Examining The Importance Of Gprs Devices Information Technology Essay

When we consider the importance of this GPRS technology we can see that GPRS is a packet switched service which allows you to access data while allowing mobility with a GPRS supporting device, a Mobile phone, a Laptop or a PDA. And another important feature of this technology is that it allows data billing which means it doesn’t matter if you are online or offline you will be charged for exactly the data transaction made. So it doesn’t cost you to stay always online. Therefore it’s cost effective and has constant connectivity. Also GPRS technology has allowed speeds exceeding four times the speed of GSM when it was implemented and still allows simultaneous voice and data transmission which doesn’t interrupt voice calls in the middle of the data session. Also with these features new applications has been developed for this technology to ease day to day work. Finally when we consider about the cost we can see that GSM operators can deploy GPRS as an update to the existing GSM network which is very cheap comparatively. But today technologies like HSDPA have taken the upper hand.

Speed: GPRS was a huge improvement on the circuit switched networks at the time of its introduction. This service enabled data rate speeds around 56 – 118 kbps where circuit switched networks had speeds only around 9 kbps. Theoretically with combination of GSM timeslots it’s possible to attain speeds around 171 kbps. So the users can enjoy fast access to GPRS related services with mobility.

Always online/QoS: with the implementation of GPRS, the GPRS tariff system too was created. Here the bill is not calculated considering the duration unlike in the GSM services. Instead many other tariff dimensions were developed. So it’s possible for the user to stay always online and he will be charged only if any data transaction is done. Among them Number of packets transferred, Volumes of data in terms of kilobytes or megabytes, Uplink or Downlink volumes, Type/Value of content, Quality of Service(charged for class of service, shortfalls are provided with discounts), Time of Day(peak/off-peak), Number of Emails Sent and Received and Number of web page hits can be considered as the major dimensions.

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New Better Applications: GPRS has many dedicated applications developed for it both residential and corporate applications. Today most of the business to business use of internet is done using mobile devices. Among them these are the most common and useful applications. Here these services provided are briefly discussed. With the higher speeds enabled in GPRS these services has been a reality.

Chat: GPRS allows chatting with users having a normal internet connection as it is an extension from internet. The other user doesn’t need to be mobile dedicated. In today’s social networking GPRS plays a major role. Regardless of anything the people can stay connected wherever they go.

Information Services: This includes sharing news, weather reports, stock market updates, flight details and traffic data. GPRS allows the users to get these details. The importance of this over other forms of information services like SMS updates is that this provides qualitative data as this service is not limited in any aspect such as character limits.

Still/Moving Images: GPRS allows its users to share images, greeting, postcards using services like MMS. On the other hand it also allows video conferencing, security camera views and movie preview which will allow any user to be up to date in almost any area. For many businesses this is very useful due to the remote access allowed. The user doesn’t need to physically there to monitor any situation.

Web Browsing: GPRS is an extension of the internet so this allows web browsing while on the move.

Document Sharing and Remote Work: This is when many different people at different places work together to accomplish a certain task. GPRS allows these types of updates. In areas like journalism and advertising this can be very useful as mobility is high.

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Audio Reports: For broadcasting and analysis of audio they will need high speed internet to transfer quality audio. In this case GPRS is useful as it supports transferring large amounts of data.

Job Dispatch: Also GPRS can be used to assign people jobs with the necessary detail. For example a new worker can be provided with all the necessary locations and data and the job can be assigned remotely which saves both time and labor cost rather than doing that process manually.

Corporate Email and LAN Applications: GPRS supports VPN. Therefore it’s possible for the users to access the applications and Email Services available at their office computers using their mobile devices. So they can work while on the move and even in unofficial times.

Global Positioning: GPRS also supports GPS based navigation systems to operate. With its speed capabilities it’s possible to load maps and simulate real time navigation for both vehicles and people on the move.

File Transfer: With GPRS it’s possible to upload and download sizeable data. For example data catalogues and manuals can be sent via the network for remote access.

Less Cost of Implementation: The GSM operators don’t have to start GPRS services from the basics. GPRS can be deployed as an update to the existing network alongside with GSM services and at the time of implementation there will be less or no downtime as well. On the other hand its updates and software can be administered remotely without interrupting GSM services. So this costs relatively less for the Operators to implement this technology and ultimately the users too will be benefited by this.

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When we consider these factors we can conclude that GPRS has enabled people to do their work easily and faster allowing more mobility with a wide range of effective applications. Also this service comes with fair rates and also the users can always stay online. So we can see that GPRS has made life much easier to almost everyone from the high class businessman to normal laborer.

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