Exploring Characteristics Of Leaders

There is Malay proverb said that “kalau guru kencingberdiri, muridkencingberlari.” Its mean that when the teacher shows the student bad attitude or anything, the student does it even more worst. As people know teacher is one of the example of a leader. Leader is the one who are guiding or directing others toward a common goal, show the way by some examples, and create an environment where other team members feel actively involved in the process. People who being a leader or willing to, usually they will been through some step and or process. Besides, there are also few characters that should be in person who willing or want to be a leader.

One thing in common must have in leader is desire. The desires they have are to make promises of the life the ability to precise them copiously and without restrictions. There is a time a smooth as Ralph Waldo Emerson once spewed his words, “that person is only half of himself or she, the other half is they expressions.” Because of his word, a leader is born with copiously on the other side look is self-expression. It’s needed because it can bear the essence of leadership. Most of the concept and skill need to make the leader able to express their copiously means that the leader know who are they, what their strengths and weakness are. Besides that, they also must know how to fully deploy your strengths and compensate for their own excess and weakness. In that way they might know what their need, they want, and also the way to communicate to people, in order to gain the cooperation and support from people. The entire leader must know how to set and achieve their own goal. It’s because the result they get from what they aiming might affect the people around them. They need to learn how to understand one’s self, people and the world to learn and gain more experience.

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A leader not a boss of the team but, rather people who are committed to the mission Venture. There is some characteristics of a strong leader might have in each of them:-

Good listener

They should be a good listener not on only for the personal problem of each of the group member. But they also must be the good listener for group member during the decision making, especially during meeting. It is because the teammates might have good decision to make changes in for the group. By keeping mind open, the leader can come up with many ways to accomplish the goal.


The leader and their group must remind to keep on venture for the goals and mission. If they keep on stay together, hand in hand and keep concentration on what they aim, they won’t get out from the track and the teammate will stay motivated and be productive to achieve the target. As a leader in the group, it’s they’re role to arrange the schedule in the term of time.


Team member can be motivated by a leader who is also organized. Its mean that the leader can set the tone for the team to make the group member be more motivated.


At the time, most of the leader will be busy with their responsible. However, in any circumstances leader must find the time to communicate of interact with their team. One way to do this is to set the frequent group of meeting. From this way leader can prevent from the problem that the group might be exist.

Include Others

The worst thing for leader do is do all the job or tasks. Leader should not do the entire job because it might prevent the leader venture from growing beside of poor use of time. As an alternative, leader should work with one of the teammates and learn to representative the responsibility at the same time being aware of everyone’s interests, goals, and strengths.

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Beside of listening to other people, sometime leader can’t be able to compromise because of term and condition that might be face in the future. However, even this thing might be happen, leader must afraid or hesitate to make final decision even some of the team member won’t agree with the decision that will be make.


It is the most important character that must be in the leader. The teammate can believe the leader because of the leader believing them. Dedicated, intelligent and proud of what of hat are they doing from inner and outside look must be in them also to make sure the teammates won’t doubt to believe the leader.


There are many of people born with blood of leader but of them are not. However, for those who are not born with the leader blood, most of them don’t stop and stare. The example of good leader is a leader that’s not tyrant. Usually good leader always encourage the team member to follow and to work effectively. The leader who are in effect typically don’t demand, instead they encourage.

A few leaders had born in Malaysia. Namely Abdul Rahman, Abdul Razak, Hussein Onn, Mahathir Mohamad, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, and NajibRazak.

For this task, I will take the last prophet of Islam, named Muhammad ibnu Abdullah.

About Muhammad

Muhammad ibnu Abdullah is the name. He had known as Muhammad. He was born on 20th of April in the year of elephant, 12 Rabiulawal according to Islamic calendar. Based on holy Quran, he accepted he accepted his revelation on August 16th, 610 century, same as Ramadan 17th and it is surah Al-Alaq. Once he accepts, he officially appointed as a prophet when he was in the age of 40 years old and 6 month.

After he accepted, he runs the propaganda in two ways, in confidentially in 3 years. Thenhe runs it openly. During the open propaganda was running, resistance from the pagans until he felt very disappointed and make him migrated Mecca to Medina. Then, the migration bear result, he succeed build country which been respected and sovereign. He had deemed as the best example as in the moral that have thought from the holy Quran.

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The Leadership of Muhammad.

He has been a leader in almost all category of life such as political leader, religion, economy planner, chief judge, etc… He was appointed as leader because of his leadership qualities that apparently. One of his leadership qualities is Shidiq in Arabic, its means truth in English. Because every action or decision that make by the leader is to achieve of being high quality leadership. In Arabic can be trusted means Mandate. Since he was young, he was called as Al-Amin (mandate) because he always can be trusted. Even a pagan recognizes about his honesty and mandate. Can people imagine during his time ifhe can’t be trust how the world now? Intelligent is also one of the leadership characteristic in him, its meanfathonah in Arabic. A leader must be intelligent in almost everything to have a good management. Last but not listed, anchor or in Arabic call it as tablig. In addition to the three attributes mentioned previously, a leader must know how to perform, communicate and interact to people with all the good that has been taken like the way Muhammad do. Besides, the people of Muhammad must understand and fathom about how important the bounty is and how the influence of him to the people.


In the simplest and the small scale, we are the leader of ourselves. Let’s take the story of other people who are experience more about life as example, inspiration and role model as well to become a better person and good, high quality of leadership.

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