Events In Hospitality Industry Management Essay

An event can be described as gathering of people for a specific purpose. Events can be taken for a variety of reasons and can be of various forms. Depending on what type of event is going to happen, there is need for different levels of preparations and activity planning by the event organizer. There are so many types of events and the events can be on a small scale or a large one. Different type of events include like, weddings, award ceremonies, festivals ,corporate meetings, seminars and workshops, product launch, trade exhibitions the same way, event management is a route of outsourcing the occasions which are either, social ,business or the combination of two. Events can be so diverse from political rallies to weddings. For any kind of social occasion or business, an event management team is the main source to organize it.Therfore; event management is the proper application of project management to the development and creation of conference, vets and festivals. To plan, organise and run an event it requires time to investigate, research and plan. Event planning needs methods for investigation and research, and requires variety of skills. These skills include such diverse trades and professionals as project management, sign writing, accounting and personnel management. The amount of time it will need depends on event type, theme, objective, location, size and attractions, skills and experience. Event manger is the main person behind in organizing an event. For even the smallest of events, the event manager should undertake a formal planning stage, including a risk assessment. So event management is a systematic way to make settings and execute properly conferences, events and festivals. Event management involves, identify the target audience, making a concept, plan the logistics as well as coordinate and then execute modalities of the particular event. There are several companies who organize and host events starting from small scale such as weddings and private parties to large scale events like film festivals, international conferences, Asian games etc.There is a proper planning for an event which may include, organizing of event planning team, planning ,risk assessment, risk assessment, develop and review plans, simulation training of plan execution, responding to the event, managing plan execution, responding to event, technology concerns,scheduling,budgeting,financing,marketing,spaceallocation,designing,layout,workers hiring, team bulidng,etc.

Event management industry is a multi billion dollar business. This industry is a rapidly growing industry which includes hosting of the events of different semantics and stature. So, as this industry is the fastest growing industry in all over the world, executing and planning an event can not be an easy task. Nowadays, all different kinds of events like exhibitions, seminars, meetings, everything is organized in a well managed plan that is known as an event. Event management consists of different events like corporate events, religious events, cultural events, leisure events, personal events. Events can be of different types like school or college events, Christmas party, new year party, kitty party, anniversary party, birthday parties, magical shows, corporate or personal parties, wedding arrangements, fashion shows, ramp shows, competitions, road shows, shows for a cause, celebrity shows etc.Today event management is emerging as a top industry, growing at the rate of 35% proving to be a very lucrative and rewarding one,.

While event management companies initially faced a lot of problems in getting the right people, the introduction of structured courses on event management has created a class of trained even entrepreneurs, event coordinators, and event managers,. So, Event Management is a multi-million dollar industry that is growing rapidly with mega shows and events hosted on a regular basis.


Whenever in the world, if someone wants to do business, face to face is the method to do so. The best method is the exhibition, where information is so much easier to gather and people will communicate more properly and lead to business development. This is why exhibitions are a very cost effective ways to make sales that will lead into more sales and enter new export markets. Businesses are able to make new contacts, acquire more knowledge, and do business in a better manner. International food and drink event was held at London Excel and is the only global food and drink event dedicated to showcasing new products. The IFE11 experience showed spirit of learning and education through its innovation-focused events program featuring global trend analysis, thought leadership and face-to-face interaction with senior industry peers. The main objectives of international food and drink event 2011 was to understand how the latest consumer trends will affect the food and drink industry, how to improve value for customers, find new solutions to reduce costs, find something new that will give business an effective difference, and to identify new profit making products and ideas. The international food and drink event team is fully integrated with the stakeholders from all of the sectors of drink and food industry. To ensure it meets with the varied needs of visitors and exhibitor communities, the advisory board meets on a regular basis to shape IFE11 and to provide valuable feedback.

It was a platform where different countries were able to represent their traditional food and new innovative products they can offer .Lots of countries like Malysia,Paksiatn,india,France,germny,Brazil,China,japan,America,Russia,India,Romania,Chile,Canada,Israel were there to represent their new products and to enlighten people with their cultural cooking styles and be able to do business with different suppliers,manufacturers,retailers etc. In international food and drink event, there were Over 1200 food and drink suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and brand owners from around the world.IFE was split into 12 sections to make the event easier for visitors to navigate: that included, General Food, Bakery & Confectionary, Cheese & Dairy, Drinks, Frozen Food, Health & Wellbeing, Ingredients, Meat & Poultry, Organic, Regional & Specialty Food From Britain, Seafood, Walk the World

The international food and drink event is one of the largest and biggest drink and food events in United Kingdom and is the main source for introducing new products, brands, food, and drinks. This event brings together the main decision makers from the manufacturing and wholesaling industries, retail and foodservice provider from Europe, United Kingdom and all other parts of the world. The international food and drink event 2011 included New product Zone that is predicted to be one of the main highlights of this particular event. The main feature promoted latest products from twelve different products sections that included, bakery ,frozen,Speciality and regional food from Britian,Confectionery,poultry and meat, cheese and diary, walk the world ,children food and drinks,Conveinience food,ethinic and cultural foods, organic and natural food, functional food, snacking and food on the move, chilled food and more. The brand New meet the World attraction offered countries the opportunity to show their national food produce and the culture in a very creative way. International visitors and Uk people not only source latest products that are available from almost 1500 suppliers but they also have the up dates of the industry trends,benfits,development and future from the networking with the key names from all the sectors of drink and food industry. so international food and drink event is the United Kingdom international event for food and drink for the manufacturers,exporters,importers,distributors,wholesalers,caterers,chefs,restaurants,hotels,food service operations, independent retailers, convenience stores, supermarkets and multiple retailers and for anyone else in the business of food and drink. When new products are shown, then this unique positioning attracts a very high quality worldwide audience that enables the IFE exhibitors to make new sales lead, have the opportunity to expand into new market, meet the existing and new clients and also enable them to have brand awareness among the consumers. To increase their competitive advantage, global decision makers with significant purchasing power from manufacturing, distribution, wholesalers, foodservice, and retail sectors visit this particular event. They try to differentiate themselves by showing different range of products from all around the world at this most exciting and dynamic showcase of global drink and food event. Exhibitions at last event did a great business with 22,395 manufactures, exporters, importers, wholesales, and foodservice buyers from 83 countries. So IFE11 attracted Brand owners, suppliers & manufacturers, Contract caterers, hotel & restaurant group operators, independent restaurants & hotels, cafes, bars, cost sector caterers, Distributors, wholesalers, cash & carry operators, importers, brokers, Supermarket multiples, convenience stores, symbol groups, independents, delicatessens. The main management team of international food and drink event were the Head of sales, Operations director, Operations executive, marketing Manager, marketing executive, event coordinator, security officers, Event Director and the junior staff.

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International food and drink event was having an objective that food and drink industry should be flourished and it gave a platform to new companies to display their new and innovative products and gave the suppliers,manufacturers,foodservice and retailer businesses to gather at a same place.IFE11 was planned and decide for four days at London Excel, because its location was easily accessible and Excel was chosen as it is the best site for conferences and events and large space is available to conduct the event. The rooms were divided into small cabinets and were given to different business to represent themselves. The international food and drink event was concerned with the capacity of site and London excel was chosen because of having bigger space available for audience, segmentation and number of emergency exist. Risk assessment for the event and the venue. Site location is therefore very important for the success of events. Site Layout is very important to the health, safety and comfort of everybody taking part and attending the event. When international food and drink was planning this particular site, they noticed the necessary components like, Capacity, Access, Sterile Areas, Surface and Underground Conditions, Existing Site Features, Placement of Equipment and Services, Sanitary Facilities, Local Residents, Signage, Facilities for People with Disabilities, Litter and Waste. Depending on the size and nature of IFE11 event, they appointed a Safety Officer. The basic requirement was that he was able to provide access to a good level of health and safety.He was having well training and knowledge about health and safety.IFE11 produced an event safety memo and distributed to all those who were working at the event. His was done at the induction and briefing of the event time. It gave the employees, subcontractors; volunteers easy to follow advice .It described how the event management team expects them to conduct themselves on the day of event. It highlighted different safety aspects they should be knowing about like, personal protective equipment, incidents and emergency procedures and codes, emergency exists, evacuation procedures, fire controls. Incident reporting procedures, hazards. International food and drink event also gave special importance to communication between all the parties involved in event. All the sponsers, businesses, employees communicate and remain up to date. All key staff have mobile phones but do not rely on them for essential communication.IFE11 gave proper training to the people involved for that they can communicate with the public. Risk management is a critical issue in event planning, no matter the size and type of the event. The international food and drink event also gave significance notice to risk managment that was concerned with foreseeing and identifying the potential risks, and evaluating them. The Risk Assessment was completed well in advance of the event. It was ensured that all key staff and personnel were familiar with it and all safety measures are implemented before the event started.

IFE11 show gave an impression of new features like a new English Pavilion, the world of Olive Oil; meet the World, new products live and an English Regional Kitchen that was created to help the visitor’s source best new kinds of products from different categories. To reflect IFE11 premier position in the sector, the organizer of this show, invested in giving the show contemporary branding and a fresh new look. Meet the buyer imitative was a big success, alongside the exhibition for exhibitors, foodservice buyers as well as retailers. there were around 130 buyers from Aramark,Sodexo,Elior,Musgrave Foodservices Ireland,Compass,brakes,3663,Morrisons,Asda, Sainsbury’s and catering team at London organizing Committee of Olympic Games and Paralymic games having around over three days,350 meetings. Buyers were able to source latest products from all over the world, and it was very helpful experience for both parties for the organizers and the exhibitors. The organizers reviled more than two thousand submissions from the exhibitors to take part in the program that allowed the exhibitors to show their latest products to the industry buyers.

The hub was one of the biggest features of this IFE11 event. Some of the leading figures in drink and food industry like Meurig Raymond, Deputy President of the NFU and Jim Paice, Minister of State for Agriculture and Food were featured in one hour long seminar. Some of the most challenging issues currently facing the food chain were discussed by the panel.

New product live was another popular event of this year. New products Live was a brand new feature which included international food and drink future Trendseminars.It gave valuable insights of new products trends and an idea about changing taste of the customers across a variety of products sectors that includes “free-from”foods,frozen food, organic food and drink etc. IFE’s Fresh Ideas Awards were given to 10 exhibitors who were having the best innovations. The winners were having the opportunity that their products were showcased in New Product Live. There were many great products featured in IFE11, including Stream drinks – a brand new range of nutraceutical flavored waters, Pidy’s Colored Mini Cones – crisp corn wafer cones that can be filled with paté, mousse or seafood. The overall prize was won by Peppersmith, for launching of its innovative mints that are produced by British grown peppermints and there are no artificial additives in it. It was having a great peppermint taste and an elegant packaging and it is now considered to be alternative of chewing gum. The British Dental Health Association accreditation backs up the company’s claim that mints help reduce tooth decay and plaque. IFE is the very first trade show to have hosted a pavilion devoted entirely to English food and drink products, representing an industry milestone. English regional kitchen was another important feature of IFE11 and in conjunction with regional food Alliance, the English Pavilion was helpful in bringing together leading regional producers, that includes, Seasoned Pioneers and Styles Farmhouse Ice-cream, Paxton & Whitfield, Hawks head Relish, Luscombe Drinks who were able to show their latest offerings.

The theme of innovation was everywhere in IFE11, as the world most innovative products were exclusively shown in this event. The media concern was very obvious. People from different walks of life were present and were able to taste for free samples of new ideas and products presented by different manufactures and retailers etc.The creativity was not limited to the retailers but also brand new foodservice feature, the Skillery,demonstrated top chefs including brain turner and Simon Hulstome, giving hoteleirs,restuatrturs,mjor foodservice operatores,cost sector caterers insights of latest development in the food an drink industry.Event Director, Paul MacDonald was pleased with the outcome of IFE11 show and positive about what lies in store for the food industry. The organizers of the largest food and drink event have announced partnership with Federation of Wholesale Distributors what highlights its focus to wholesale sector. The biennial IFE show, that takes place from 13 to16 March at Excel, London have an increased focus on wholesale and cash and carry sectors in 2011, making it an ideal place to do business. FWD members are mainly supply chain channel to more than 35,000 independent retailers and 100,000 catering establishments of all types, supplying all drink and food categories, as well as non-food products.

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International food and drink event management team made arrangements with the UK local emergency authorities, like fire, medical services, law enforcement agencies and local transportation authorities. This was important for each of these organizations to be in on early event planning stage. Each of these organizations were helpful and brought their unique resources and expertise to assist with the IFE11 event.

Event management needs proper planning and preparation with most work done at least few months before the actual event.IFE11 was also being organized before several months in order for its success. International food and drink event was an international vent for food and drink industry to appeal the participants conducting business within the industry as well as sponsors who were able to promote their products during this event. Different marketing channels were used to make people familiar with this international event like website, adds, radio advertisements etc for its publicity. The IFE11 management team created the theme to identify the target participants and companies to encourage business in food and drink industry. Proper venue selection was Made for international food and drink event s it was on a large scale and different countries represented their new and innovative products. Proper feasibility if event was made like, Is there sufficient time for planning? How can any potential barriers be overcome? What are the costs (time, personnel, money? What physical resources are available (facilities and equipment) or accessible to support the event? IFE11 established a proper management team who were clear about their knowledge and skills and how they are going to play there role during the event. The responsibility of each member, deadlines, their tasks, reliance on the other members for the support, was made clear. The main tasks were identified and the individuals in event committee were appointed against each task, like insurance,security,communicatons,markeying,finace,facilites and equipment, stalls arrangmnets,lighting,decopration ,sound system, support service, sponsorship relationships, layout arrangement etc.IFE11 developed the budget and monitor the finance. It listed all the necessary costs for the events like communication, event delivery, administration, space occupation, workers payments, etc.IFE11 through its website and media help informed the target audience about the main details of event like, where it was happening, at what time, on which date, route information, how to reach at London excel, timings, layout of the event, contact information and all other stuff.

The international food and drink event was having a clear objective and all the team member were well aware of their duties and responsibilities .There was a script sheet for all the days distributed to all people involved which lead to a smooth operation of IFE11 event. Information on the schedule included personal tasks,location,timings,those who were involved, contact information to reach the related people, greetings at the door, checking the Id of people and giving them badges, scanning of badges, providing information to new people, guiding them to their respective desired pales, providing additional information etc.The international food and drink event organizer kept records of all the activates which were going on this event, that includes, sponsorships agreement, media coverage,proptional material,repots,complaints and suggestion etc.

There were different countries representing their products so proper arrangement was made for their display that included, Space for their stand, Partitions, Ceiling, Fascia panels, Name board, Floor covering (carpet), Lights and electrical socket (dependent on the size of stand), IFE Product Search, 50 word basic entry in the show catalogue, Basic entry in the New Product Guide. So, an idea was created, budget was made and all arrangements were made before the actual event. A list of budget items were drawn up and approved prior to incurring planning costs. An efficient tool to use in setting up budget was a spreadsheet that has allotted a column for the estimated costs of each budget item, as well as a column for the actual costs. It was determined what was to outsource and what staff will undertake .Typical convention budget elements included administrative, food and beverage, registration expenses, attendance promotion, theme and artwork, program participants, audiovisuals, special decorations,carpeting,entrance,communication channels,uniforms.Staging and associated structures – disabled platforms, Lighting, audio and visual equipment Power – generators and distribution cables, Electrical supplies, Cable covers and ramps, Plumbing supplies, Barriers, ropes & stakes, etc – front of stage, perimeter, no-go areas, queuing systems, first aid points, catering, storage, baby change, Ballast – for staging, tents and other structures, Temporary tracking & ground cover – track way, blaze, hard core, sand, bark chips, Fire fighting equipment – fire extinguishers, blankets, Refuse disposal – bins, skips, On site office equipment – computer, printer, admin supplies, Seating and furniture – audience, offices, catering, dressing rooms, Site decoration and dressing, Health and safety signage, Directional and information signage, Sanitary facilities and associated services, Disabled facilities, First Aid & emergency services, Catering – for crew, staff, artists, competitors, guests, audiences, volunteers, Phone lines, Radio communications system, meeting point, lost and found, Security services etc.

Event briefing was given to all the people related to the event. Different preparations were made and all the facilities required were seen before the actual event happened. The space was seen and it was noticed that how the guest will be guided. There was proper communication between the all people who were involved and feedback was given and the management team was doing its best for the success of the international food and drink event. Cleaning was also an important art as there were free foods and drinks samples, so target audience were using those samples and needed the disposal of the waste plates and cups. So, proper arrangement for cleaning was there. Dustin bins were being changed after time and security was there to check that nobody is disobeying the rules.

Management team of IFE11 was alert and was responsible for their jobs and were coordinating with each on a regular basis. Budget was set and the sponsors were playing an important role in financial terms. Timings were set from morning to evening and proper layout was designed an information was available to the visitors through the staff members and paper work. International food and drink event organizer made arrangement for security,lighting,cleaning,audio(for announcements and seminars),etc.ligtening and other audio arrangements were made proper to the event as lighting can affect the display of the products and proper lightening assure people of safety. There was a document containing all the information regarding the conduction of this event which was given to all the people involved in the event. A proper schedule was made that which thing will occur at what place and at what time.

The website guided the visitors how to get an online registration id that as valid for entry into the event. People put the information about them in order to get the registration with the event. Proper arrangement was made at entrance and people wee guide to the different areas of event. Visitors were asked about their reference number that was then uploaded in computers to get their entrance batch. It helped them to be recognized by the businesses inside the event. There was also proper patrolling aroundd the venue to ensure a safe environment for all event participants. Free food and drink samples were given and it was being observed by the organizers that sufficient levels of supplies are available in the event.

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To achieve targeted exposure to all sectors of international drink and food community, international food and drink event 2011 was an ideal event. it included lots of things like, Registration areas ,Visitor Badges ,’You are here’ boards ,Floor tiles ,Banners ,Visitor attractions ,’Ask-me’ staff ,Lanyards ,Pocket floor plans.

Event director Christopher McCuin described that international food and drink event in 2011 is more attractive to cash and carry sectors and wholesale sectors. Companies exhibiting at IFE11 have been given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to present their products to The London Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games [LOCOG]. The leading international food and drink trade exhibition in the UK organizers decided to give this show a new look. The event has a modern, new identity to attract a more diverse and even larger audience. Fresh RM, show’s organizers opted for a new image to make the feel and look of exhibition more exciting and have chosen a creative design that re-energizes a respected brand with a huge history in European drink and food sector. With the word ‘international’ made much more prominent, attracting more international visitors to the show has also been an important consideration in the new design. The move is part of a larger plan to make the event more accessible to the whole industry. The re-branding is just one of the many changes for IFE 2011. The show has also embraced social media, using Twitter and LinkedIn to update the industry on developments.

 The international food and drink event and green seed have announced partnership. It is a way to help the visitors and exhibitors to have abroad secured listings in the United Kingdom. The green seed group assists drink and food companies with their import and export strategies. The Green Seed Group and IFE will prepare reports on the UK food and drink market, in the event. This will offer international businesses insights into category development and in consumer trends.

IFE11 Event director, Christopher McCuin, was very happy with the results of this event. As the feedback was fantastic, the amount of business taking place at the show, visibly demonstrated that drink and food industry has great scope and can attain great success. Many of the exhibitors requested to increase the space for 2013 event and an air of positively was felt on the show and exhibitors have remarked on number of high quality businesses they received by exhibiting at this particular event.

Christopher McCuin also said that numbers of steps were taken to make this 2011 edition best show ever. There was high focus on the new products which helped buyers unearth best innovation from around the globe. The demonstrations programs and seminars also offered visitors valuable insights into the man trends in drink and food industry. There were lots of new business being held on this event which was having a broad spectrum of high quality senior figures from wholesales sectors, manufacturing, food service, and retail clambering to source new ingredients and products.

It was concluded by Christopher McCuin that the drink and food industry is planning for long term development, expansion and growth and they are already looking for the next edition of in international food and drink event 2013 that will on a more bigger scale and will be filled with new products and ingredients and will show new trends in the food and drink industry. The international food and drink event 2013 will also be held at London Excel from 17 to 20 March. It will be having a new look, new design and will introduce new innovative products

Fresh RM, who was the organizer of IFE11, has reported an increase in the visitors number. International food and drink event 2011 was a vibrant and busy show and it took place from 13 to 16 March 2011 and without nay doubt it was the UK biggest drink and food event. In the industry calendar, it is still leading event of its kind. To source the newest ingredients and products from 1,137 exhibitors, covering 55 countries, buyers from foodservice, wholesalers, and retailers descended on Excel from all corners of the world. The overall atmosphere was very positive in all areas of the show.IFE11 visibly demonstrated about the renewed optimism in drink and food industry. IFE works closely with leading drink and food media, industry groups and associations. That includes Beverage Manager Global (BMG), English food and drink alliance, FDEA, FWD, the Grocer, Green Seed, Grocery trader, LOCOG, Quality Food awards, Organic Trade Board.


More than 1100 exhibitors from all over the world were featured in international food and drink event 2011 at London excel. Event arranged in 12 sectors, Regional & Speciality Food, Organic, , Meat & Poultry, , Ingredients, Frozen Food, Health & Wellbeing, Cheese & Dairy, Drinks, Bakery & Confectionery and General Food from Poland.,Jamaixca,Cyprus,Bulgaria,Canada,Austria,Greece,argentina,USA,italy,Germany,france,Morocco,Britian ,Pakisatn,India,China ,Japan and many more countries.Interntaional food and rink was arranged in a very systematic manner and proper arrangements were made several months before the real event. The management team did its best and all the tasks were done as outlined in the schedule. It was a path for new and innovative products to be visible to the target customers. many business takes place and it main focus was to Identify new profit making products and ideas, Find something new that will give business an effective difference, Find new solutions to reduce your costs, Improve value for customers, Understand how the latest consumer trends will affect food and drink industry.IFE brought together more British and international exhibitors and buyers than any other UK event. Exhibitors at the last event did business face-to-face with 22,395 retailers, distributors, foodservice buyers, exporter’s manufacturer’s foodservice buyers, wholesalers, distributors, importers, exporters from 83 countries. It was a platform where different countries could represent their traditional food and new innovative products they can offer. The international food and drink event was having a clear objective and all the team member were well aware of their duties and responsibilities .There was a script sheet for all the days distributed to all people involved which lead to a smooth operation of IFE11 event. Proper marketing was done, it had a great feedback, and prevent, on event and post event preparations were made. Through customers and the business which were handled their, feedback was acheived.This year international food a drink event bare more better results than the last event and now preparation have been started for the next international food and drink event that will be held in 2013 on a larger scale than this one. The management team is concerned with its success, so that is why, each year they tend to increase more sales, customers and businesses than before. International food and drink 2013 will take place at London’s Excel from 17-20 March 2013. The show will have a new look layout designed to create the most of the show’s interactive features and events.IFE11 highlighted that drink and food industry is planning for growth, expansion and long-term development.

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