Input devices


An input device is any peripheral so it means that it is piece of computer hardware equipment used to provide data and control signals to an information processing system (a computer).” Input and output devices make up the hardware interface between a computer or scanner.” There are many different kinds of input devices like…

Input devices are also used to control computers in different ways. When computers are used
to monitor the environment or control some sorts machines, input devices called sensors
are used. “Sensors turn physical parameters such as pressure ,light,
humidity, temperature, liquid flow, position, linear movement, rotation or
sound into digital signals suitable for a computer. Any machine that feeds
data into a computer for example, a keyboard is an input device, where as a
display monitors are output devices.” Input devices other than the keyboard
are sometimes called alternate input devices. Mice, trackballs, and light
pens, are all alternate input devices.
For example:
temperature- sensors can be used to monitor weather forecasting; control washing machine water heating and open greenhouse windows. they can also be used in scientific experiments and fire detection.

pressure- sensors can be used to sense body weight in a burglar alarm
system; and traffic passing along the road in traffic monitoring

position- this sensors can be used to sense the position of wind wanes and
operators switches. They can also be used in robotics and global positioning
systems(it is GPS)for navigation.

light-sensors can be used to sense daylight in greenhouses and for street
lighting. Light beams and infrared movement can help burglar detection.
Video cameras can be used for capturing an image.

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camera – most cameras like this are used during live conversations. The
camera sends a picture from one computer to another, or can be used to
record a video. Video cameras can be used for capturing an image and pictures.

Digital Camera-A digital camera can be used to take pictures what you did with them. It can be hooked up to a computer to transfer the pictures from the camera to the your computer. Some digital cameras hold a floppy disk, and the floppy disk can be taken out of the camera and put into the computer.

Scanners-are used to scan all sorts of different things and than save them as files on the computer or for example in xero.

Bar Code Scanner – A bar code scanner scans a little label that has a bar code on it. The information is then saved on the computer. Bar code scanners are used in libraries a lot.

“An input device is a piece of hardware that is used to enter data into a
computer. Each day, banks process millions of cheques. It would take them
far too long to manually enter data from each cheque. They use a technique
called ‘Magnetic Ink Character Recognition’ (MICR) which enables them to
process cheques per minute with 100% accuracy.”

“At the bottom of each cheque are a series of numbers which record the
cheque number, the bank or building society sort code and the customer’s
account number. These numbers are written in a special ink which contains
iron particles. This ink is magnetised called ‘magnetic ink’.
It can be read by a special machine called a Magnetic Ink Character reader
(MICR).The MICR will only recognise numbers printed in a standard font
using the magnetic ink. This provides a high level of security because any
attempt to alter the magnetic ink printout with normal ink by writing over
it will be ignored. Both the Reader and the magnetic ink are expensive and
so are generally only used by rich people or bank. These forms are scanned by a special
piece of equipment called an ‘Optical Mark Reader’ (OMR). they detect the
presence of your pencil mark by reflecting light onto it. Less light is
reflected where a mark has been made.“
This is only a little bit about input devices because everyday we learn
something new about them. All days when we use computer we use input
devices. It is too many examples to write in this text. Input devices are
very important for computers, without them we would never use computer.

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