Framework For Job Analysis Understanding Of Different Roles Management Essay

Job analysis in the organization is a crucial task for surroundings a baseline that enables human resources professional to successfully manage job-related performance. Job analysis consists of two machinery: job explanation and job specification. The job description estates job related details such as duties and responsibilities, salary and incentives, working conditions and facilities, etc., whereas the job specification gives the related details like qualifications and qualities required by job holders, experience and instruction required, etc. Analysis of job is well-organized way to assemble useful information about a job, and its cost-effectiveness makes it inexpensive for any organization.

Any effort to apply HR resources and ability to the association jobs will be more effective if those jobs are obviously particular in terms of their variables. An effective instruction program for a exacting job cannot be developed unless information about what the job entails is elucidated, for example. Particulars about the job content, systems, standards, and demands can be used to choose or develop a training program that exclusively meets the needs of the employees.


Analysis of job is the method used to accumulate information regarding the duties, responsibilities, compulsory skills, outcomes, and work environment of a particular job. That needs as much data as achievable to place together a job description, which is the numerous conclusion of the job analysis. Additional outcomes incorporate recruiting strategy, position postings and advertisements, and performance development planning within your performance management system.

Company’s Profile:

Wal-Mart: the world’s leading supermarkets that are why require big amount human resource. Founded in 1962 by the Walton brothers, former employees of Ben Franklin supermarket, Wal-Mart is now the leading supermarket group in the world. With what has become a real empire of more than 5,000 superstores, supermarkets and stores, Wal-Mart distributes every product we need in life whether it be under the Wal-Mart name or under that of SAM’s Club, a members-only store dedicated to SMEs and the general public, or that of ASDA in Great Britain.

The job analysis may include these activities:

Reviewing the job responsibility of current employees.

Exploit Online research & screening trial job descriptions internet or offline stress related jobs.

Analyzing the job duties, tasks, and responsibilities that need to be talented by the employee satisfying the position,

Researching and involvement with other companies that have similar jobs, and

Pronunciation of the most significant outcome or assistance needed from the position.

Important of job Analysis: The importance of job analysis deepens upon the importance of job autonomy; cognitive ability and job-related skill for predict role width & job presentation.

Job description and job specification is related with job analysis and that play a vital role

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Job Description: In this part present about the essential document that identifies the responsibilities and deities performed by a job.

Job specification: A bundle of document which is included with organization information and document which identifies the qualifications needed by a job.

At present, in this modern business world maximum multinational organization is combination of job explanation & the job specification into a single document for each job usually simply called a job description.

Terminologies: Generally, technology is the study of conditions and their exercise. Terms are words and compound words that are used in particular contexts.

Task: A task is element of a place of performance which accomplishes a job, problem or assignment. Task is a synonym of activity though the later carry an association of being possibly longer period.

Duty: Duty refers to the job responsibility that depends ending upon according to work. A number of relegated works that are performed by employee.

Position: A place in a coordinate system, usually in two or more scope; the science of position and its generalization is topology.

Job: A specific portion of work essential has to be done as a duty or for a specific cost; estimates of the cities defeat on that job ranged as high as a million dollars; the job of repairing the engine took numerous hours; the endless task of classifying the samples.

A workplace; as in the appearance “on the job”;

Work: Mental or physical activity that has got productive results. Apply one by doing mental or physical work for a reason or out of necessity.


Concierge: Concierges are liable for making sure a responsibility or task runs efficiently, and they have a wide diversity of tasks. As a result, they have a high level of interface with others. Typically, they have a broad focus and are logistics-oriented. Their work is regarded as by high levels of interface. Their information collection helps support others’ work and can call for high protection.

Keeper: Keepers are accountable for maintaining and accessing paper work, documents, objects and information for others. They may have transmissible a system from a forerunner. With reasonable dealings needs, Keepers knowledge many interruption from Brokers, Players and specialist. Their focus is naturally appropriate, and they are logistics or protocol oriented. A Keeper tends to keep information collections hidden and stored vertically, though removable notes may serve as reminders of tasks waiting.


Processors perform predefined tasks on a continuous flow of information.

• make available space for linear movement of collections of information

• produce balance between zones for active and anticipated paper-based work

• Make sure storage space for personal items

• Be less concerned about visitors than for other

5 types


Brokers tend to help direct information to those who need it most. With a wide focus and broad

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scope, their work is highly unstructured, highly interactive and often at the managerial or strategic

Level of the organization.


Players bring their specific skill sets and disciplinary knowledge to a team. They often receive filtered

Information from others and have a strong emotional and professional connection to their field. Their work is complex and contextual in focus. They must manage a large number of information collections, which are typically visible and managed horizontally.


. Provide flexibility in space, since the shape of information collections varies by project

• Ensure a large zone for active paper-based work

• Create space for trophies and visible quick reference materials

• Be less concerned about providing meeting space than for the other five types


By understanding the individual types based on predictable patterns of information and object management, we can enhance the effectiveness of people. We can transform the idea of storage from simply storing stuff to being a powerful system of knowledge management. By understanding the natural patterns of how each type works, workspaces can be created that allow people to work in ways that fit who they are and what they

Scientific Management:

Theory of management that analyzes & synthesizes workflows, with the objective of improving labour. The core ideas of the theory were developed by Frederick Winslow Taylor in the 1880s and 1890s, and were first published in his monographs, Shop Management (1905) and The Principles of Scientific Management (1911). He began trying to discover a way for workers to increase their efficiency when he was the foreperson at the Midvale Steele Company in 1875. Taylor believed that decisions based upon tradition and rules of thumb should be replaced by precise procedures developed after careful study of an individual at work. Its application is contingent on a high level of managerial control over employee work practices.

Job Enlargement /Job Rotation:

Job design technique in which the number of tasks associated with a job is increased (and appropriate training provided) to add greater variety to activities, thus reducing monotony. It is a horizontal restructuring method in that the job is enlarged by adding related tasks. Job enlargement may also result in greater workforce flexibility.

Job Rotation:

Job design technique in which employees are moved between two or more jobs in a planned manner. The objective is to expose the employees to different experiences and wider variety of skills to enhance job satisfaction and to cross-train them.

Cross Training:

 Performing a variety of different exercises as part of your fitness routine, which allows you to work different muscle groups.

Job Enrichment:

Job design technique that is a variation on job enlargement concept. Job enrichment adds new sources of job satisfaction by increasing the level of responsibility of the employee. It is a vertical restructuring method in that it gives the employee additional authority, autonomy, and control over the way the job is accomplished. Also called job enhancement or vertical job expansion.

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Scientific Management:

Scientific management is also known as “brainchild” of Frederick Winslow Taylor. In its very suitable and easy form the theory is the belief that there is “one best way” to do a suitable way of job and the true methods can be used to establish that “one best way”.

Create a technology for every element of an individual’s work.

Enthusiastically cooperate with the employees so as to ensure that all work is done in accordance with the principles of the science that has been developed.

Individual work & responsibility for all employees, that’s why organization can provide best outcome.

In organization management take overall responsibility, and give proper response for their employee.

Job enlargement: A proper way of job design that increase a number of activities in a work to overcome the boredom of overspecialized job.

Job Rotation: A variety of specialized jobs within a time that’s means variation of job enlargement.

Job Characteristics Theory: Successful organization maintains a proper framework. First they try to implement their theory, and distribute individual responsibility, than they can understand individual performance.

Job Diagnostic Survey: A successful survey require proper instrument, that’s why organization designed to measure the elements in the job characteristics model.

Job Characteristics Model:

Core Job Dimension: The main dimension, which is really important for organization, these are describing below:

Skill variety: According to Wal-Mart, when they publish job advertisement first need think about the variety of skill in different sector, that’s reason why now Wal-Mart becomes successful organization. People coming from different background and they are having some extra ordinary ability to discover something new.

Task identify & Significance: The organization are working with different sector ,such as – finance, accounts’, HR etc that’s why identify task is very different ,finance people are working on finance, HR people are working on HR. These people are selected according to experienced basis.

Autonomy: To produce best work outcomes.Different sector employee is responsible for different responsibility.

Feedback: That means the employee mind satisfaction in work place and fully satisfied with their job and gives the quality result for company.

Job Analysis is based on the different approach and these are:

Interdisciplinary Approach.

Motivational approach.

Mechanistic approach.

Perceptual approach.

Biological approach.

 Interdisciplinary Approach: A common field where disclose about internal discipline according to organization methodology. In this field discus about study that cross habitual boundaries between academic disciplines or schools of thought, as new needs and professions have emerged.

Lean production: Doing more with less by employing ‘lean thinking. That conclude using committed employees with ever-expanding responsibility to achieve zero waste, 100% quality product, produce on time.

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