which is the tool accomplish target. It helps Mark and Forgan’s company identify activities and objective. The first steps of planning process identify objective of clearly of company. But in setting up objective process of company, Mark and Forgan shouldn’t decide by own ideas that Mark and Forgan should have conference among colleague to share opinion for set up object. Every individual is given targets based on their role and responsibility within the company. Then from those ideas, company set up objective for company. This objective includes desire of company and desire of staffs. The team has to make sure that the predetermined objectives are met at all level (at team level and individual level)

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Standing aims and objectives: includes quality objectives, issues such as fast and courteous when dealing with customer requirements and quantitative targets … so, to have goals, Mark and Forgan need to discuss with employees. In this case, Mark needs some changes in his behavior, and very different styles of leadership.

Development goals: The main objective can be divided into team goals and personal goals to try to improve performance and personal skills. Planning will help Mark and Forgan in employee management. Ensure that employees complete its objectives effectively predetermined and ensure the correct time. So, Mark should make a new plan for managing employees so they can promote all of their abilities. Outside the maintenance management plan, Forgan should have personal development goals so that employees can express their abilities.

From that, if they understand the responsibilities and duties in their organizations, they can accomplish all the goals of the individual and the aim of the team. The method of setting personal goals and the team will help employees work effectively and encourage staff to work well.

Negotiate assignments with colleagues using suitable delegation techniques to motivate and enable colleagues

Supervisor negotiate task for staff by delegation techniques. Delegation is a two-way process. Good delegation saves you time, develops you people, grooms a successor, and motivates. Poor delegation will cause you frustration, de-motivates and confuses the other person, and fails to achieve the task or purpose itself. Therefore, they support empower. They are more freedom in work and the right makes decision about resources to achieve goals conveniently. They present easier ideas and do according to own way and own ideas to meet object of company. But in currently, they have more responsibly in their job. Things are motive and enable them to finish task and combine the high performance. Specially, interior decorate need creative themselves and freedom in work with own ways

Other things when delegating include:

• Qualification of subordinate

• Necessity of employee commitment

• Expansion of employee capabilities

• Evidence of shared values and perspectives

• Sufficient time for delegation

Some of the technical delegate suitable for both Mark and Forgan to encourage, enable and duty to negotiate with their colleagues:

With Mark

With Forgan

– He needs to determine the time, money, staff, training and resources necessary to complete the task.

– He can access the current workload of colleagues by reviewing and writing a job description and creating a budget period.

– He can decide what tasks need to be done and identify colleagues will benefit most from the learning experience.

– He will clearly describe the assignment, where it fits in the big picture with a colleague who will be responsible for it.

– He needs to determine the time, money, training and resources necessary to complete the task. When performing this step, Mark and his colleagues will clarify what is needed and that Mark is working in partnership with colleagues to help him success.

– He will provide feedback and support for his colleagues throughout the process and complete it in on top of the work, while not actually doing it is very important.

– And he must determine the execution time, so this may be a short-term plans, medium and long term. Besides, it will bring stability in the implementation process.

– He needs to assess the quality of staff, from which he will select the best person for the job (task), besides; they and their colleagues will need to reach decisions.

– He needs to better define the resources and support, because it will help and support necessary for employees on the job. Resources will include time, money, staff…

-Any big changes or small should be exchanged between Forgan and his staff, besides; he had to the objectives of the team set up based on the common goals of their organization.

– He needs to develop and implement procedures to monitor and support the work of regular employees.

– The same with Mark, Forgan also need regular feedback on performance and working methods of all employees

Review development needs and activities and evaluate the effectiveness of activities

In order to become a good leader, we need to have skill in constructing feedback. It will help us expand the options and support the development of colleagues. It not only helps the colleagues realise how effective of their works but also help us understand about the needs and expectations of them as well as their capacities. From there, our colleagues can improve themselves and we can satisfy their needs and expectations. There are 2 kinds of feedback which we can use to review the development needs and activities of each individual or team:

Motivational feedback: we use it to reward and reinforce positive behaviours by praising and encouraging what they achieve. The main purpose is about increasing confidence and motivation.

Developmental feedback: is given when a particular parts need to improve. This kind is used a lot in schools. It helps colleagues know what competence and knowledge need to increase.

For Mark, he must use two on for his team. He must have vision and ability to inspire his team to work for the implementation of that vision. For employees, he should know to encourage them, motivate them their work is good. When tasks are not completed on time, he should be comforted and commended the efforts of his team instead of criticizing them. Besides, he should focus on improving the strategy to fit the employee. Changing working methods is essential to Mark. He must think of the benefits of more staff. For Forgan, he was well Motivation to use feedback. Therefore, his staff works in a good mood. They work becomes faster. However, to achieve the highest efficiency, Forgan should focus on improving understanding and enhance the employee’s place to work fast and quality.

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Use suitable methods, with clearly defined and relevant criteria and objectives, to assess the performance of colleagues

To evaluate the performance of employees based on clearly defined criteria and the relevant and objective, both Mark and Forgan can use 360 degree feedback. Most of the tools 360-degree feedback was answered by each individual in a personal assessment. That supports each individual to understand the strengths and weaknesses, and to contribute to understanding aspects of their work to professional development.

So when using a 360-degree feedback to evaluate the performance of their colleagues, it gives them many positive aspects and many supporters:

Provide good feedback from colleagues, who reported the supervisor. This could definitely be an improvement on feedback from a single individual. 360 degree feedback can also be saved (Mark and Forgan) is the time where they can spend less energy to provide feedback as many people involved in the process. Colleague awareness is important and this process helps people understand how other employees view their work.

Help colleagues learn how to work more effectively together. Multirater feedback makes colleagues more accountable to each other when they share their knowledge that they will provide input into the effectiveness of each colleague. Each a well-planned process can improve communication and development colleagues.

The feedback from a number of individuals in different job functions, discrimination of race, age, sex and so is reduced. Forgan which Mark and execution rate based on our most recent interaction with colleagues is also reduced.

Identify factors affecting the quality of performance and use these to provide clear and constructive feedback on performance to colleagues.

In an organization there are many factors affecting the quality of work, but I think the main factor affecting the quality of activities including:

– Management style: the way the administration will work and behave with other employees in his company. A good leader who knows how to give employees the company can fully develop their strengths and create a comfortable working environment and friendly in the process of management. Mark and Forgan if possible to do so, quality will be increased activity.

– Attitude of members we can see that the attitude of the employees will be affected positively or negatively affected by their work and their behavior at the company and company housing.

– If an employee has a positive attitude to work, they will create efficiency and quality of work will increase.

– If an employee has a negative attitude to work, they will create a boring atmosphere in the company, quality of work will be reduced.

Therefore, when considering this issue, Mark van to change his attitude to the team.

– Working environment: the number and quality of implementation will be developed to a high level if the employees in company housing and construction companies working in the best environment. Because each will have different demands on the working environment. Therefore, this requires both Mark and Forgan need to understand and grasp the needs of each member. In this way they can create the appropriate environment for staff and for them to promote all of their advantages.

– The relationship between the members of the housing companies and construction companies: this is one of the main factors affecting the quality of activities. Because, when working together, the relationship between the members has an important role.

+ If the relationship between members as well, it will help improve performance quality.

+ If this relationship difficulties (conflict between members…), comments operational quality will be reduced.

Consequently, when an opinion on this issue, Forgan has been another success, because he has built good relationships with his team, when working with direct supervision. With Mark, he needs to reassess the relationship with employees, and he should change his views about this relationship.

Incorporate results of assessments into personal development plans and other organisational procedures for dealing with performance issues

After finishing appraisal process, the manage may complete her report with an overall assessment or the jointly reached conclusion of the interviewer with recommendation for result of appraisal. By assesses potential, potential review is the use of appraisal to forecast where and how fast an individual is progress. They need to ensure that the assessment of their colleagues understood. Besides, they also need to make new plans and strategies to develop appropriate plans for individuals and organizations to carry out procedures for dealing with performance problems of their labor. And then, Mark and Forgan should take the action agreed on the creation and promotion for their employees.

When making assessments, both Mark and Forgan should make an assessment of potential for their employees. It includes:

Network strength and the weakness in the skills of existing employees and quality.

Strategic capabilities and repair, renovation and development.

Aspirations and attitudes of employees for career development, staying with the organization and handle responsibility.

Opportunities available within the organization, including positions with the ability to manage, shift work, plans and policies to promote wealth for the future.


After the activity, besides we have enough information for assignment, we have learned and improve about team work. The first thing we learned is good teams has to have a good leader and all members in team have to follow him. This is very important thing. The second thing is we must have good schedule because we also have to the assignment of other subject so if we cannot management time, we will fail all of them. Through this activity, we were practice a lot of theories which we learned in class and we also had more experience in teamwork.

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