Factors influencing menu planning and menu product development process

Producing a Research Report ,describing the factors influencing menu planning and menu product development process —

Introduction —-In the recent years the food industry has created a boom in the market and has struck the economic status of the world market. The cuisine development and number of opening of eateries have gradually increased and magnetised the attention towards them. In a restaurant to be made successfully operational the main dictum is to fix the menu in order to make it saleable and to communicate to the mass. The point of success and potential of the outlet should be focussed in order to cut a renowned name in the society. The business rotates around the structure of the menu, the cost of the ingredients, the employment cost together on which the entire infrastructure is going to be framed. The menu pattern which is framed to run the restaurant needs a regular introspection and often introduction of new cuisine to enhance the growth of the outlet. The study of this topic is going to carry from the perspective of 10 Greek street, a restaurant in London and shall carry along a self evaluation to explicit a clear idea about the project.

Task A (a) Principles of Recipe Development — 10 Greek Street is a Restaurant in London, a very simple unshowy outlet ,yet containing an interesting platter of menu which is eye catching as well as amicable. The organisation follows the following principles while designing its recipes:

  • To make a healthier recipe — 10 Greek Street believes that a recipe should not only be munchy and tasty but it requires a healthy and balanced mixture of ingredients to fulfil the balance of the health.
  • Substitution of ingredient and making the food healthier — It targets to create a menu which has a nutritional value like less salt, fat and calories,and more importantly sugar.Food alone is insufficient to make one healthy. So a dietary balance which includes proper mixture of protein , carbohydrate and fat is very much required.
  • Light Cooking – The prepared food are not heavily fried in order to ensure that they are not taxing heavily on the consumers health.
  • Healthy Cooking and Living style.— The most important factor for a good and healthy life is to make the food edible and digestible, both at the same time.
  • Target Audience – The restaurant does prepare the recipes keeping in mind the demands of the target Audience.

One can take the example of Brecon Lamb preparation which is cooked with white beans, Tomatoes, Olives and Anchovy prepared with very light and healthy oil and little spices. This is a very popular dish amongst its customers and follows the above principles.

Task A (b) The Factors that influence the Menu Planning Decisions — The factors which influence the menu planning decisions is not only cost oriented but also depends on the target audience , their availability and the quality. Considering each target group which includes teenagers, middle aged and elderly group their demands vary and each needs a different combination of food for their sustenance. Menu planning decisions depends largely on a number of factors which include the customers choice of vegetarian or non vegetarian , either allergic or alien to certain ingredients.

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Competition in the Market— 10 Greek Street, is focussed on the factor that the quality of food, the price of the menu and the quality is under sharp vigilance so as to compete and survive in the Market.

  • Where it is situated. — The most important point of thought for the restaurant is to produce the food according to the locality. The outlet should be aware of the neighbourhood and thus motivate the ambience accordingly.
  • Adopting new trends — The outlet has to groom itself according to the choice of the customers. Being on the country front requires more new and adoptable recipes than the people residing in the suburb who are comparatively less prone to accept the change.
  • The kitchen parameter — The kitchen of the organisation is compact and prepared to produce the food mentioned in the menu chart and does not de motivate the target audience with extra non producible items.
  • Supply, cost and the variety – The restaurant is conscious in supplying the food as per the requirement and does not overrate itself. The costing of each item is buyer friendly ,and the variety concept is applicable only during the occasions such as Christmas, and New Year Eve.
  • Dietary change on demand— The company is flexible to produce the customers with their food of choice when required. Such as for Diabetic people or preparation for the vegetarians.

The above principles are very important to run the menu of the organisation and it does so as to keep the pace of its publicity.

Task (A) c — The Influence and Requirements of the Service Methods – The British Food Industry is supposedly one of the biggest food groups across the Globe. Their service method is also very compact to keep their market upright and concentrate on the class of customers whom they can satisfy. The service concept should be

Task (B)a —– Justification of Designing a Menu

The British Food Industry considered to be one of the biggest upcoming and growing industries requires an attention of improvement .The study of National Health Service Britain provides the world with a report that obesity is a rampant disease that is percolating the living beings specially the Homosapiens. Fast Food, Junk Grubs and long paucity in the food habits leads to the occurrence of this self eating ailment. The crossing of the Body Mass Index (BMI) leads to the growth of the blood sugar level leading to coronary disease, type two diabetes, and many more. The food habit is the primary concern which requires a regular examination and incurring fatty food requires vigorous exercise to burn out. The food served and the menu catered in the restaurant is often money minting concept than health concern. In that case the structure of the menu being less heavy, cooked in light oil and not being always too delicious can fulfil the requirement of an interesting menu and also the development of the health. It is often stated that the gastronomy factor is in direct in confrontation with the taste buds and people tend to gobble spicy foods to achieve happiness. To halt the process the structure of the menu cards demands fast transformation. Modern age demands a very fast life with gorging into excessive fat and high calorie food with very little of physical exercise. The deposition of extra calorie heads towards the cause of depression and makes a person get into a continuous food habit. The Justification requires to incorporate a new eating style that sounds healthy and gives the stomach a sense of peace.

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Task (B)b —-Development of Food Service,Ambience,Supportive Menu,Recipe and Service style.

There has been an intense concern about the health System in London and entire Britain. Eating of a balanced diet or following an exercise regime is now often suggested and fast food avoid is a must. People are now delving into the health conscious factor and are cutting down their restaurant food habits .Under such circumstance the food outlets require to cut short their high calorie charts and boil down towards, the easily consumable quality food. There has been enough publicity through the press and medical journals in order to awaken the minds. Not only the company should provide a healthy chart but they should also be the mentors to educate their new food habits. The environment requires peace and service friendly which has been already floated in the market. There should be a change in the development of human brain and subtraction of the concept of junk food from the minds. The process is in progress and the people are gradually finding it a more friendly ambience to become disease free.

Task (C) — A new food concept according to the Customer requirement –

The NHS report stands out to be threatening. If the standard rate of calorie hike is so fast then it can be assumed that the change is on the doorstep. The combination of food which we came across 10 Greek Street comprises of high calorie and fat content. This menu card which is being offered for Lunch and Dining consists of Desserts, ice creams ,mayonnaise ,shrimps all which contains the increase in the body weight . The people have fallen prey to it and what is required is simplicity. The menu format should consist of—

  1. Boiled vegetables b) Salads c)Fruit Salad d) Protein like fish and lean meat e) fatless milk and soya milk ice cream and desserts. The menu chart requires public attention and their acceptance. It is then only, the new food concept can be introduced and better results are expected.
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Task( D)– Evaluating oneself–Review of the Project Report and Suggestions for the Betterment— The SWOT analysis.

The food trail that has been studied in the above project aided me to develop a specific thought about a human health concept. The menu which an outlet in general follows, prevents from making a man healthy and nutritious.

Strength —

The healthy food concept which is straight, simple and light keeps a man from many a number of ailments. The diet which is available in an outlet does not always bank on the digestive capacity of a person. It is more bent on the tongue liking factor, the publicity and the demand of the organisation. Whereas a simple outlet which provides good quality food turns the human fraternity more happy and energetic and I have learnt a lesson that way.

Weakness —

The food service sector has by and large increased in number and in London has generated a magnanimous business. And I have observed that keeping in mind the monetary factor the food service industry is very fast adding certain salts and recipes which are detrimental for health.I am assuming a destruction regarding the health of human beings but it is very tough for me to transform the entire system.


The Food service Industry now is getting into a turning point. Depending on the NHS London survey report the chain of food outlets growing can be curdled and in result very quality systems can emerge thereby divulging the old methods of food making.Good and healthy recipe with low calorie and fat can always be interesting and can pull in more number of people thus in return making them health conscious.I have observed that the medical reports threatens people and they run into solutions.So it can be said that there is always an opportunity to improve and develop.


My project Report leaves me threatened with the fact, sooner the better. The journey to change the menu and the recipe system does not depend only on me. It is a mass work and from this I have learnt that its true saying that ‘ An Apple a Day keeps a Doctor away’.That is me too need to pay attention on the food cycle and be very much aware. Since entire London is deeply delving into the practise of food and service I feel that it is high time that my thoughts are percolated into their minds and a change is very fast needed. But it also has ensured me that learning is a continuous progress and its not only me but we all need to change our lifestyles as fast as possible.

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