Examining The Use Of Computer Scanners Information Technology Essay

A scanner sees images and converts the printed text or pictures into electronics codes that can be understood by the computer. With a flatbed colour scanner, the paper with the image is placed face down on a glass screen, as with a photocopier. Beneath the glass are the lighting and measurement devices. Once the scanner is activated, it reads the image as a series of dots and then generates the digitized image that is sent to the computer and stored as a file.

Very high resolution scanners are used for scanning high-resolution printing, but lower resolution scanners are adequate for capturing images for computer display.

The scanners commonly come with a especial software such as Adobes Photoshop product, to lets you modify, resize, add effects a captured image.

An example can be in offices, uses desktop o flatbed scanner where the document is put the crystal for scanning, other examples can be too, the hand held scanners, where the device is used with the hand, for from to read code until 3d scanners used for industrial design, measurement , engineering, medical purpose and other area. The scanners mechanically driven that move the document.

Nowadays, the now¿½s scanners use commonly a charge-coupled device or a contact image sensor as the image sensor; the older scanners use a photomultiplier tube as the image sensor instead.

A scanner called rotary, for scanning document faster, is another type of drum scanners, using a contact image sensor instead of a photomultiplier.

Other types of scanner are planetary scanners, can scan photographs of documents and books, 3D scanner (similar to the some hand scanner), to produce 3D models of objects.

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Another category no-common of scanner is camera scanners, are based on the concept of reprographics (reproduction of graphics) cameras. Due to increasing resolution and new characteristic such as anti-shake, the digital cameras is one of the most attractive alternatives to regular scanners. Although they keep having disadvantages front of the normal scanners (such as low contrast, reflections, resolution, shadows ) they have advantages (such as portability, speed and gentle digitizing of thick documents) that the traditional scanners can¿½t bring, The new technologies of scanning are combining 3D scanners to create full-color scan with the help the digital cameras, photo-realistic 3D models of objects

Types of scanners

There are some types of scanner according of your needs:

Flatbed scanner

Typically, this type of scanner is used in office or home to scan simple document o simple picture

Barcode Scanner

The barcode scanner is commonly used from in security area until in stores with large movements of products, like a mall, supermarket, etc¿½

.Fingerprint Scanner

The finger scanners is another type of scanner for security reasons too (seems to the barcode)

Body Scanner

The body scanner is commonly used for medical and security purpose.

There are a lot of kinds of scanner that we can see before. They most of the time are create to for special type of task.

Uses of a scanner

Now in these times, scanners have some important uses in our lives such as:

In security:

The scanner form part important in this area, we can see them in departure gates in each important city. Their use is principally to confirm if a person is trying to come or carry an illegal product from one country to another.

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In health:

The scanners form part very important in this area, they are used to see the inside of human¿½s bodies and can help prevent many kind of sickness, such as cancer, head¿½s sickness, etc¿½

Home/Office use:

This area is the most commonly purpose for the scanners, they can be in a home/office environment to convert physical papers and images and can stored in a computer for multiple purpose.


A camera is a special device that capture, store and record images. These images can be store as photographs (without movement) or videos (moving images) (such as some digital cameras). In these times, living the digital age, the most used types of cameras are:

Digital Camera

Is a type of camera that can take photographs digitally or rec a video via an electronic image sensor.

Some compact digital cameras, as we mentioned before, can record sound and moving video as still photographs. The majority of cameras in the 21st century are digital.

The digital cameras could be things that the film cameras can¿½t such as displaying a preview images on a small screen immediately just after that are recorded, storing a lot of mount of photos on a small card memory device, record video with sound, and manage your image and videos for free storage space. Some can perform images, add effects and other elementary image editing. They have an optical system and works the same way as in film cameras, commonly using a lens with a diaphragm to focus light an image pickup device. The shutter and diaphragm let the correct amount of light to the imager.

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There are some other devices that come with digital cameras technology ranging from PDAs and mobile phones (called camera phones too). Until the Hubble Space Telescope are created specially with this technology.

Types of Camera

There are different types of cameras depending of purpose, it can use for a special task.

Digital Camera

This camera is the traditional, most-common camera, come with special features like being able to capture images and/or rec videos all in one. They stored this information in a memory card.

Security Camera

This camera is commonly used for security purpose such as buildings, mall, stores, house, to the public transit intersection.

Camera Phone

This type of camera is one of the newest technologies created. In these times, most of the mobile phones have a built-in (included) digital camera that work sometimes almost exactly, other times exactly as a Digital camera.

Web Camera

These cameras is used for the computer, can take from single picture, to stream live video in real-time.


Movie Camera

These cameras are specially used for filming movies industry by person specialized.

The Camcorders

A camcorder, or digital video camera, records moving pictures and converts them into digital data that can be stored and edited by a computer with special video editing software.

Digital video cameras used by home users to create their own movies, or by professionals in computer art and video conferencing.

They are also used to make and send live video stream via internet, they commonly are called webcams.

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