Importance of Human Resource planning in an organisation

This assignment is about human resource planning. For the purpose of this assignment, I selected McDonald and consider myself as human resource senior manager. McDonald is the world’s largest fast food chain with branches all over the world. The human resource department of McDonald is considered one of the best in the world. Besides its big name for the quality of products and services, McDonald also fosters employees training and development programs. Human resource planning is essential for any organisation in the competitive world of today because in order to improve and manage the workforce within the organisation and achieve better performance. I have analysed that human resource planning is vital for strategic decision making. In order to achieve organisational goals it is necessary to implement the correct human resource policies. In my assignment I have taken the example of various organisations which are successfully using HR planning. This is the fact that employees are the assets of an organisation so it is crucial to manage them accordingly. Human resource planning helps in getting the information about need of different departments in terms of demand and supply of labour. Hence, recruitment and selection are two major processes completed through human resource management.

Human Resource Planning Supports the Strategic Objectives:

Human resource planning supports achieving organisation goals and objective. It helps to analyse the current position of organisation, its achievements and targets. Human resource planning also helps in knowing current need of an organisation and select the right way for fulfil the organisational need with the help of outsourcing. It helps for getting awareness of organisation and management of employees in order to help management achieving its aims and objectives. Senior management and all departments of an organisation coordinate with human resource department for completing various tasks and decision making. Human resource planning ensures the right people recruited and working on the right job and right place. It also helps in hiring skilful and talented staff for organisation. Human resource managers usually ensure that the right persons are hired for job, having ability to complete their jobs and behave well at workplace.

Demand & Supply of Labour within the Organisation:

Forecasting demand means demand for labour force by the different departments of an organisation. For this purpose human resource department works proactively and not reactively. For example, if a department needs staff it must contact HR department with its requirements and then it becomes responsibility of human resource department to deploy, recruit, or transfer the required number of employees to fulfil their need.

For this purpose, human resource department analyses the market of labour outside the organisation, and supplies labour at the minimum possible cost. They often outsource for this purpose and advertise the jobs, target the market for labour, and work in a proper way so that demand of labour can quickly be filled for each department. The purpose is not simply to satisfy the demand of labour required by any department but also ensure that talented and skilled full staff is recruited. Therefore recruitment and selection process is every important in this regard. Supply of labour becomes possible internally by transferring or deploying the staff and externally by recruitment process.

Model of Strategic human resource planning:

There is no particular approach to budding a person income plan. The exact approach will differ from one administration to another. Yet so, a brilliant approach on the way to an HR planned organization arrangement is obvious in the model accessible below. These approaches identify six specific steps in developing an HR plan:-

Located the planned way.

Deceitful the HRMS.

Preparation the whole labour force.

Generate the necessary human resources.

Invest in person source growth and presentation.

Assess and satisfying organisational capability and presentation.

Investing in human resource development and performance:

Usual approach to profession preparation, presentation appraisal, remuneration organization and member of staff growth must be re-appraised in glow of the visualization, kind and assignment outcome as reflect in the HRM strategy, policy, and practice. Expansion response will want to add to business ability, the request of business skills and the behavioural essentials – every one of which add to an organisation’s efficient presentation. In many traditions, the skill growth legislation has necessary organisations to re-engineer their developmental method and practice.

Obviously, where a labour force preparation implement reveal that there is small future expansion in the personnel or that promotional or profession growth opportunity are narrow, strategy expected at worker preservation will be extremely diverse from organisations which are experience substantial expansion and development.

Features of HRM or characteristics or nature:

HRM involves organizational functions like preparation, organizing, directing and scheming.

HRM helps for development and growth of human resource by training and development programs.

It helps to attain personal, managerial and public objectives.

HRM is a mighty corrective subject. It involves team spirit and team work.

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HRM is a process of identifying the number of staff necessary for each department and also capacity and condition of an organisation. It is said that HR planning is process of selection of right talent for the right job according to the need of an organisation. It helps to identify how much workforce is required by organisation and how to fullfill the demand of each department and that what sources are available.

HR planning is a procedure for helping & directing the organisation for arrangement of workforce when ever needed.


Expansion and growth.

Levelling off and disconnection.

Substitute and re-hiring.

Job alternation and cross-functional education

To make sure we are developing the mainly efficient human resources plan, our organisation should re-examine the want for have the following strategy:

calculated industry map

Work or role capability preparation

Manpower arrangement

Guidance and growth preparation

Profession improvement preparation and procedure

For downsizing, managing the layoff procedures.

HR planning is not a little human resource branch can do on its individual. So where does the accountability for efficient human resources actually recline? In elevated performing organization, good quality human resources practice are mainly successfully performed by line management with the human resources department given the equipment, leadership, and analysis necessary for the line managers to be doing well.

Human resource Planning for Strategic purpose

HR planning for the purpose of decision making on strategic level is an essential and important element for managing the employees within the organisation. These connect with management to strategic planning on an organisation. Large organisations have best plans for strategic objective and aim, and they also include the HR department for such purpose because it is crucial to include HR manager for such meetings which are concerns with organisations mission and vision. Organizations regularly monitor plans to ensure that they are going in the right direction and workforce of the organisation is also helping in achieving organisational goals.

All organsations whether they are large scale or small scale organisations, they all work on human resource planning they make various strategic plans for guiding decisions making. Basically these plans allow us to manage the men power within the organisation and prepare for the future events and new challenges. This is also necessary for the purpose of making budgets of an organisation regarding what should be cost of recruitment and selection and what we are going to pay and are paying to our staff and how cost of labour can be minimize and how training and development programs enhance the skill and experience of employees.

The strategic HR planning procedures:

The strategic HR planning procedures includes the following;

HR capabilities assessment.

Human resource need and want of each department.

Analysing the Space.

For supporting organisation it is important to increase & improve human resource planning.

For Supporting Organisational Strategies Human Resources are Developed

There are five HR planning for gathering our organisations require in the future:

Reform planning.

Guidance and growth planning.

Staffing strategies.

Outsourcing planning.

Teamwork planning.

For the Employment of Staff Legal & Organisational Frameworks Are Important.


Staffing is the procedure to identify that the organisation desires to utilize somebody up to the direct at which request forms for the position have arrived at the organisation. Staffing is a form of business opposition.

Worker staffing forms a major part of planning on an organisation, which classify for saving persons essential in favour of such organisation to stay alive and getting success in small or large way. Staffing performance requires being approachable to the ever-increasingly reasonable market to safe correctly skilled and competent staff on every level. For getting success various initiative should required comprising for know that what is need of department and who is fight for which job. For this purpose HR department tries to find the best possible staff available for organisation either internally or externally. To achieve this purpose HR department has an organisational structure with a solid employment plan based on strong mission, flexible process of selection, positioning, and placement. Inside staffing can give the most gainful foundation for workers which is possible for alive the team for workforce should be improved from end to end guidance, growth for improvement of efficiency

Gradually more, secure the most excellent excellence candidate for approximately all organisations relies, at slightest irregularly if not significantly, on outside staffing method. Quickly shifting business model demand ability and knowledge that cannot be source or speedily sufficient residential from the alive worker type. It would be difficult for any company for procedure of staffing, that is why they take help with others firm which help for recruitment and selection and also for staffing. These service are various like which type of CV should be what is the role of media, different job has different assignment and how media should be use and plan for announcement of job vacancies. Reaction of people and for short listing, interviews, different test regarding knowledge test, verifying the qualification of candidates and references as well.

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Sources and Recruitment Methods

For searching’s of possible and available workforce for any job is the process of staffing.

Following the way for selection of employees for any job in an organisation;

Internal sourcing

External sourcing

Recruitment Sources

Following are way of recruitment of staff in an organisation.

Resources within the Organisation


Exam with in departments

Staff deployment

Staff retirement

Advertisement of job internally in an organisation

Recommendation of employee on merit

Resources outside the Organisation

With the help of advisor of an organisation

Organisational services

Staff in form of Campus searching

Recruitment Objectives

The main objectives of recruiting are following;

Record of organisation’s objectives should be analyse

Human resource planning provide opportunities in various ways.

Basically it give the information to public about the organisation aims and objectives.

Recruitment objective basically is observation of demand and supply of labour for fulfilling the requirement of each department’s needs.


Selection is the process of hiring the right talent for the right job and filling the requirement of an organization. Wrong selection cause the organisation to not achieve its goals, increase in cost and waste of time. Selection procedure varies from companies to companies there are general procedure for selection.

Just like advertisement, analysis of job taking application form from candidates, aptitude tests and interviews, examination regarding medical conditions the job is offered to employees, then we give the job acceptance and rejection letters at the end there is a final interview and letter for appointment.

3. Organisation’s Environment Affects Staff

Work life balance

Serving workers and balancing their work and personal life is very important nowadays. The interest in work-life balance concept start in 1980 when people were facing the problem regarding balancing their work and life. Every worker of an organisation want the balance in his life and he has to manage the time between work and personal life, he has to spent much time with his own family and friends therefore work life balance is important for managing all these things. An this is the duty of manager to provide such facilities so that employees feel good and do face and tension regarding balancing their own life. Manager should create balance between their own life and as well as in employees life. Employer should help for doing that and should understand the need, feeling and wants of employees. There should be flexible shifts timing for employees and holidays in weekends. If employees are not facing stress and they feel good in their jobs then their efficiency will also improve and ultimately it will also help organisation to achieve its goals quickly.

Growing Corporate Interest & Changing Workforce

In the quantity for changing in labour force on different places have bring balance in work and life are such issue which should be in the notice of company. Main revolutionize connected for requiring friends and family remuneration quantity for such people who are who are the employees American workforce, that is the additional from 1970, furthermore, employees are efficiently working at work place even woman are playing good role at work place and at home as well they are doing both jobs well. That is way this also the duty for manager and employer to provide them good working conditions and give facilities regarding work life balance they should work according to friend and family friendly work policy. Even though fashion for balance in work and life are also demanding by women and men, specially by mother because they have to give time to their children, these are the demand for all employees around the world. That is way most of organisation are working on shift bases and allow employees to select different shift.

Organizational decisions:

In the organisation human resource planning requirements to take into account the rest of the organisation’s tactical plans, sales and production forecasts and new venture to be extra precise. For instance, estimating changes in product or service demand is a necessary forecasting distress, as is anticipate changes in nationwide or provincial financial side. This enables the development specialist to forecast the mandatory manufacture schedule and in that way approximation whether any additional labour force is needed in future. The neighbourhood hospital can be hopeful of inside changes in knowledge, association, or management to forecast employment needs, like Max health care is accurate now into setting up operations at Gurgaon near Delhi. But then these are practical only if they are within the organization economic proceeds.

I came across another instance for so that we get the point obviously, If Britannia Industries Ltd. expects superior demand for biscuits and bread, the long-term HR plan must take this into selflessness. The same, if it tries to venture into other well-paid fields such as milk-based products, confectionery items the demand for persons.

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in support of useful papers like this and Lots of additional Educational and Technological Stuff Visit… possessing mandatory skill in those areas in the next couple of years should be looked into with awareness. In addition, where plans are changed, the consequence of the changes is required to be approximate. Planned growth, reduction or diversification of the companies’ performance will clearly affect the demand for labour in common or for exacting skills. This may be estimated by market investigate, reasonable examination, trends in technical advances and so on, (even though unexpected changes in market circumstances make difficult the procedure: for example, the effect of the fall down of the Soviet Union on defence expenditure, whereby labour demand in the small term were low down: downsize of staffs and delay ring of organisation structures were the development.

4. Process of Dismissal, Discipline and Grievance


Grievance measures are characteristically designed for making the mind for initial level solution of problems in an organisation. Employee of an organisation should first report to its manager for any problem for resolving grievance. If their is still any problem and manager is not solving further action should be taken like, it should be present to labour union and with manager. Breakdown this typically brings in the employees own from the organisations department of industrial relations then it should be passed to manager who give facilities for that matters then he will discuss it to committee of grievance.

discipline issue:

basically written warning the is the verbal for disciplinary action. This warning is a temporary record of reprimand which is recorded by the manager in the file of employee. Warning in written in verbal consist of interview with the employees for any disciplinary issue.


A period of time off from work as a result of a disciplinary process. Suspension and lay off is the disciplinary process. Usually this taken only when previous procedures have imposed without getting desirable results. Exceptions for that is when employer suspend without give any prior verbal written notice to employee.


The disciplinary action is called the process of employees’ termination. Management crucial disciplinary penalty is dismissed the problem member of staff. It must be used at final stage when all written, verbal procedures have done. So that we can say it is right option for any employer when employee’s behaviour critically interfere in organisation or its department. It is necessary to give long and thoughtful consideration to the decision of dismissal in order to avoid any emotional consequence of the employee being dismissed. It is possible that an employee working for a long period of time with the organization may not be able to get some new job after dismissal or may require him to undergo extensive retraining. In addition management should consider the possibility that a dismissed employee can also take legal action to oppose the management’s decision.

Employment Tribunal, ACAS and Other Agencies Role

Different agencies like employment tribunal and ACAS in UK play important role regarding employment issue, these agencies helps employees to use their rights regarding employment, and gives employers some sense of direction regarding employment laws. Employment tribunal is the legal body which hear the case of both the parties and give their decision after complete Investigation, employer and employee both can go to employment tribunal for solving their issues.


As considering myself the senior HR manager of McDonald, I can say that human resource planning is very important for our organisation, that is why we are keep improving our human resource department according to new rules and regulations. We are working for higher good staff and give them proper training so that they can contribute in our organisation for achieving organisational goals. In the end of my assignment I have concluded that human resource planning helps for strategic decision making. Human resource management is vital for any organisation for survival, managing the staff is important for various ways like completing the jobs in professional way, and placing the right person to right job. In my assignment i come to know that what is the procedure of recruitment, selection and training and development of employees. I have search that how legal law impact on any organisations decisions. Why it is important to know the legal law regarding employment of employees. I further know that how ACAS and employment tribunal help employees and employers to solve their issues regarding grievance, disciplinary and dismissal issues. Human resource management help to develop and maintain the organisation objective and aims. HR strategy helps to formulate the organisations strategic planes.

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