Examining The History Of Rgis Services Information Technology Essay

In 1958 Thomas J. Nicholson started providing Retail Grocery Inventory Service with his sons Bill and Ray. In the beginning headquarter was in the basement of Nicholson home which was moved later on to an office in Detroit, MI. RGIS then further created offices in IIIinois, Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Missouri, Indiana, Louisiana and Minnesota. RGIS also created international office in Canada. In 1970 RGIS relocated it’s headquarter from Madison Heights, Michigan to Rochester, Michigan. By the end of the decade RGIS created different divisions and 92 total districts throughout the nation. Global reach was increased by rgis with different offices in British Columbia,Mexico, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Israel and Brazil. Custom- designed TJN calculator ,SCM electronic calculator and mini computers were also introducted by RGIS. With the introduction of the Portable Financial program technology took a quantum leap forward. To increase service Radio Frequency wireless technology was introduced. Via the World Wide Web RGIS has also improved its online customer service and exposure to the new market.

In 2000 RGIS shuffle its headquarter to Auburn Hills, Michigan and established offices in Germany,United Kingdom,Romania,France,Argentina, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Chile, Poland, The Czech Republic and Greece.RGIS acquires Gin Soft in France ,Knopfle in Germany and Lotons in Australia to better serve their growing customer base.Audit miicrocomputer has been replaced with an evolutionary, branded handheld device with secure wireless technology.Rgis is now acquired by The Blackstone Group.

With the passage of time RGIS continues its remarkable growth and industry leadership. Bruce Barkus, in March 2010, was named CEO of RGIS, LLC. Now a days RGIS is providing different services e.g. inventories, audit, store mapping, supply chains, merchandising, remodels, staffing solution, and optimization. They arrange employees in more than 40 countries offering their customers matchless geographic coverage, unique tools and processes to ensure accuracy, reliability and efficiency. Business expanded throughout the Midwest within few years, and started conducting counts in other areas of United States. Today, RGIS is the largest inventory services company in the world. .RGIS is a market leader in the field of retail and grocery inventory services. It provides the most wide ranging professional workforce available.


RGIS is guided by a set of core values that helped the company to grow from a small local business to a world wide leader serving many of the largest companies in the world.

It is necessary that these values are reflected in everything that the company does and must be engrained in every employee.The core values are

Honesty, integrity and loyalty




Positive presence



In the industry RGIS provides the most dynamic services.

RGIS provides inclusive state-of-the-art range, commodity and boosting solutions for organizations seeking to develop the quality and cost-effectiveness of their business processes.

RGIS held workshops for the customers.

It organizes Planning sessions to promote teamwork and hasten completion, adopts mutual process to redesign with customers.

RGIS to shorter event lengths reduces payroll for store acquaintances on inventory-related everyday jobs

For optimal mix of staff, skills, and function RGIS has ability of planning

RGIS ensures proprietary value assurance

The company has keen resources to certify progress before, during and after the completion of work.

The company ensures Continuous improvement by recognizing competence innovations and ongoing opinion of customer’s requirement


RGIS has a network in more than 40 countries in the world. The company has the ability to organize best local teamaccording to the requirement of the company proximity. tangible


RGIS deployed almost 500,000 best teams per year. The well equipped and well trained staff of the company is available to meet all the inventory ,insight and optimization requirements of the customers. RGIS has the most comprehensive professionally trained staff. Due to its distinctive and precise recruiting process the company selects the highest talent.RGIS provides proper training to the new hires. The employee has the proper apportunity to enhance his skills while working in the company.A person starting a job in RGIS as an auditor can go to the higher post in the company if he got the talent.Proper training has been given to the employee by the company.

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Technology With the passage of time RGIS has improved its technology as well. RGIS realises that the only way to beat the other competitors is the adoption of new technology.In the beginning RGIS introduced the mini computers along with the electronic calculator and custom designed calculator and then afterwards micro computers were been introduced to do the counting and then the Audit microcomputers continues to be improved with six more advance iterations. RGIS now been using the Diversified, Unique, matchless handheld data collection device, attached with encrypted, wireless communications and concurrent accurate reviews. This device performs secure wireless transmission of the data and has the high efficiency of protecting against viruses and has the capability to secure against any breaches.you can transfer the data through this device very fast and accurately.

Job Requiressments/Duties

An auditor must be capable of using hand held computer and other inventory tools

He has to count fast and accurate.

He has to follow all the company policies,rules and regulations.

Sometimes an auditor has to work for long hours and in different shifts so he must have the ability working in different shifts andlong hours occasionally.

He must have the ability to work in different atmosphere such as working in heat or cold in the soters warehouses,outside industries.

He has the ability Ability to retain a high level of secrecy in his duties.

Access to reliable transportation.

He has the capabilityto perform different duties allocated by the management

He has the ability to work as a team and assist other team members.

He has the ability to transmit the information clearly and precisely both in written and verbal forms.


An auditor has to stand for long time and needs to walk around from one area to another, while counting (frequent)

While counting in the stores or warehouses he has to use his both wrists and hands as well as fingers in repetitive motions (frequent)

He has to be able to work for wide-ranging periods of time (frequent)

He has to work in different Low level positions like squatting, kneeling, and crouching.

During work he needs to use ladders and step stools up to 8 steps high and needsand move items up to 25 pounds that is occasional though.

He must be able to travel by car and plane as during work he needs not only to travel inside the country but sometimes he has to go outside the country as well.

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The RGIS provides the following services to its customers





e)Supply chains




RGIS creates the most modern inventory solutions, whether you are a or in automotive, healthcare, medical, industrial, supply, fixed asset, supply chain, aerospace or defense.


There is a vital need to administer the available space in the retail industry. The difference between success and loss depends upon the effective use of this space. Smartspace is a worldwide space planning solution that collects the store level space data and combines it with performance data to assist the customer with making recommendations to optimize the income and margin performance of a store

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RGIS provides the services for the setup of new stores. It also helps in resetting and remodeling the existing stores.For the execution of a national product recall, one call to RGIS gives you the perfect ,rapid and efficient performance. For any business RGIS can create a specific merchandising program.RGIS special hand held device ensures the data collection and product removal accurately and very quickly. It also provides the same day report through a protected website.


For the effective and efficient operation of any business the way of capturing and interpreting the data is very crucial. RGIS has a well experienced and well equipped staff for all kinds of inventories.RGIS is the boss in utilizing and developing the most advanced technology to guarantee the efficient and correct results. To determine a better course of action for analyzing any inventory, data collection and space planning processes RGIS offers breakthrough data analysis techniques

Supply Chain

Keeping track of your third party logistics and distribution centers can be a challenge. You want to ensure that the amount of product ordered matches the amount received. RGIS can help reduce shrink, increase efficiencies, and accurately track the number and location of your products.

Staffing Solutions

A strong staff can mean the difference between average and excellent customer service. Our team of experienced, fully-trained staff members can handle your staffing needs all year round.


RGIS offers unique, sophisticated, highly transparent tools for optimizing inventory, data collection and space management.

Case Studies

RGIS has helped a number of worldwide organizations to maximize their inventory and skill administration systems. I want to describe one case study regarding this matter which is as under


RGIS Prescribes Remedy for Improving Inventory Processes and Accuracy


After providing effective inventory services to a health care corporation that has been latterly acquired by Omnicare, RGIS was recognized as having the reach, responsiveness and reliability to become Omnicare’s exclusive inventory services partner. .Omnicare is a leading provider of pharmaceutical care for the elderly. For meeting its client and patient needs this move allowed Omnicare to re-focus its own employees main competencies. RGIS has performed thousands of audits using this process and has successfully developed and implemented a regular inventory process across all of Omnicare’s regions.In this new process RGIS has introduced some additional points for auditing, a substitute pill-counting method and several custom reports that have saved Omnicare millions of dollars by minimizing the potential. Omnicare has acknowledged RGIS as a one-stop solution to improve the accurate inventory by introducing new audit points and streamlined, post-inventory reporting. In RGIS’ customer base Omnicare is now the largest non-retail client.


Omnicare is a medical care company established in Covington, Kentucky.It is a top supplier of medical care for old people.as Omnicare is the biggest professional pharmacy provider of U.S relating to checking the data and its management services for skilled nursing, assisted, living and other health care facilities in 47 U.S states and Canada. Omnicare is the largest U.S. For speciality pharmaceuticals Omnicare’s pharmacy also provides the services of distribution and patient assistance.In 30 countries all over the world, Omnicare offers clinical research services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.s



Omnicare was using the in house and multiple third party inventory method,across the regions.In 2004 it started looking for an inventory solution that would swap a mixture of in-house and numerous third-party inventory services it was using at the time. Along with that, Omnicare was interested to find a single supplier that could develop, provide, and manage a reliable inventory process through facilities in all of its regions. The company that has been selected must have the ability to develop with Omnicare, as that company’s business plan called for noteworthy growth via future achievements.After doing partnership with omnicare and performing inventories scheduled by Omnicare on regular basis, RGIS has acknowledged, developed , and executed a solution for correcting millions of dollars in potential shrink based on Omnicare’s methodology for counting half-done medication bottles.

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RGIS has been selected as the high-class inventory company for Omnicare., It became obligatory for RGIS to implement some new systems , methods and processes that would update the company’s pharmaceutical counts and facilitate web-based delivery of final data counts within 24 hours of each inventory count.


The RGIS Process

As the exclusive provider of inventory services to Omnicare, RGIS has the reach and responsiveness to provide the thousands of auditors required to conduct regular inventories throughout the year. RGIS was able to tap into the staffing and expertise at many of its existing area and regional offices to provide the auditors required for this project.


RGIS managers met with Omnicare management to review Omnicare’s existing processes and determine where RGIS could introduce auditing and technology improvements to streamline Omnicare’s inventories. RGIS designed detailed reporting improvements and an automated review process that replaced a manual review process. RGIS had created programs that enabled flexible methods to accommodate Omnicare’s requirement for counting medications depending on the unit, dose, etc. These programs also enabled flagging by cost thresholds, which was previously unavailable to Omnicare. Systems developed by sRGIS also had to take into account that two different suppliers were being used by the different Omnicare facilities. Schedules were developed for the inventories that would take place. These schedules minimized any impact the inventories would have on Omnicare’s ability to care for patient needs. RGIS managers visited different Omnicare locations to educate them on the new process that would be taking place.


Well into its second year as Omnicare’s inventory partner, RGIS auditors have completed thousands of audits across every major Omnicare location. Med counts are captured and sent electronically to an Omnicare Web site where the data is available to be reviewed by those with appropriate access. A long list of standard and customized reports are available to the client, enabling them to view an accurate snapshot of their physical inventory each month as well as current vs. last inventory results when needed.


RGIS auditors generate and post area detail printouts for use by Omnicare when performing random follow-up audits.


Omnicare has gained a number of significant accomplishments while working with RGIS as its inventory partner.These achievements have a very vital positive effect upon the company’s bottom line and its ability to follow additional attainment opportunities in a well-timed manner. These achievements are the following:

Omnicare has allowed RGIS to proposed an aeffective alternative to its pill counting methodology that has saved millions of dollars in potential shrink.

RGIS has introduced additional audit points and customized reporting that has improved the inventory accuracy.

RGIS has increased the awareness of the importance of physical inventory counts accurately and the consequent paybacks derived from more precise counts

RGIS has targeted the audits of the top drugs that has covered a majority of Omnicare’s sales

RGIS has scheduled the inventories within a tighter window that has eradicated the cut-off issues.

RGIS has improved the financial reporting.

RGIS has rejected the need for pre-counts and the costs related with those counts.

Upon short notice RGIS has started Scheduling acquisition inventories

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