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Introduction to Facility Management

Introduction to Hotel

Types of Customers

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Comparison between Customer’s Requirements


Introduction to Facility Management:

Facility management is a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure the integration of people, place, processes and technology and Functionality of the built environment. Every organization is based on a combination of the features and services that are essential to support their operations. To ensure that this support is available in the right way, at the right quality and the right price is the task of managing the facilities. ()

Organizations need to think strategically when more than survive in an increasingly competitive market make. This thinking applies to both core and non-core activities. In the latter case, the facility management must play in supporting the core business of a central role and should be closely linked to the strategy of the organization in general.

Management facilities efficiently and effectively require a solid strategy has been developed in the context of the business plan of the organization and the space / accommodation strategy. This should be the development of the strategic objectives and a plan for the management of facilities, with due reference to the overall business plan and room / apartment that is part strategy. A strategy (or business plan) for facility management needs:

  • Take into account the needs of the organization, the distinction between core and non – core activities;
  • identify effective and processes to meet those needs ;
  • Identifying the needs of adequate resources for the provision of services , both internally and externally obtained ;
  • The source of funds to finance the strategy and identify the practical implications ;
  • Budget in the short -term needs and to cover the best value in the long term and recognizing that information management is the key to providing a basis for the effective control of facility management.

The three main stages in the development and realization of a viable strategy for the management of the facilities are:

  • Requirements analysis – analysis of higher level;
  • Developing solutions – finding the best option , and
  • Implementation of solutions – the work plan. (Atkin, B. and Brooks, A. (2009)Total Facilities Management. Third edition, Oxford: Blackwell Science)

Facility management is important for organizations of all types and, as an emerging discipline, has become the focus of the main topics of the highest quality and customer satisfaction in the management of support services relationship. A well-managed services to run on the most efficient and effective level of an organization provides value added goods improvements to the main activity of the organization. Facility management has been elevated to a strategic level of importance and therefore to help. Tasks and the ability to contribute to business success and delivering competitive advantage In fact, in recent years, the range of services that fall under the responsibility of facility management has become more complex, and the management of facilities moved to the core operational functions of client organizations. The role of facility management in the strategic activities of the organization, this article describes the basics of facility management, with particular attention to the role of outsourcing. (Barrett, P.S. and Baldry, D. (2003)Facilities Management: Towards Best Practice. Second edition. Oxford: Blackwell Science.)

Introduction to Hotel:

Overall, a hotel called, a device must have a minimum of six bedrooms have at least three of which must be attached (en suite), private bathroom. Although hotels are divided into the categories of ‘Star ‘ (1-5 stars), there is no standard method for assigning these ratings and compliance with the usual requirements is voluntary. A hotel in the U.S. with a certain rate, for example, cannot be very different from a European or Asian hotel with the same, and it would be a different level of facilities, provision of facilities and quality of service. While the chains ensure uniform standards for all hotels outside the chain (even within the same country) cannot agree on the same rules. In Germany, for example, only 30 percent of hotels choose to comply with the provisions of the German rules of Hotels and Restaurants Association.

According to the IH & RA, the classification of hotels based on a classification (uniformly across national borders) to harmonize would be undesirable and impossible task. As a general guideline:

A 1 star hotel offers a limited range of services, but meets a high standard of cleanliness throughout the hotel.

A 2 star hotel offers good accommodation and better furnished rooms, each with telephone and attached bathroom.

A 3 star hotel offers spacious rooms and add more decorations and furniture of high quality and colour. It also provides one or more bars or lounges.

A 4 star hotel is much more comfortable and larger, and offers excellent cuisine, room service and other amenities.

A 5 star hotel offers luxury facilities, wide range of guest services, as well as a swimming pool and sports and exercise.

The official hotel guide ( published in the U.S., and followed by everyone ) has its own classification system in nine categories (1) Moderate Tourist Class classifies , (2) Economics (3) superior tourist class,(4) Moderate First Class (5) Limited service first Class (6) of the first class ,(7) Moderate Deluxe ,(8) Deluxe ,and (9) Superior Deluxe .(Management of Hotel Operation, Peter Jones, Andrew Lockwood- 2002)

Types of Customers:

Different types of hotel customer that can visit are:

a) Tourists. They travel for sightseeing, entertainment, visits and non-commercial activities. They want to learn about the customs, history and language of each place they visit. They usually travel in groups. We have to provide all the necessary information about the area, transport, local events that may occur in the surround area, etc., and to make them feel at home. They are looking for recreational facilities, restaurants and bars and interior design. Such people tend to be very price sensitive.

b) Families. They usually travel on weekends, and want a short break from your daily routine. They are looking for a quiet place to relax and enjoy your time instead. They are looking for recreational facilities, food and beverage and hotel needs a nanny facilities, special meals for children and a range of computer animation.

c) Elderly people. They cannot be sure as the years pass, so for them, we must look for a hotel with a warm and friendly atmosphere. We have to be friendly and patient with them and care for them without giving them the impression that we behave with them as children.

d) Business Travellers. It is almost the most important travel market for many hotels in the city and this is the reason why the hotels that the market focus on specific products and services designed to meet your needs , such as a quiet environment to meet . Most business travellers do not want to stay in hotels, because after a hard day’s work, rather in a quiet place to rest and relax instead of a room in a noisy environment. Another thing they care about is their messages and how well the hotel can do this. We need to offer services such as conference rooms, computer, internet, etc. Business travellers are usually not very price sensitive, and often used the hotel food (especially the service), drinking establishments and recreation. In his view, convenient and profitable market, and is an important segment for the equilibrium level of demand in the high room rates.

e) Delegates. Meetings and conventions usually draw hundreds of people, and that is why convincing the meeting organizer to choose our hotel. They are looking for fast service and do not want to stay in line. Meetings and conventions are people who attend seminars, trade association, etc. The length of stay for meetings varies from 3 to 5 days. We have to give a conference centre for meetings, computer services, Internet and if we have a large group of some discounts are necessary because this way we can get to visit our hotel and pleasure again. We also need to Feast in the House and cocktails receptions.

(Hospitality Marketing Management, Robert D, Reid, David C- 2009, )

Services of 3 Hotels:

The Kings Hotel:

The Kings Hotel is a charming 18th century mansion which accommodation with style and distinction. Sympathetic and careful renovation means you can enjoy all the comforts of today and the need for the character and history of a Cotswold stone building still take. Located in the heart of the picturesque village of Chipping Campden, is the perfect place to experience. The beauty of the Cotswolds Los Reyes combines traditional character with contemporary style to a quiet and cosy home away from home for all guests, whether for business or pleasure. The team is responsible for the Kings inspired by a great experience to ensure that your stay is pleasant and comfortable.

Facilities Provided by Kings Hotel:

Kings hotel is one of the best hotels, it has Business facilities known as business at king, it offers halls for wedding and celebrations as well, Food in its best is also available.

The Kings Hotel offers a welcoming place for all mini conferences, meetings, training sessions and days. The restaurant seats up to 60 people in a traditional style with a view of the square in Chipping Campden. The garden can accommodate up to 20 people boardroom style with French doors to the garden.

The modern rooms are all individually great in design and offer wireless broadband, flat screen televisions, hair dryers and a few extras such as luxury items, soft towel robes. Enjoy maximum comfort and attention to detail, where nothing is too much trouble for the friendly, dedicated staff.

The restaurant offers a friendly and relaxed atmosphere overlooking the square and is the place perfect for enjoy. Unforgettable day can be made with local ingredients. With our award winning designer kitchen menu as the restaurant seats 60 guests for a civil ceremony and wedding breakfast for 80 guests in the evening. The Kings Hotel is the ideal place for your private party, birthday or enjoys a cosy meal with friends.Private Dining is an increasingly popular option for birthdays, family reunions or business meetings relax. The elegant panelled garden room with its airy aspect, patio doors to terrace and elegant decor is a lovely place for a private dinner for up to 20 people. ()

Premiere Inn:

More than 600 hotels in the UK, Premier Inn is the largest hotel chains in the UK.They have more hotels in more places making it easier for you to keep it off. Their customers tell they love the value their offer, clean comfortable rooms and the warm welcome is received from their team members.

Premier Inn has invested heavily in the area in recent years and is determined to ensure facilities and services accessible to everyone. Despite this, the Premier Inn acknowledged that no single design or design hotel that will fully meet the needs and preferences of all individuals.

Facilities Provided by Premier Inn:

Many of hotels have their own parking. If this is the case, a number of parking spaces will have designated for disabled parking. The disabled parking spaces are generally near the main entrance of the hotel. Some of hotels are full of bars and restaurants. While others is really a separate restaurant building. All Premier Inn hotels with bars and restaurants integrals, and all restaurants Whitbread Group PLC, have menus. There are accessible toilet facilities. Large print and portable induction loops are available in breakfast restaurants, through self-service buffet.

Some of hotels have meeting facilities. A very small number of hotels are offered function and conference rooms for hire. All of hotels have rooms designed for use by persons with reduced mobility. However, the extent and nature of the facilities in these rooms depending on factors such as age, design and construction drawings. ()

Western house Hotel:

Western House Hotel in Ayr is a four star hotel located in the heart of Burns Country and on the edge of Ayr Awards Racecourse. A series have come the way of this beautiful hotel, in recent years, including hotel the year in Scotland in 2009 and wedding venue in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Western House is close to Glasgow Prestwick International, Robert Burns Cottage and a number of courses including Royal Troon, Prestwick, Turnberry and Dundonald Airport, offers luxury accommodation in a four star Ayr.

The reputation of Western House Hotel as the main wedding venue in Ayr is built on the backs of many, many satisfied customers who enjoy their wedding in such beautiful surroundings, including the ballroom of the Cathedral. The Jockey Club Restaurant Western House is one of the finest restaurants in Ayrshire and has been awarded two AA rosettes.

Facilities Provided By Western House Hotel:

The hotel itself has 49 four – star rooms – 10 classic rooms in the main hotel courtyard and 39 rooms, each decorated with tasteful fixtures and fittings Porcilinosa and comfortable queen beds new brand and are equipped with all currencies such as free Wi-Fi, cordless phones and DVD flat screen TV / DVD Combi – with built-in Free view – to keep you busy during downtime.

They know how important is your big day and how special you dreamed. Therefore, their award winning wedding team on the site is dedicated to providing a personal and inspiring celebration that you want to relive again. Enjoy a fabulous wedding meal in the lounge beautiful dance cathedral, with the best finish, even the table decorations. Versatile for all seasons, is fully air-conditioned in summer and home to a fireplace in the winter. ()

Comparison between Customer’s Requirements:

Although the most important factors that influence customer satisfaction may vary from one hotel to another traveller, many people prefer almost the same things. The three main factors are cleanliness, appearance and price. Further down the list are the availability of non -smoking rooms, star hotel, distance and attractions. Pools, free breakfast and a shuttle to the airport again below. Atmosphere and friendly staff can also be a key factor in customer satisfaction for hotel guests.

Usually, the first thing they see most travellers when hotels are the level of cleanliness. While this is something related to appearance, a hotel may have a shell, but is meticulously maintained inside. Therefore, the two are considered separately. Cleaning, which is linked to the hotel customer satisfaction does not only apply to the general state of the hotel room, including the bathroom, but the common areas of the hotel.

Closely linked to the rating of the hotel is the atmosphere. How is separate from the hotel, how to invite the hotel and staff are opportunities for relaxation and refinement all lead to the atmosphere of the hotel. For some people, this may be even more important than price.

Location is another important factor in the customer satisfaction factor of the hotel, and can often lead to price differences. For business travellers, a hotel in a neighbourhood of the city centre near the offices as well as places to eat and relax is important. Vacationing families may prefer a hotel next to a ski resort, theme parks, a national park or other attractions. The nearest attraction, the customer is, more often than can expect to pay, especially when compared to similar hotels. ()


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