Has Music of the 1950’s Shaped Today’s Music?


Background Questions

– Has music of the 1950’s shaped today’s music? Navjot

     – Who influenced the music in the 1950’s? Zainab

     – Was there a particular style of music in the 1950’s? Navjot

More than one style of music was popular,the popular genres of the 1950’s:

  • Rock ‘n’ Roll: African Americans migrated into the north urban cities for jobs, bringing along their unique form of music. Working with American people and being close to them allowed their music to be overlapped which caused the birth of Rock and Roll. Rock and Roll is a combination of Rhythm and Blues.
  • Traditional pop:A mixture of original songs, and hits that were previously made famous by another artist but were recorded to their own version. Pop music in the 1950s has been referred to music that was known before the creation of Rock n Roll, pop music was not in any way similar to Rock n Roll.
  • Country: Country music was a blend of Rock music, swing, boogie, and humour country music told real tales that people could relate to such as love, and events in life.
  • Rhythm and blues: Was a popular music genre combining jazz, gospel, and blues influences. Rhythm and Blues was held responsible by the older generation for encouraging uprising among the youth, who happened to be the dominant audience

     – Who made music in the 1950s? Zainab

  • Johnny Cash (Country)
  • Elvis Presely (Rock ‘n’ roll)
  • Little Richard (R&B)
  • Pat Boone (Traditional Pop)


  • How did music in the 1950s impact conflicts that were occurring during that time period? Zainab
  • Following the conclusion of the second world war, music acted as a method of representation to express the ethnic conflicts arising through the development of the civil rights movement.
  • Opinion #1: During this time, Rock ‘n’ Roll and R&B music created somewhat of a foundation for black music
  • However, it was also a period that displayed the success and loss of African-American music production
  • This is where racism in the states can be identified-discrimination at its finest
  • The whites claiming blacks music as their own
  • Opinion #2: Rock ‘n’ Roll and Rhythm and Blues brought the whites and black together; encouraged civil rights movement
  • How has music changed since the 1950’s until now? How do they contrast (differences and similarities) Navjot
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Since the 1950s music has changed largely due to many reasons. technology has developed overtime resulting in auto tune being overused by popular artists of this generation, back them music most like had a story now all music has the same concept or meaning its not unique. Also, the genres of music that are now popular have changed, rap music have advanced massively in popularity.Many bands of the past wrote music that had depth to it: the lyrics were meaningful, they wrote their own music, they played multiple instruments, they didn’t use auto tune or synthesizers, making their music unique. Today there’s so much technology and advancement that not much music is unique.

  • How did global issues influence the meaning behind music in the 1950s? Zainab
  • Why was there particular styles of music in the 1950s? Were they due to a lack of advanced technology and available resources? Navjot

Technology had a huge impact on the music industry typically in positive ways. Technology allows music to be distributed all over the world at the touch of a button which allows the artist to quickly spread their music. Sampling is another digital technology that has had a tremendous impact on music and being able to perfect everything before being released. Artists nowadays are available for popular and valuable instruments like electric guitars, improved microphones, mastering equipment which provides the audience with crystal clean sound and a greater experience with high quality both in concerts and recording.[1]




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