Importance Of Wireless Technologies Information Technology Essay

This is a report which gives a clear idea of the current state in the field of wireless technologies, which is part of computer networks. The world is now occupied fully with computer networks. So, wireless networks in particular play a major role. Wireless data networks normally include Bluetooth and WIFI. I intend to focus on these two research wireless technologies. This report mainly focuses on network security issues and networking solutions. Also the research will focus on the current trends in these technologies. The report concludes with my project titles which I am interested to develop.

Importance of Wireless Technologies

It is not a secret that wireless technology has become the model for entertainment, communication and education all over the world today. Now wireless technologies are very important for us so that we use them in an immense way. It is necessary to explore the origin of these technologies (Alley, 2008).

In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. After 19 years, a first radio signal was invented by an Italian Marconi. By 1903, the first international wireless conference transpired in Berlin, Germany. Wireless technologies have been researched and developed .By 1966, AT&T’s Improved Mobile Telephone Service (IMTS) to push a button to talk to initiate automatic dialling. In 1972, a copyright was approved to Bell Labs for their Mobile Communications System. That wireless technology resulted handoffs between cell phones. (Alley, 2008).

Research Proposals

1. Bluetooth


Bluetooth is defined as a short-range wireless technology which ommunicates among Internet devices and between devices and the Internet. It transfers data between Internet devices and other computers synchronously.

Bluetooth is the source of the PAN (Personal Area Network) , providing a way for devices which are close together to wirelessly communicate with each other. Bluetooth can communicate to devices from an estimated range of 1 to 100 meters, depending on the device’s power. The most powerful Bluetooth devices have the ability to communicate at distances which is typically more than 300 feet. Bluetooth is liable to a wide range of security threats.

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Current Research

‘Tremendous changes occurred in the area of wireless communications, so much so that the mobile phone is rapidly turning into a complicated mobile device capable of more applications than PCs. For example, the data rates provided by initial High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA) extension enable a user to wirelessly access the Internet at speeds up to 1.8 MBits/second. HSDPA modulation schemes will soon increase this speed to greater than 10MBits/second. So downloading our latest e-mails with a 5 MB file attachments or more is no longer a lengthy exercise’. (Upton, 2006)

Some of the current and future applications will be examined. Some of these developments are helping wireless technology to fine-tune its performance, whilst some are opening Bluetooth up to new application areas.

Toshiba Corporation, Tokyo, has set Bluetooth and voice recognition technologies together in a wireless headset to enable users to control consumer electronics, appliances, and personal computers by means of spoken commands while listening to music or the audio from TV. ‘Consumers have been snapping up digital cameras and digital video recorders because of the ease of sharing images with friends and family via e-mail. Now, Bluetooth would make transferring images to a PC simpler. Sony designed digital movie camera not only with Bluetooth, but the ability to connect directly to the Internet without having to use a PC’. (Normile, 2002)

2. WI-FI


WI-FI is nothing but wireless fidelity which means wireless reliability or commitment and this enables us to connect to two or more devices wirelessly for data sharing purposes. WiFi is a long-distance, movable connectivity technology for individual business or for a definite geographical area. Many people all over the world use WiFi in their homes to communicate to anyone with WiFi connected devices.

In computers, Wi-Fi replaced conventional wired networks between two or more computers. It enabled file transfer from server to clients and vice versa without wires and other important networking-related hardware. Using Wi-Fi, computers share an internet connection with minimum usage of hardware. WLAN cards allow wireless networking among devices; wireless routers facilitate the broadcasting of wireless networking signals in a given area (Wifinotes 2010).

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Current Research

Wi-Fi enabled air flights trend is on:

Aircell is now the leading airline to have in-flight Wi-Fi technology. Three other airlines who have in-flight Wi-Fi service are American Airlines, Delta and Virgin America. Aircell have Wi-Fi service in most of their planes and they are planning to have wireless service in all their planes (wifinotes, 2010).

Voice-over-Wi-Fi service:

Voice-over-Wi-Fi service is becoming more popular in business situations. Research in Motion announced a new version of its Mobile Voice System (MVS) which supports voice-over-Wi-Fi calling. MVS is installed in businesses and allows workers to use their phone number and extension from their smart phones. ‘By including voice over Wi-Fi, business users can make and receive office phone calls via their devices over a Wi-Fi connection, reduction on long-distance, international-roaming and even mobile wireless charges’ (Luna, 2010)

Evaluation Of research proposals.

Security issues of both Bluetooth and WI-FI.

Bluetooth offers various benefits and advantages. Though organizations must not only address the security threats but also the problem of the devices participating in the Bluetooth networks. Specially, agencies need to address security concerns for privacy, data reliability, and network accessibility. This section briefly covers some of the risks to security, i.e. attacks on privacy, reliability, and network accessibility. Attacks on privacy mean a loss of confidentiality which is receiving information on Bluetooth that a malicious user should not access. Data Reliability attacks are nothing but loosing data integrity. Integrity threats involve the change of, addition, or deletion of information, which is then passed through the network without the user’s or network administrator’s knowledge. For example, a malicious user might use an untrusted device, such as a PDA, to access the address book of another PDA or laptop.

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‘The major concerns of users at Wi-Fi hotspots are not being able to connect and security. These types of wireless networks are typically not secure’. Many Wi-Fi hotspot users do not understand the issues related to public wireless networks, and so they do not take any steps to ensure their personal documents, privacy and identity are safe’ (Geier, 2006).

Security Solutions of both Bluetooth and WIFI.

Solutions and security measures for the Bluetooth include

Management Solutions: To provide a sufficient level of knowledge for those who will deal with Wireless PAN (WPAN) and Bluetooth enabled devices & networks.

Operational Solutions:’ Establishing spatial distance requires power requirements low enough to prevent a device operating on the organizations premises from having sufficient power to be detected outside physical boundaries. This spatial distance in effect creates a more secure boundary’.(Tom karygiannis, Les Owens, Nov 2002)

Technical Solutions: As with WLANs and Bluetooth technical solutions fall into one of two categories: software security solutions and hardware security solutions. Bluetooth software solutions focus on Personal Identification Number (PIN) and private authentications, while hardware solutions involve the use of the Bluetooth device address and link keys which reside at the link level.(wifinotes,2010)

WI-FI security solutions include

Secure real-Time Traffic using Virtual Private Network (VPN) Connection.

Disable sharing of files, folders and services you may not want others to view, use or edit.

Use Personal Firewall Software.

Keep Up-to-Date of operating system

(Eric Geier, 2006)


Finally, this report ends up with my project titles where I am interested to develop is “WI-FI CAMPUS”, “VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM” and “WI-FI HOTEL”. In my proposed projects, I would like to overcome all security issues faced by existing technologies and provide solutions for the existing systems.

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