Foxconn Successful Production Failure Of Management Management Essay

It is commonly believed that Taylors scientific management is an efficient management .However, with the development of society; its drawbacks are gradually exposed. By analyzing the failure of a Taiwanese company called Foxconn and its management problem, we will discuss what we need today is exactly what management style.

These management issues, including:

Problem1: Excessive pursuit of Taylor’s scientific management

Problem2: Poor staff training concepts, confusion employee training system

Problem3: Work overtime and Remuneration

Problem4: The root cause of the error: X theory

Meanwhile, I will also put forward their point of view and solutions. For some of the problems in the management process,

These solutions are simple, including:

Independent feedback channels

improve the quality of managers

Respect for the human dignity of employees

To ensure that the basic remuneration system

Strengthening welfare subsidies

the role of trade unions autonomy.etc

It may be true that we can find a better way to manage these workers, but it doesn’t mean that we can really do with this problem without respect of workers. They are not machinery!



Apple has been playing a very important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well. But the problem we are discussing today is related with apple is not the apple itself. It’s called Foxconn , a foundry, to a production iPhone5 factory.

For higher income, Foxconn management has taken an unprecedented failure of management. Next, let us take a closer look at such management methods and the issues behind it.


PART one¼š Analysis of the company’s problems

Excessive pursuit of Taylor’s scientific management

Militarized management:

The Foxconn Management is the militarization (hierarchical) management and the Taylor system characteristics.

The current militarized management of Foxconn play scientific management to an extreme degree, strict pursuit of common and standardized staff as mechanical, economic man, while ignoring the employees more social people, his own thoughts, their own needs.

(A) Strict hierarchical system, emphasizing compliance with the rules of the organization

Hierarchies in the formula: “three high and one low” operational strategy + human wave tactics + of paramilitary or militarized management

= Low cost and high efficiency = global foundry king

“Dictatorship public the Executive first”, emphasizing a high degree of discipline and staff to obey.

Strict hierarchical system has both advantages and disadvantages of

(B) follow the Taylor system operating mode, is the standardization, improve production efficiency

The standardized management performance:

Production time: the implementation of the “black and white two shifts, day shift workers work time is 8:00-20:00 Contrary to night workers

Output indicators: workers in seconds to complete each procedure time and arrange production workers

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Human resource structure: a pyramid-like living in the spire senior management to develop a strategy, the middle is responsible for distribution and supervisory level employees face is highly decomposed, specialized, highly repetitive, high-intensity labor tasks

The Taylor system model is characterized by:

Labor method standardization. Analysis to identify the most reasonable ways and means to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable action;

Develop a standard time required to complete each standard action, as defined management and the basis for the payment of wages;

3. Implement differential piecework wages;

Rigorous selection of workers;

by the division of investigation, clear responsibilities.

Disadvantages: lack of management ethics. “Taylor made” only individual specific operating efficiency, while the enterprise as a whole, how to operate and manage the problem is not resolved

Poor staff training concepts, confusion employee training system.

Foxconn’s problem is not only in the management systems there also exist in the training system. Lessons learned from consecutive suicides, attention to the ideological and emotional and psychological needs of the new generation of employees, respect for employees, care staff, to establish the management system to fit in with the requirements of human care. But the recent strike the thing surface, Foxconn employee training institutional there is a huge problem.

Foxconn training system characteristics, which is training credit. This is very similar to the University of Inside learning. Foxconn training organizations can be regarded as full participation personally managers at all levels, to act as a good coach, and everyone needs different levels of learning and training.

But still there are a lot of deficiencies

: 1. Lack the right attitudes and understanding. Staff training cannot bring direct economic benefits for the enterprise, the enterprise managers in dealing with arbitrary training issues; staff training cannot be viewed from a strategic perspective, too much emphasis on short-term effects. Systematic emphasis on staff training, the quality of the staff is not improved job performance will not go up, let alone motivate staff potential development.

2. Neglect the potential value of staff training, lack of investment. Many small and medium enterprises in China, few operators to invest in staff training, staff training is considered an “uneconomic” investment behavior. First, look at the less than immediate effect, the input-output disproportionate; second, there is a certain risk of employee training, training good talent to find another job, and make the enterprise into a dilemma.

3. Despise training post-assessment, lack comprehensive training incentives. The many SMEs brain drain lead to business operators did not dare to make great efforts to carry out staff training, attaches great importance to staff training, and to provide staff with a number of training and development opportunities, training while ignoring the late supervision and examination results and incentive linked let employees feel useless learning, and finally even quit. The high liquidity talent business faced such a dilemma, and spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources in training, training of personnel required, but unable to retain talent, and this has led many companies to reduce investment in training affect the training work.

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Work overtime and Remuneration

The overtime work Foxconn rushing iphone5 an amazing move this initiative, however, is based on the expense of workers’ rest time at the expense of public holidays.

Orient Van Heerden, FLA President and CEO said: “Foxconn is facing the challenge of employee expectations, it is evident that many employees to work in Shenzhen, the purpose is to earn as much money as possible within a short time they words, overtime is very important, we found that a lot of people are very concerned about the Foxconn overtime time will result in the shrinking of wages.”

The root cause of the error: X theory

I firmly believe that the Foxconn management is a believer of Theory X and Theory X misconceptions they failed.

The X Theory humanity assumptions

Born is lazy, whenever possible, will avoid work, life on the lack of initiative, but not the responsibility, preferring to obey orders 3, born self-centered disregard organizations need 4, people are accustomed to the old-fashioned , against the nature of change 5, only very few people have the imagination and creativity needed to solve organizational problems, lack of rational, susceptible to outside influence

“X theory” Management Guidelines

problems of “X theory”

X theory “with human assumption is wrong. An innate nature of these assumptions is not a person, but rather the assumption of the industrial organization, management philosophy, measures and policies of the consequences. Traditional X theory “is established on the basis of the error causal concept.

PART two¼š Solution for the company’s problems

Problem1: Excessive pursuit of Taylor’s scientific management


Independent feedback channels

Improve the quality of managers

Respect for the human dignity of employees

Problem2: Poor staff training concepts, confusion employee training system


Training system to the corporate strategy-oriented enterprise training system is rooted in the enterprise development strategy, under the system of the human resources strategy, only on the basis of corporate strategic planning, combined with the human resource development strategy, can be tailored to a line with their sustainable development efficient training system.

Training system to focus on business core requirements effective training system is not a headache medicine head; feet hurt “fire fighting works” of the disease, but to explore in depth the core needs of the enterprise, according to the company’s strategic development goals forecast demand for human capital in advance business needs to do the training of personnel and reserves.

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The training system is the final analysis, the full range of multi-level staff training is a kind of adult education, effective training system should take into account the special education of employees, for different courses with different training techniques, using a variety of training methods for specific conditions, specific personal capacity and development plan to develop a training plan. Maximize the benefits of the premise, multi-channel, multi-level training system, to achieve full participation, to share the results of training effect, making the training methods and content suitability for training.

Work overtime and Remuneration


To ensure that the basic remuneration system

Strengthening welfare subsidies

The role of trade unions autonomy

Conclusion of solution

Companies need to adopt flexible measures concerned about the psychological feelings and needs of the employees, under the pressure of a highly competitive, but also concerned about the lives of the employees, to ease the psychological pressure on them.

The social psychological services system is not perfect, personal growth, learning, employment, the lack of mental health knowledge, lack of emotional intelligence education, personal resilience and ability to resist setback is not enough. If companies improve the mental health service system employees, we can provide psychological support for multi-channel.

Foxconn should improve corporate culture or to make up for the deficiencies of the original corporate culture, psychological counseling and psychological assistance to employees under high pressure in a timely manner.


With more than 400thousnds of Foxconn workers in China, it must be a big mess if workers are mistreated with no better . This is definitely unfortunately iphone5 products for large-scale production, and cannot afford it. Some people even committed suicide because of work pressure, I hope, Foxconn produces better work environment, such as shopping malls, cinemas, karaoke OK, entertain them. People have figured out many ways to solve this problem. Solve these troubles, the best way is to allow human rights workers, and showed more concern. Distress rooms may not be sufficient to solve the pressure, I am afraid, because this may lead to stressed workers killed others, this is a stupid idea. In addition, Foxconn, not like a dog treat your employees.

Obviously, if Foxconn does not solve the problem, there will be more and more strikes. Workers need beer, romantic wages slightly higher. Simply put, just to keep them happy

It is natural to believe that management is making workers creating more value but we shouldn’t ignore that every works is a lively person, not machinery.

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