HRM Practices in the United Arab Emirates

Human Resource is a highly diversified field that possesses its relation with most of the operations that are concerned with the company. Basic functioning of a HR involves maintaining suitable coordination among all the factors that can be held responsible for conducting various business processes within organizational premises. Also ADNH is such an organization that makes vital use of this particular department in order to handle its huge workforce, which is also extremely diversified in nature. It also makes it necessary for the company to seize an exceptionally competent Human Resource Department in order to make sure that it is able to ensure apposite functioning of this department of the company.

One of the highly significant parameter associated with HRM is learning and development. This can also be considered as a primary objective of this department that has to be carried out so as to take final objectives to be achieved by the company in an effective manner. It should also be taken into accounts that for an organization like ADNH, learning and development process should be a gradual process so as to ensure absorption of these techniques by the organizational units without offering much resistance to its implications.

Literature Review

Ibrahim Al-Abed and Paula Casey-Vine in 1996 depicted various ideologies related to ADNH. Most of these ideologies were related to the improvement scope that is associated with this particular organization and can be carried out in present scenario. This is due to the fact that hospitality industry is one of those industries that are also highly favored in several political issues making it possible to divert various such issues in its favor. But this development is highly associated with the internal development of the organization that can only be carried out by consolidating its internal structure. Best possible way to perform this activity is through conducting training that makes it possible for company to develop a factor of internal strength that will support it in tackling its external competition. (Ibrahim Al-Abed, 1996)

There were certain improvements made in this regard by John P. Wilson in 1999 that laid its focus over development and augmentation of company in this regard in order to take factors like gaining competitive edge over its rivals. This factor also emphasize over enhancement of quality that is being offered by the company in the form of services offered by it to its customers at both regional and global level. This is considered to be a highly effective method to make implementation as it takes large number of factors into consideration. (Wilson, 1999)

Michael Armstrong in 2006 stated that planning is considered to be an integral part of learning and development process. This integration has to be conducted in such a manner that there is a high degree of coordination between planning and implementation of those plans. If there is any disturbance in this relationship, it will directly hamper implementation of development program depicting incompetency of Human Resource Management. Also there should be an element of evaluation associated with learning so as to measure effectiveness of the company’s performance in terms of applied learning techniques as in case of ADNH. (Armstrong, 2006)

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John Garrick in 1998 presented learning phenomenon can be conducted at different levels, i.e. internal and external. This would define the amount and type of resources that will be brought into use to implement change. In an ideal situation, there should be a proper balance between these two categories of learning that will ensure overall development of the company. In case of ADNH, proportion of internal learning process is significantly more as compared to that external learning. This is because of the extent to which customers associated with this company are related to the employees. This is derived from the fact that most of the employees are directly associated with the customers on a direct basis making it impossible to leave scope of committing any mistake. It is this reason that development in this particular industry is based over a number of parameters along with HRM behavior and competency. (Garrick, 1998)


Methodology that has to be adopted in learning procedure is entirely dependent on the type of organization. In ADNH, learning is done along with regular application of various methods of improvement. Also substantial emphasis is laid over learning process so as to ensure that this company is able to retain its market stake even in this highly competitive market scenario. This is analyzed by regular monitoring of external factors that can be termed as essential due to continuously changing conditions in hospitality industry that makes it necessary for organization to implement changes in its functioning. Also the frequency at which changes are brought in this organization is considerably high as compared to various other organizations operating in other corporate sector. There is an adoption of on-the-job learning that is considered to be the best possible way of practical learning. This will enable employees to get aware about various prospects that are associated with the company in relation to both long and short term perspectives. Technique to be pursued should possess enough flexibility so as to make an inclusion of various other factors into its operations that are learnt along with working in the organization. Maintaining a continuous compatibility with practical implication can be considered as a primary essence of Human Resource Management.


When all the factors present in the vicinity were taken into consideration, it was observed that tasks to be completed by HRM are highly diversified in nature. There should be proper channelization of all these tasks such that company is able to perform all the functioning that is derived from learning and development in a managed format. It is considered as an essentiality for ADNH as this company consist ample diversity that may act as a liability for this company if not handled in an apposite manner. Also the fact that UAE is a relevant business hub inviting highly diversified individuals from all over the world requires suitable diversity in its workforce in order to tackle challenges that are initiated by those individuals. This aspect can be taken care by appropriate training that will help individuals to ignore internal conflicts and focus over final objectives of the company.

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As the scale of operation of an organization increases, requirement to conduct learning programs formally increases. ADNH after establishing its supremacy in domestic market of UAE are not wiling to take interest in various other regions in both active and passive manner. This would raise a need to make implementation of various learning techniques to equip its employees with basic understanding of organizational functioning in order to support organizational expansion. It is considered as basic requirement for all the organizations along with ADNH willing to enhance their scale of operations.

There are a number of opportunities that are present in the market in an unexplored manner. This requires innovation in order to explore all those factors that are still present in an unturned manner. This innovation is available with most of the organizations but in a raw format, which can be turned in useful manner with the help of suitable training. If learning is done in a highly specific manner, it helps in making it possible for the organization to become a pioneer in its domain of operations. Learning if conducted properly will make direct impact over profitability that is associated with the organization.

Learning and development is conducted differently at different echelon of operation. Based over this parameter, learning can be associated with HRM in order to take care of following facets of organizational functioning,

Organizational management

Personnel administration

Manpower management

Industrial management

In most of the situations, these factors are confused with each other resulting in an ambiguous situation. It is a mere responsibility of HRM to distinguish between all these departments and allocate adequate resources to all of them so as to ensure proper functioning for all of them. Level of tactics that are implemented for the purpose of learning is also dependent on these factors, i.e. personnel management possess low priority in learning process as compared to that of manpower management and organizational management in ADNH. Also former is related with individual performance at lower levels, while later factors are associated with higher authorities or even departmental performance.


HRM is the concerned authority that is responsible for taking care of workplace management in ADNH. As this factor is directly associated with organizational performance and success that can be attained by the company, it is inevitable to ignore its contribution in defining goals and objectives of the organization. This feature represents close relation of HRM with that of strategic department of the company. Learning is a basic tool that should be available with HRM if implication that is to be made in strategic department in an effective as well as efficient manner. Learning should considered as an integral part of the organizational functioning as it is this aspect that is capable to reducing risk factor that is associated with ADNH at different steps of its operations. Thus ADNH should define its goals in an explicit manner based over required modifications in its structuring can be brought out with the help of learning that can be carried out in different format. Learning should also focus over making employees aware of all the basic ethical aspects associated with ADNH policies that are implied in one of the other manner.

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One of the most elementary activities conducted by ADNH on a frequent basis is recruitment. First step after this procedure is learning to enlighten and enhance various aspects of management in relation to ADNH. As learning is correlated with various business processes, which is considered as main feature to be included in development that is to be experienced by the company. HR Managers also acts as change agents that require ample learning of the company in order to estimate futuristic behavior of employees and organization when change will be implemented and be prepared to rectify negative aspects that come under consideration. Strategic issues are of highest priority for the company, and intense association of all these factors with strategic issues reflects their importance for organization.


HRM is concerned with number parameters of organizational functioning like workforce planning, skills management, training and development, etc. But for an organization operating in service sector like ADNH, learning is considered to be mandatory so as to determine various features associated with organization in consistent manner. Continuous modification in external conditions also makes it impossible for ADNH to follow traditional policies and require regular modification. This modification should be accompanied by an awfully relevant feature of learning. This is required within an organization to make sure that any step taken by the organizational unit gets support of its entire structure. This parameter is also responsible for defining the orientation of the company that will ensure better time and resource management. Several other facets like performance appraisal and employee benefits have become an integral part of organizational learning making it impossible to disregard this factor from basic structuring of the company. Factor of organizational learning is also related to the concept of personnel administration in an indirect manner raising relevance of learning procedure for ADNH.

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