Globalization And Swot Analysis Management Essay

In any organization or institution, the management must submit SWOT analysis, in order to determine the goal of the work cycle, for example, there are so many factors which must be taken in respect such internal review, for example, company culture, company image, key staff, access to natural resources, operational capacity, financial resources and market share. On the other hand, there are external factors such as, competitors, customers, partners, new technology, economic environment, and political and regulatory framework.

In addition to, there are more than 50 nationalities are working and studying in University of Sharjah. For example, there are students from Middle East, Europe, Africa and East Asia is studying, especially in the Medical Colleges and Engineering Colleges.

On the other hand, there are so many activities are held in the university, such as international conferences, training courses, agreements with international universities such as Canadian Universities and American Universities. On the other hand, American University of Sharjah is one of the remarkable universities in UAE; it is also established in 1997 and all programs are accredited form the Ministry of Higher Education.

SWOT analysis is a kind of strategic planning which aims to assess and evaluate the strength, opportunities, weaknesses and threats in the organization and to examine the business venture.

In addition to, it is also a clear system to create strategic management and prudent alternatives from situational analysis; it is also useful to either corporate level business or even unit level and appears in the organizations plans. SWOT analysis was founded by Edmund p Learned, C. Ronald and others. The aim of SWOT analyses is present and identifies the character of external and internal factors, which are extremely valuable to achieve the business goal.

The internal factors are the strength and weakness; in the other hand, the external factors are opportunities and threats. Furthermore, SWOT analysis particularly crucial and might be utilized in the point of taking a decision and in careful planning and preventive crises management. In addition to, SWOT analysis is used when we want to make recommendations during viability study.

In this research, choosing University of Sharjah together with American University of Sharjah, which are well-known and international universities. Moreover, in this article SWOT analysis, will be analyzed in these two organizations, which are educational organizations. Besides, the discussing in details will be performed internal and external factors, to see what the opportunities, strength, weaknesses and threats.

Research Hypothesis:

In this research, University of Sharjah case will be argued more global and international university than the American University in Sharjah and quickly developed.

Background on University of Sharjah:

The University of Sharjah was established in 1997 as a nonprofit organization by his highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. In less than 10 years, the university has achieved academic accreditation for all the specialization. The University located in University of Sharjah Campus that houses the higher technology Colleges and American University at Sharjah.

The University contains 14 colleges of different specializations and the university aims to be a cornerstone of higher education utilizing the most advanced educational resources and curriculum.

In addition to, the University, aims to encompass students attain their highest enforcement throughout strengthening interaction amongst students, besides urging them to do heavily, in addition to instilling in them the aim to develop their own personal as well as cognitive talents so that they become vital elements at the said community. However, the university buildings are designed according to the Islamic design, any one visited the university, and he will take these beautiful dealings.

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The university took its moral atmosphere from Islamic and Arabic tradition; the University has built according an Islamic design along with houses learning laboratories, halls libraries, computer labs, clubs, and theatres, besides other administration facilities. On the other hand, there are further, separate residential places for male as well as female students along with faculty. More to the point, the University aims to follow the other and their values, there are so many students from other countries, who are studying and working at Sharjah University. In addition to, there are more than nine academic libraries inside and outside the university campus. Moreover, the university has many of labs, such as computer, physics and medical labs.

Background on American University of Sharjah:

American University of Sharjah was founded in 1997 by his highness Sheikh Sultan Bin Muhammad Al-Qasimi. The university has four colleges, college of Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Art Design and Business and Management. All programs are accredited from the Ministry of Higher Education; the university is located on the opposite side of University of Sharjah. The buildings are designed according to the Islamic design, beautiful buildings, parks, laboratories and extensive library. The university is offering master program for the four colleges and all programs are accredited from the Ministry of Higher Education.

Internal University Strengths and Weakness


Sheikh Sultan Al- Qasimi is the university president; he supports the learning process and the culture. He is the founder of the university; he sets the mission as well as vision of the university. Besides, the chancellor Prof. Sami Mahmud he is highly motivated and he is struggling to use the mission and vision of Sheikh Sultan Al- Qasimis. Further, University of Sharjah has many accredited programs in bachelor and master, more than 14 colleges such as medical colleges and engineering, law and business.

University of Sharjah recruit faculty who support the campus mission and vision, the entire faculty has Ph.D. Degree. In addition, the faculty associate with students and learning communities developed in order to enhance teaching and student faculty interaction. In addition to, University of Sharjah now 10 years of successful graduation rates. Moreover, there are so many facilities in the university such as labs, libraries, more than four libraries inside the campus and five libraries outside. Therefore, the students can access services inside and outside the university.

The university buildings are truly beautiful and designed according to the Islamic design, the campus is surprisingly high also campus wide participation in planning. The university has nine campuses such as Men’s Campus, Medical Campus, Khorfakn Campus and Fine Deba Campus. The premises are extremely hard, in addition to there are so many fountains, Palms trees, cars parking and inner accommodation for students and academics.

Nowadays the University of Sharjah well known in all over the world, also it has so many agreements with the international universities in Canada, United States and England Australia and Arab Countries. Moreover, in 2010, the university established hospital for the students of medical colleges to teach them; the university also applied a global system, which is pendant. Moreover, the University of Sharjah has training center, which is the Continuous Education Training Center in order to teach the employees and the graduated students inside and outside the university.

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On the other hand, American University in Sharjah has four colleges, skillful and motivated staff, extensive library and labs. The buildings are designed according to the Islamic design. In addition to, all programs are accredited from so many international institutions and the university has several agreements with other universities in Canada and USA. There is also Learning and Counseling Center, Transportation, Information Technology (IT), Careers for AUS Students and Graduates, Research Office and Safety Enforcement.


One of the preference points, it is that lack of fulfillment of internal region within students life. In addition to, there is a lack of strong, pervasive presence in the external community. Therefore, it is highly competitive market for various staff and faculty and limited resources for staff and faculty development. In addition, there is varying awareness of right portion of heavy employees’ categories, staff, administrative and faculty.

Moreover, the salaries of the staff and management are especially low comparing with the other universities. For example, my salary was 8000 Dhs. On the other hand, in UAE University the salary for the same situation is 13000 Dhs. Moreover, distinguishing qualities and likeness are not fully know and sluggish responsiveness for students and community needs. Moreover, one of the weaknesses points that the number of the employees are the administrative employees.

On the other hand, the fees are exceptionally high, for example, students of medicine pay yearly 83.000 Dhs. Therefore, the fees are unusually high and steep. Moreover, the accommodation is extremely expensive, on the other hand, the there is no accommodation for the staff, but the academics they have. In addition to, the medical insurance does not meet the staff perception.

One of the weaknesses points, that the university has two campuses for male and female, this cost of the university is so many expenses, such as academics, buildings and so many resources. So that high workloads staff and faculty.

The University of Sharjah has no motivations and no support for the employees, so most of the staff and academics are complaining.

On the other hand, in American University in Sharjah there are no Medical Colleges, Sharia’a Colleges, law and other specializations such as Arabic Language and Mass Media. In American University in Sharjah, the library is not essential as the libraries in University of Sharjah, one library there.

External University Opportunities and Threats


The University of Sharjah has so many opportunities, which promote and support the university to grow up fast; the university has so many external community and university relationships with other educational institutions inside and outside of United Arab Emirates. Additionally, there are partnerships in supporting of university initiatives and expanded possibilities for the workforce.

The users are interested in the university services, such as police center, security staff, sports buildings and so many facilities. Moreover, there are new constructions and beautiful building. The university has developed university parks and has a large student pools, for male and female.

On the other hand, there are high technological advances in the university, for example the libraries applied Millennium system, is a global system, in addition to, the banner network and wireless Internet. Moreover, the university in the last five years increased focusing on the higher education practice; there is more than ten specialization of master degree. The university is planning to express Ph.D.

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The university also increased interest in international initiatives and matches between curricular & societal interests. The university stated budget crises, no one of the employees terminated, the budget of the university is more than 400 millions Dhs. More over the university is private for-profit and on-line universities’ responsiveness to program and student scheduling demands.

The university also increased in reporting, which is expected by government and society and was shifted in focus on numerical implementation and qualitative performance. On the other hand, the university also matched between curricular and social interests.

American University in Sharjah has so many opportunities, most of the staff and academics are western, high salaries there, and English language is the universal language. In addition to, the university has so many external community and university relationships with other educational institutions inside and outside of United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, there are partnerships in supporting of university initiatives and expanded possibilities for the workforce.


One of the primary threats is the competitors. The university is located in the University City, between American University and Higher Colleges of Technology. Among the other universities, anybody will choose the University of Sharjah, especially the American University, because American University is well known in UAE, all the staff from USA, all programs are accredited from Ministry of Higher Education, all the programs in English language.

In addition to, the development of other universities around is directly. May be negative public awareness will happen and increased in reporting expected by society and government, so the university must pay attention and extremely careful about the competitors.

Moreover, There is a student comprehension and societal of education as merely within means to a job, so the university must market the academic programs extraordinarily well.


According to this research, University of Sharjah is one of the best universities in United Arab Emirates, and in the future it will challenge the other universities in the Arab Countries and it is developed rapidly better than American University in Sharjah.

The best example to see that the university developed quickly, there are so many different nationalities of students are studying in the university, in addition to, there are skillful and professional academics.

Moreover, the university, applied the banner and millennium systems, which are global systems, and the university opened creative labs for dental college and hospital inside the university campus for the medical students. Thus, the university is developing the learning process, in addition to; the University of Sharjah aims to be regional university in the gulf area. On the other hand, American University in Sharjah is a world in university, but the university must begin another specialization, such as medical, law and Sharia’a.

Before five years ago, the numbers of students were 6 thousands but now, more than 10 thousands, and more than 30 nationalities of students who are studying in University of Sharjah. Nevertheless, the university must make connections with the community and increase the salaries of the staff, specifically the administrative staff.

Finally, this research discussed in details the SWOT analysis. So according to this study, we discussed the aspects of power, opportunities, weakness and threats in University of Sharjah and American University in Sharjah and shows the internal and external factors which can help in setting the target for the future and that can help in the development of the education process.

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