Information Security Management and Purpose

Information Security

The success and competitiveness of any business in the market is highly dependent on its infrastructural ability to protect its valuable assets from the rivals and other competitors. It was the old days when the resources and assets of organizations were materialistic which in now a day have turned into computer programs and files that have the data related to corporate secrets, trades, agreements, figures, values and formulas, information about markets, customers and sales along with financial statements and economic status. All this confidential information should be protected and this is where the field of information security steps in. information security in itself is quite a diverse term that incorporate the different strategies and uses the computer programming and sophisticated software’s to protect the important information from getting into the access of wrong hands (IAPS, 2015).

The main purpose behind the process of information is to make the systems, information or data less vulnerable to the external threats by violation of legal and corporate rules while also to maintain the integrity of the organization. There are different forms of the information security formed, tested and installed based on business and kind of information like detection of any threat or breach into the company’s online database or computer files, encryption of the data into an unreadable form, checks of the already existing infrastructure to determine its ability to keep the data protected. Other than that, at the management and administrative level information security corresponds to the implementation of the rules that must be properly governed and followed by each and every individual in the organizations. As a whole the information security deals with the management of corporate data, vulnerability measurement, could computing, data protection and security of specific programs (ISACA, 2017).

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Job 1: Information Security Program Manager

This is a management level job at the organization where the selected candidate will be responsible for overlooking and coordinating with the technical teams and programmers to make sure that all the requirement of the client and customers are being met and completely understood. The job requires the strong time management skills, leadership attributes including eh abilities to meet the guidelines and carrying out all the tasks efficiently. This jobs requires the strong command and knowledge of the information security protocols, concepts and terminologies. The company deal in the six major sectors of the information security including the vulnerability management, monitoring, adoption, access and identity, governance and training. The job requires the degree in the management of information security along with computer sciences with the strong knowledge of the security and risk assessment along with the technical aspects related with the information technology and the excellent communication and presentation skill with verbal and written information sharing. This job is entitled to provide a great opportunity for growth and career development in the field information security by also achieving the business dynamics in a diversified way because of the clients in different sectors (S&P Global, 2017).

Job 2: Information Systems Officer

This job is posted by the office of United Nations for the position of the information systems officer in their office in New York which is currently open for the application related to the field of the information systems and security.  This job posting covers another aspect of the information systems in an organization where the hired candidate would look after the management of integrated information systems, dealing with the customer management, automation of the different functions, implementation of the new software’s and programs to achieve better performance and outcomes. The officer would be responsible for the complete documentation of the information systems in terms of their specifications and requirements. The officer will also take care of the access to the proprietary data and identification of the different individuals for granting access along with the development of new security programs and would create the software platforms for the integration of the existing functions that are kind of related to each other. Along with the testing of information systems the coordination and communication between the organization and clients would be included in the job responsibilities as well. The basic and important qualifications for the job include the in-depth knowledge and understanding of the information systems, security and management, analysis of the existing infrastructure and databases (United Nations, 2017).

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Job 3: Information Security Systems Officer

This job requires an individual with a strong background in the information systems and their security having an experience of the verification and testing of the security systems according to the rules and regulations implemented by the federal authorities. The responsibilities would include updating the existing infrastructure of data processing according to new certifications and affiliations in the complete context/ strong coordination with the information security manager would be required throughout the time. Security of the applications while making sure that follow the procedure, specifications and guidelines of the client and policies. Degree in information technology along with the risk assessment skills along with customer satisfaction, security planning and grip over effective documentation of all the software systems is required.

Pervasive Technologies and Information Security

Pervasive technologies come as an integral outcome of the wireless networking among different mediums, internet and internet of things, embedded systems and artificial intelligence where different modules function and interact with each other through sharing of information. The environment around us is full of the pervasive technologies where the most important or significant ones include the surveillance systems, monitoring and control systems, intrusion or theft detection within a facility or computer system. All these complex networks of devices should be protected from the external threat that can break in and be a strong reason for increased threats and vulnerabilities.

As the information security deals with the protection of different computer, software and IT systems pervasive technologies have a strong link with it. The sensors and different kind of tools and machines used in pervasive technologies must share the correct data and information without being altered or delayed and there comes the role of information systems where the testing, updating and verification of the infrastructure is to be done in order to meet the specification of the client and customers because the growth and success of their business depends on the extent to which they are reluctant to share the confidential information.

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Getting an understanding of the pervasive technologies in ways of the interaction between different devices and protocol I would be achieve the skills of analyzing the competency or ability of the security systems to avoid any external violation while the improvement and new methods for the data processing would be implemented in the pervasive technology in order to make them more efficient and reliable.

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