H and M The communication processes

The choice of my company is H & M ( Hennes& Mautriz). It was set up in 1947 which is acknowledged for its rapid fashion clothing offerings for men, women, adolescent and children. It remains a distinctive phenomenon because of visible difference in the behaviour of the customers in the existing retailing market. It is victorious and expansive company in both market and financial performance term. The H & M strategies have carried out along the line of persistent growth and seek for promising market largely. It can also be taken as example of the advantage brought by incorporated e- business solutions.

Communication is the process of sharing or flow of information, ideas, emotions data etc between two or more people. It involves a sender transmitting an idea, information, or feeling to a receiver (U.S. Army, 1983). The efficient communication arises when the receiver comprehends the precise information that the sender meant to convey. In H & M the problems arises either the direct result of the staffs failing to converse. Later this leads to turmoil and failure of good scheme. The communication is essential in H & M to spot the problems that may be holding them back, to enhance skills, to discover how to firmly stand their ground, to develop the abilities to handle intricate situations.

The communication processes in H & M:


Sender Transmission Recipient

Feed back

The transmitter is the senders who will initiate the message which exists as information.

It is vital to be encoded before the message can actually be conveyed. The keys problems can occur in this process. To a great extent it depends on the sender’s skills in putting his or her meaning into efficient meaning which the recipient will comprehend. The most of the information about H & M is transmitted via email, display graphics.

The recipient is obviously the persons to whom the message is directed. The recipient has to decode the message as transmitted so as to comprehend it. The effective communication must take place in Sainsbury where there is a common understanding between the transmitter and the recipient.

Verbal and Non Verbal Communications

Verbal communication is the mainly used technique in H & M. In simple terms it is way of communicating your thoughts through words. The staffs in H & M deals with numerous customers throughout the day and some of the customer are of different age, culture and with different experience. The verbal communication is divided into two categories which are

Oral communication

The oral communication is direct and personal and direct. It refers to the spoken words in the communication process. It has certain pros such as opportunity for immediate feedback and information can be supplied immediate when and where needed.

Written communication

Communication by use of paper for instance reports, letters, message, brochures etc are written communication. It can be either via mail or email. H & M is much conscious about the communication system.

Non verbal communication

Non verbal communication is that type of communication which involves facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice, body posture and motions, and positioning. Generally it is the way of sending and receiving message in different ways with no use of verbal codes. The senior managers and supervisors generally use such kind of communication techniques to direct their subordinates. As the expressions on a person’s face say a lot about their mood, facial expression plays a key role while in communication. The gestures like a handshake, a smile or a hug can independently convey emotions. The HR team in H & R is more conscious as it provides the detail training to its member of staffs regarding the various methods of communication.

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Formal and Informal communication

Formal communication is when people use or follow the rules of the language. This type of communication occurs through the channel of H & M organisational structure along the lines of authority set up by the management. This kind of communication in H & M is generally in writing forms such as manuals, official meeting, memorandum etc. The formal communication assists in the fixation of responsibilities and in maintaining of the authority relationship in H & M.

Informal communication is when the people do not follow or use the rules of the language. It does not flow lines of authority and it is built around the social relationships of members of H & M. The informal communication is in oral form for instance simple glance, smile or gesture.

Communication Skills

When the communication fulfils the objective of message then only it can be considered as an effective communication. Both the sender and receiver require definite skills to make communication efficient. The improper communication in H & M results in misunderstanding and misinterpretation which may lead to conflict. H & M needs to recognize the fact that needs to be improved the communication to make effective. Following are the basic communication skills focused by H & M.

Intra personal skills:

This involves personal reflection, contemplation and meditation. According to H & M intra personal communication covers the communication with celestial and strength in the form of customers and services.

Interpersonal communication skill:

This is direct and face to face communication between two people. It is personal, direct and consents utmost interactions through words and gestures. Interpersonal communications can be Focused Interactions and unfocussed interaction relying on the situation. Focused interactions are results from real encounter between two people where as unfocused interactions occur when one simply observes or listens to person with whom one is not communicating.

Internal and external communication process

The internal communication may be both formal and informal that H & M undertakes with the people with whom it has close relationship that needs support, essentially employees and members.

The external communication is the process of exchanging the information between company and other company or groups outside its formal structure. The main objective of this type of communication is to facilitate within groups for instance suppliers, investors to present a favourable image of company and its products and services.

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Group communication:

It is the communications between groups which are consist of channels that connect supervisor and task members, serve as a conduit through which managers and others can send and receive information.





The Communication Process of H & M is enhanced by its management. The communication system is expanded prioritising practising on H & M’s strategies, goals and objectives. H & M is becoming extra customer oriental. It is visibly clear that the business improvement will come from decent communications.

Task 02

Analyze communication barriers within this organization. Make recommendations for improvement to the communication processes, explaining how these would be implemented.

Essentially, communication is a learning process. Conversing, listening and the aptitude to comprehend both verbal and non verbal meanings are skills H & M develop in many ways. The staffs in H & M learn the communication skills by scrutinizing their customers and modelling customers conducts based on what the staffs perceives. However, the communication in H & M is rigid due to the meeting of different range of customers from different cultural backgrounds.

Communication barrier is usual process in every organisation and occasionally those barriers cannot be abolished. H & M is facing the barriers in performing efficient communication like other organisations. Following are the barriers that H & M faces.

Physical barriers:

The physical barriers occur because of the nature of environment. The natural barrier that exists in H & M is the location of staffs in different sites. The deprived or obsolete equipments and failure to introduce new technologies in H & M also caused problems in the times of yore. The scarcity of staffs occasionally causes communication difficulties in H & M. The other physical barrier that exists in H & M is background noise, poor lighting. The environment for instance heat or cold may have direct impact on customers or the staffs morale and concentration.

System Design:

The problems with the structure or system in place in H& M causes barrier in effective communication. For instance uncertain or vague organisational structure in H & M makes perplex to know who to commune with. The other examples are lack of good supervision, training and lack of clarity in roles and responsibilities which directs the H & M staffs being unsure about what is expected of them.

Attitudinal Barriers:

This occurs due to the problems of staffs in H & M. The issues such as poor management, lack of consultation with employees, personality conflicts in H & M may lead in delaying or refusing to converse. This may be lack of motivation or discontent at work brought by deficient training to enable them to carry out specific tasks.

Language Barriers:

Language is one of the main barriers to efficient communication in H & M. Communication is the process of conveying message from one person to another person. Consequently, if the message is conveyed clearly, it is considered as efficient communication. There are different people from different nations working in H & M. The accent and tone from different origins differ from one another. The customers from different continents are not explicable. In an international corporate house such as H & M, it is guided by the equal opportunity law that it is difficult and somehow not possible to employ only the native language speaker.

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Psychological factors:

The psychological factor such as state of mind may cause problem in effective communication in H & M. The entire staffs and customers are inclined to feel more content and receptive to information when the sun shines. The personal problems of the staffs or the customers for instance ill health, poor eye sight, problems in hearing will possibly affect them.

Individual linguistic ability:

The use of complicated or improper words in communication may prevent the staffs and customers in H & M understanding the message. Feebly explained or misinterpreted messages leads to confusion.

The recommendations for the improvement to the communication process in H & M are:

Training and development:

It is imperative process to improve the communication. The staff’s members and the teams should be introduced to the development programme and given conduct training to attain the objective of H & M. H & M may also be required to appoint the experts and guest lecturers occasionally to promote the communication skills of the team members.


Developing advanced communication skills initiate with easy interactions. Communication skills can be rehearsed daily in settings that range from the more social to the more professional. H & M should commence to focus on customer practicing to develop the business communication.

Control of attitudes and beliefs:

This has colossal impact in the communication process; the staffs need to choose to be truthful, enduring, sanguine and respectful. The staffs also need to be alert to the feelings of other people and have tremendous amount of faith in others competence.



HR team of H& M can develop the questionnaire to receive the feedback from its customers. This way the communication system can be improved. It is vital to communicate to the entire staffs and member to determine how the business is going and how it can be improved to achieve the objectives of the business. In the other hand with its customers, communication tends to lean more on the sales communication. It is essential to have internal communication strong in H & M and the method which aid H & M to maintain communication burly is meetings. The entire staffs should be given a chance to speak or express their feelings.

The communication is essential in H & M to spot the problems that may be holding them back, to enhance skills, to discover how to firmly stand their ground, to develop the abilities to handle intricate situations. It is a true challenge to excellent performance in quality management and business development.

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