Health and Safety Management in Healthcare Setting

1.2 Assess the responsibilities in a specific health and social care workplace for the management of health and safety, in relation to organisational structures.

Chief executive officers( CEO)



Deputy manager

Unit manger


Human resource





Senior carer

Care staff




As a CEO for a company   the vision is determine and communicate organisation strategic and direction. Without direction the organisation is simply a group of people pursuing individual goals, guided by their own values. Only the CEO can accomplish the task of balancing resources the most important ones are capital and people. The CEO makes sure they are available in the appropriate numbers and at the right time for the company to succeed. Culture is the set of shared attitudes, goals, behaviours and values that describe a group. It improves how things get done at a business level and influences the entirety of the employee experience and thus the clients’ experience. Making good decisions is important as a new CEO is often surprised by the magnitude of issues confronting him or her. One minute the CEO is discussing a new product, or next a human resources issue.

The CEO Oversee and deliver the organization performance. Everyone agrees that the CEO is ultimately responsible for a company’s performance. To be successful, he or she must take an active part in motivating change.

Manager responsibility is to monitor and evaluate health and safety policy and to implement new guide line. This is carry out in looking at the workplace though inspection and auditing information thought management structure .A good manager is not measured by what he does but by what he can get others to do .He often direct people in directions that they do not want to go, by getting them to do things that they would not otherwise do. A manager must be able to set a vision for his organisation and to support his staff to see the importance of that vision. In my work place it is the responsible of my manager and deputy manager for training the staffin health and safety issue as this may take place in the course of their duties.They are train in the basic regulations such as cleanliness which is important in avoiding food poisoning. In addition, ensuing that equipment’s are continuously kept at their selected places and there is an active procedure of disposing of waste to increases safety. There are security issues that can impart on reducing of hazards. For instance, all staff should be aware of hazard to reduce accident and near misses. Also as manager they make sure that staffs are train in health and safety issues in the workplace.

They also involved in purchasing safety requirements and developing safety policies in the organization while making sure staff are following and carry them out in their daily activated.

Deputy manager work with the manager to make sure staff or educated and that all safety policies of the organizations are followed  through constant monitoring, thought audit and recording of information about each staff member .A deputy manager work with a general manager to assist in the day to day running of the organisation when the manager is not around the deputy take over the responsibility they are there to support the staff ,while carrying out there administrate dutiesand perform humanresource tasks, such as recruiting and assessing staff performance. The deputy preforms many jobs like, implementation of business procedures that help you to save time and money in the organisation by increasing efficiency. This work best with staff having a set processes to follow which help them to get more done in lest time, this will free up more time for the deputy to get back to more serous things, more than just the day to day running of the organisation if they have more competent staff .Policy and procedures can also improve the reliability and service delivery by your staff.  Also assisting General Managers, Controlling cost or expenditure, maintain quality standards.  Training employees, Budgeting, Preparing reports, attending meeting and Doing presentations.

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As employees my responsible is to follow the security policies implemented by the organization. Also report any cases of hazards or any faulty equipment’s to prevention any accident from happening.

Nurse are responsible for their  care staff who are working with them they make sure staff are flowing the policy and procedure while carry out their duties they delegate to senior staff while supervising them to follow the health and safety training they attend and make sure paperwork or up to date accrue and clear.

Hospitality team make sure they are following the health and safety guideline when handle food, and the food hygiene procedure. (Food safety act 1990)

Domestic and cleaners must follow the policy and procedure regarding health and safety because of the chemical they work with can be dangerous for other.

COSHH is the control of substance that is hazardous to health and therefore must be lock away and only person who   have control and responsibility can access it. You can prevent or reduce workers expose to hazardous.

1.3 Analyse health and safety priorities appropriate for a specific health and social care workplace

Health and safety  priorities in my work environment is every one’s job to make sure you are safe .health and safety looks at  different types  of  safety issues like food hygiene ,fire safety ,first aid and RIDDOR.

Employers must safeguard their staff from harm the health safety and welfare of their employees and others is paramount. All accidents should be reported to my supervisor minor or major accident or injuries

If there is an accident related to your work and your employee, or self-employed person working on the premises  that sustain a major injury, or a member of public suffers an injury and is taken to hospital from the site of the accident this is reportable under ( RIDDOR). Or a doctor tells you have a work-related disease or condition you need to report it. But, as a self-employed person you don’t need to notify immediately if you suffer a major injury on your own premises. Dangerous occurrence you will have to notify the enforcing authority if you are off work for more than three days if it is a work related illness and for disease it should be reported as soon as the doctor tells you. (RIDDOR REGULATOR1995)

Reportable dangerous occurrences like if someone Collapse, explosion, fire or electrical short circuit or lifting equipment malfunction reporting information late or not at all can become a habit and this can lead to you being prosecute


Safety consultants(SC): Are employed by the organization to train the employees or install equipment that can help you   to deal with danger in the work place. They a provide information to the management on laws and regulations with regards to safety in the work environment.

A first aid box should be fully stocked this box is green. Also a person is appointed to take charge in an emergency situation most work place have a first aider on all shift to assist staff.

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fire safety employer has policy and procedure for fire safety and what to do in case of a fire also ways to prevent fire and who you raise the alarm if you discover a fire in the building .how the emergency evacuation process is  pre-arranged  and designated area or assembles point.

Why are they  not following the policy and procedure did your staff understand the training was it clear ,did they get a  change  to ask question .where they supervise  first time doing task did you give enough information on subject also are they aware of the law government the policy procedure in regard to complaint within the guideline.

Is the training up to date with new guideline is the equipment up to date or they pat tested are they being encourage to follow the  policy is there anything else the company can  do. Are they aware if they are found in breach of the law that they can face prosecution is the company aware of what is going wrong and are they working on making it right if someone lost their life you are unable to get that person back and that would mean you will have to live with it but also paid for it with their life it could mean that someone maybe be behind bar .why they do not want to change and bully anyone who try to do the right thing. Sometime the staffs do not want to do extra work and find it hard to follow the policy and procedure of their organisation.

2.1 Analyse how information from risk assessments inform care planning for individuals and organisation decision making about policy and procedures.

A 75 year old lady was admitted to smart care home for the elderly, she is diagnosed with dementia. She as loss of memory and sometimes she is confused, in the last few weeks she has fallen 3 times as this as to do with her mobility and the medication she is taking daily and what she is eating and drinking .

Due to the mobility of miss G regarding the risk assessment that has been done she needs support to mobilise well, staff is responsible to make sure when she is walking she has her walking aids to support her at all times, and that there is someone with her .staff are reminded to follow the manual handling procedure when moving or handling clients. Miss G was seen by the her doctor and was referred to see an occupational health therapies team to assess her mobility to get the best aids and equipment she needs while making sure her best interest is at the heart of what you are doing, making sure she is involve as much as possible. Make sure the walk way is clear of any derbies to prevent trips and falls.

Due to the facts that miss G is suffering from dementia and memory loss and get confused she  find it increasing difficulty when speaking. It is important to keep communicating with her or use different method to support her.  Like using picture chart with family member, charts that as picture of food and drink items. Because of the memory loss miss G tend to wander off some times and get confused and forget where she was going this lead to her feeling anxious and agitated, also new surrounding and people can cause her to be confuse so as staff we have to reassure her more as she become easily disorientated, and sometimes she can harm herself and this is others so support is needed but not restriction. Refer back to the risk assessment to safe guard client.

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Medication can cause different side effect she needs to have the right dosages also making sure that she is taking them.  If you are concern about her having side effect like having upset stomach or nausea you must inform the doctor so her medication can be review. Staff must attended on-going training about medication,   while following the correct procedure an how to administer and the storage of medication.  Also monitor the wellbeing of miss G with the support of other professionals. Medication risk assessment form is there to make sure we are not overlooking risk when dealing with medication.

Miss G find it difficult to Eat and Drink   sometime  because  she forget what she was doing because  of the dementia  so you have to supervise her ,she do not have much of an appetite and if she is not having enough to eat it can lead to weight loss. Miss G will have to be place on a food plan to monitor her input and output ratio and a weekly weight plan to see how much weight she is losing, by fortified her meals it will help her to maintain her weight while the doctor is inform so she can be assessed by a dietician in case she need additional supplements.

  Personal hygiene for miss G  can be changeling due to her age and the dementia as much as possible we try to explain what is happen to her .good personal hygiene have to be maintain because of infection that can accrue that can lead to her skin breaking  down. When assisting miss G with personal care she find it hard and sometime she can be aggressive so too staff much assist and reassure her. Regular check should be done to prevent and relieve pressure area and skin integrity making sure we are using the correct hygiene product we can include a weekly body map to note any changes. Staff should be reminded when assisting client to maintain respect, dignity and choice.

When transporting miss G to appointment she must be supported with the right equipment like wheel chair and ramp to get her an the transport and staff should attend with her. Make sure right transport is book and that miss G is ready in advance so you are not rushing her follow the policy and procedure when moving and handling. Risk assessment state that she should be accompany by at least one staff for her safety.

The aim of this care plan is to make sure that miss G get the best possible care while taking in to account her rights ,choice and maintaining her independence.


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