Importance Of The Smartphone In The Future Information Technology Essay

The essay shows that how the smartphone will become the single most important digital device in the future, how smartphone can will be useful for the user in the modern world. It also shows that the positive and negative implication of Smart phone being the single most important device we own in the future. Lastly this essay also show that the role of E-commerce and Web 2.0 in the popularity of eBay and Amazon.


In the present era the Smartphone will become the single digital device for human to perform their extra ordinary activity, because the Smartphone offer to the customer more advance computing ability excellent connectivity of internet rather than normal phone. In the modern world people want digital device in their respective hand to perform their tasks easily efficiently. Smartphone offer application such as high speed internet, video chat entertainment, large display, extra memory etc. In the modern world Smartphone is become personal pocket computer (PPC) with function of mobile phone, because of the application and features offer by Smartphone are more than enough, rather than desktop computer placed in the individual house. The Smartphone are becoming more personal then desktop computer and laptops for an individual in the modern world. The popularity and demand of the Smartphone is increasing year by year in the modern world, so it has been said that the popularity of the Smartphone in the modern market may replaced the computer and will become single device we own.


In the beginning of 1992, the first smartphone was discovered by IBM named Simon, in Las Vegas trade show Comdex. In the modern world Simon is use in the Blackberry, I phone and android the feature including emailing, fax, world clock, video chat, calendar, calculator, address book, touch screen and QWERTY keypad etc. The next attempt done by the Nokia with their mobile devices, 9210 was the first smartphone in the market with all features including operating system. After the idea of smartphone, in the digital device industry third party applications was introduced, when in 2001 Handspring released the Palm OS Treo which also featured wireless web browsing, email and contact organiser. After one year the company launched the Blackberry and after launching the Blackberry in the wide market it became popular among all aged people, mostly it became popular among the business people to use as pocket personal computer (PPC) to take in their offices, everywhere with them. This was really a revolution for the business people to send email without any wire connection. In the starting of 2007 apple launched i phone, with touch screen this was the device that revolutionised mobile web browsing, it was comfortable to use and the look of i phone was attractive than the entire phone in the market. In year 2008 apple was launched free application downloader to the i phone handset, however in the present time apple store has 50,000 applications and well over 1 billion downloads. After the applying this strategy in the market all smartphone companies has starts opening the application store like apple application store. The research in motion recently has opened its application store called blackberry application world to compete in the competitive business environment.


In the recent research, it has been prove that the 45% of American (US) people and the United Kingdom (UK) people used smartphone as of December 2009, according to the Cnet

Survey the smartphone market is not affected by the present global recession; even all companies are highly affected by recession. Some of the popular brands name including Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, and Samsung & Sony Ericson all android mobile. In Today’s world it’s difficult to find a cell phone that doesn’t offer some sort of “extra” technology because it’s in such a high demand in the competitive market. Today, we can play’s thousands of games, GPA systems and weather reporting programs- each accessible at a few presses of a free thumb. Also, the device is available at an affordable price hence its demand is ever increasing in the market. The product crosses all demographics and national boundaries to be popular and the demand all over the western world. If we glance some light on present figure related to smartphone market. In the year of 2009 the total handsets sell by cell companies in is 1.211 billion, out of which 172.4 million were smartphone. There was an increase of 23.9% in the sales of smart phones compared to last year. Smartphone have become mass market digital devices, rather than any luxury purchases. In the modern world let’s have look in at the devices the smartphone has already replaced in the market. After coming the mobiles in the market people has stopped using the calculator and the alarm clock as mobile has these application inbuilt. Mobile phone already replaced the radio, stopwatches and notebook in the market, however the people is using the mobile instead of using radio, stopwatches and notebook. After launching the smartphone for instance Blackberry android and the i phone, people have stopped the buying the PSP’s, music players and so many kind of entertainment digital devices. The modern people is not wasting a time in purchasing or searching maps, if they are travelling to one destination to another destination, because they have start downloading the maps from the smartphone internet. With the introduction of camera and the GPS mobile system in the smartphone was recognised the mobile phone technology. The GPS system was invented in the United States of America in 1964 and in the year 2007 the Nokia launched his first GPS functionality in the mobile phone named N97. It was a kind of revolution in the telecommunication industry, however after launching GPS system in the mobile phone by Nokia in the market the company like Sony Ericson and Samsung mobile introduce GPS system in their mobile phone to compete with Nokia. On the other hand in the modern world so many mobile companies using GPS system in their mobile phone to differentiate and avoid competition in the market and this technology no longer expensive like before. The latest digital device smartphone has replaced by the computer somewhere. Why people use computer: for Net surfing, business work, entertainment, emailing and social networking for instance facebook. The smartphone is fully loaded with entire feature inbuilt and easy to carry in pocket or can take everywhere.

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The statement in the next few years smartphone will become the most important single digital device we own in our hand; really it will be happen? Yes it has been prove that the present popularity and demand of the smartphone among all aged people in the market. The implication of the smartphone can be positive and the negative. If we talk about the negative implications, the popularity of smartphone can reduce the value of so many digital devices for instance the T V, digital camera, gaming console, mp3. If we talk about the positive implications of smartphone will be we good for the user and dependency on one digital device can create a big problem for them. The explanation of the positive and the negative implication are follows.

(i)REPLACING THE TELEVISION – It can be predicted that the smartphone can replaced the television from the market. If People will stop buying the expensive TV screen or the companies for instance LG, Samsung, Sanyo etc will be affected by heavy losses in the entertainment industry. The companies loss will start cut the wages or may be some employee can loss their respective jobs in the future. The smartphone is easy to carry and the screen resolution is big and the better then the television.

(ii)REPLACING THE CAMERA, GAMING, AND MP3 – It also can predict that the camera market is will also suffered because smartphone already replaced some modal of the digital camera, after getting the inbuilt camera with good quality of picture and good optical zoom. If the smartphone will come with the 14 megapixel and 6 – 7 optical zoom so defiantly the modern generation will not buy camera, however they will buy smartphone with all the features. The smartphone is already replaced the gaming console for instance PSPs video games etc, in the future people keep buying the smartphone, so these companies can also affected by the loss of their value in the market. If we look at the mp3, we find very less in the today’s market because the people are very claver; however instead of buying the mp3 player they are buying the smartphone because the smartphone is integrated with the inbuilt mp3 player with the good memory card.

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(iii)IMPLICATION FOR THE USER – If we talk about the consumer why the smartphone will be helpful for them? And Smartphone’s can create a problem for them. Firstly we will talk about the positive implication of the smartphone on user. The smartphone is fully loaded with the all the feature such as emailing, net surfing, camera, etc. So the user does not need to buy so many digital devices for instance camera, mp3, gaming console etc. The consumer can fulfil their need after buying the smartphone, they can find the entire feature in one device and they do not need to carry so many things in their pocket or so much space at home. Finally if we talk about the smartphone can create a problem for the user, if people will became totally depend on smartphone, if in case of lost or stolen they will lose all data regarding their business or social contacts. So this can also create the very big problem for the user of smartphone in the future.


E-Commerce is actually digitally enabled commercial transactions between and among organisations and individuals. It is the exchange of economic value through easier way by electronic media. E-Commerce is process used to selling, buying or exchanging products, services and information through computer networks. Buying and selling through internet is one of the fastest growing methods of trading worldwide. The E- commerce is divided in two forms firstly B2B trading the companies share the trading information using the World Wide Web (www). In the B2C trading company’s can trade their goods and services including books, electronics, sportswear, cars etc, directly to the consumers using the web page. Trading online save the time of consumer, they do not need to move outside in the shopping malls to buy different goods and services. Trading online provides more option to the consumer sitting at home and saving time, however it is good for the companies like eBay and Amazon because they do not need to spend a huge amount of their profit to maintain their store.

In 1995 Amazon was started and it was the first book seller on internet. It was the revolution for the people, those do not have time to go market and it quickly diversified to become an online general store selling books, DVDs, electronics goods etc. If we talk about the EBay is also started in 1995 and also get popularity in the online trading, however so many retailers using the same platform for instance, etc. some big player such as use Amazon to sell their product online and to reach their target. It show that how popular they are in the online trading to sell goods and service. The objective of the EBay and Amazon is to establish the larger user base, strong brand name in the online trading. With help of E- commerce Amazon and EBay become famous in the online trading worldwide. In the modern world technology is growing very fast, since technology is reach on the peak level more and more people can access to these web site for trading goods and service with the secure payment and cheap delivery on their door step.

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This is very easy to shop on eBay and Amazon just switch on the computer go to web site and buy it. If someone want to buy book or something from the retail store he need to go miles away from home, if someone want buy anything from eBay and Amazon so just need logon to the website and start purchasing. Here the Brand availability is not a concern because one can buy various brands of a particular item. For example, if a person wants to buy a digital camera he will get the option of various brands like Nikon, Canon, Kodak, Sony, Olympus, Samsung etc. Retail stores have to spend millions of pounds to open stores in good location in the market area and maintain them. E-commerce is online trading so there is no need to spend on millions of pounds like retail store. The E-commerce helps them to fair record of the all financial transaction. It provides the accuracy, and the systematic records and the speedy way of business.


Web 2.0 is really playing a vital role for the popularity of eBay and Amazon in today’s online trading. Web 2.0 is mostly linked with web application that helps to pass the information or sharing user on the World Wide Web. Web 2.0 is two way process where a user not only get information or views but can also live feedback or comment on information post on the particular web page for instance facebook and yahoo etc. Therefore online trading companies such as eBay and Amazon are popular and profitable on global scale. This is because with the help of web 2.0techonology the user can leave feedback and comment about any product, however if any new user is going to buy something from the web site of eBay and Amazon so the person can have look at the feedback and comments about any product has been sold out recently. According to feedback and comment, user can make up his mind to buy any particular product or not from the eBay and Amazon. For instance, if a person wants to buy a I phone -4 generation or I pod from eBay and Amazon. If the person find that the lot of negative feedback and comment he will not buy it. If all comment and feedback and comment are good so defiantly he will thing to buy it. Without Web 2.0, people would not have been able to comment online therefore the person would not have an idea about the product. Also, the retailers whose products are being sold on eBay and Amazon can find out what users think about the products or services. If there is any problem, they can see to it.


From the analysis, it can be concluded that the Smartphone will be the paramount digital communication device that would be priced possession of the future generation it is evident from the stated above that a Smartphone is here to stay not only as a product but as a style statement. Also, role of web 2.0 technology in Amazon and e- bay is crucial for its successful sustenance. An organization should focus its efforts into developing the technology more adaptable to the needs and preferences of the potential customer base i.e. youth segment and the increasing teenage purchasing power.

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