Explain details about word processing.

Q.N. 1 a. Explain Details about Word Processing.


Word Processing is the essential tools for creation of documents. There are various type of computer program that process on words available in market, but most popular application is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word’s ease of use has made World one of the most widely used word processing application currently on the market since it allows for compatibility across multiple computers as well as collaborative feature. Word is fairly simple program to use for completing simple tasks.

Let us consider an office scene. Many letters are typed in the office. The officer dictates a letter. The typist first types a draft copy of the letter. The officer goes through it to check mistakes regarding spelling errors, missing words, etc. and suggests corrections. The typist changes the letter as suggested by the officer. This is a simple example of word processing. Not only that, Word processing also refers to editing the document, creating the document and printing the document.

The document is the combination of letters, sentence, symbol, graphs, chart and pictures. If we, creates such type of document using computer application then it is called word processing. There are various types of computer programs that manipulate word and pictures, but most popular word processing is Microsoft Word. Notepad, Word Pad is also types of word Processing but while comparing the facility that provides to work on document, Microsoft word is best word processor in now a day. Not only that, there are many software packages to do the job of word processing. Some of them work in DOS environment. Examples are WordStar, Word Perfect and Professional Write. But in these days working in WINDOWS is becoming more and more popular. So let us consider software for word processing which works in WINDOWS. Our choice is MSWORD because it is the most popular software in these days.

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Opening Word processing MS-WORD

– To run word on our computer: we have to go on “Start Button” >> “ Programs”>> “Microsoft Office” >> “Microsoft Office Word 2003”. If there is an icon of the MS-WORD available on our desktop, we can open up the program by double clicking it, as well.

Making New Document.

When we open new word, then a new document is automatically opened, which is ready for making the new document. If not, then we can begin a new blank document in a variety of ways.

Firstly, we have to fine the “ New Blank Document” icon, which looks like a blank sheet of paper, located under the menu bar in MS-Word in what is called the “ Standard Toolbar”. Click on that icon and we found new document.

Opening a Document.

To open to edit, view or print document, we must first open up that file in word sheet.

We can open a file by clicking on the “Open” folder icon located in the standard toolbar, or simply pre CTRL+O.

Saving Document.

When we are working in any sort of media in any software, we should first save our work in some devices. In MS-WORD, there are various option for saving documents in a variety of file types.

To Save a new, or editing file or unsaved document, we can click Save icon, shaped like a disk located on standard toolbar. Or simply we press CTRL+S.

Then a dialogue box will appear, offering us for file name, location of the file, file type and

others option.

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There are various things about word processing, but most of the common things are described above.

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