Intel Corporation: Management strategies

Intel Corporation


In 1968, Intel Corporation was originated by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore. Both of them were engineers with outstanding reputations in the field of incorporated course. They had no difficulty in getting venture funding to start up Intel. Intel announced the 4004 microprocessor in the year 1971 and in next year they increased the number to 8008.

Intel had employed nearly 25,000 employees in the year 1984, but the business of their memory chip was throbbing because of the competition from Japan. In the year 2000, Intel had incorporated 70,000 employees in the year 2000. Intel appointed Craig Barrett as the Chief executive, is looking for ways to expand beyond processors, into chips and products for networking and communications. Company appointed Grove as a wandering Intel promoter whereas day-to-day operations are handled by Barrett. (Tim, 1997)

Intel creates an amazing increase in technology every day. Intel is the world’s largest leader in silicon innovation. It develops technologies, products, and initiatives to continually advance how the people work and live. The corporation follows the principles for responsible business and the corporate code of conduct.

Strategies of Intel

At every step of the value chain, many ways are introduced to increase the demand. Intel has recognized the fact that the requirement of computers would increase with the high usage of software by the people. Consequently, many strategies have been set by the company to create values in this chain. At first, the company has formed a setup for Intel capital to invest companies in the value chain. Secondly, in order to improve the performance of the Intel chip, the company pays the independent software vendors to write the software.

The company has associated itself with Microsoft in order to develop some operating systems for their processors. The company has formed some special groups who are associated with some famous application providers, in order to test their chips (Corporate Strategy Analyses: Intel Corporation 1968-2003).

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New technologies

  • The new Virtualization Technology (Intel VT) of Intel could improve the Converged Application Platforms (CAP) by generating a safe, reliable, and consolidated environment for hosting the voice, data, and video services, all together in just one multifunction device. (Intel Virtualization Technology, 2008)
  • Intel Corporation has also launched the microprocessor chips that would ensure the increased availability of high-definition video through internet. Intel Corporation launched 16 new products together with the company’s first 45 nanometer (nm) processors for Intel® Centrino® Processor Technology based laptops. (Intel to Unveil Chips for Improving Video Quality on the Web, 2007)
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  • Intel has developed new chip which has video telephony software development on it. The new generation of the home PC’s will be video phone ready computers. They will be capable of making and receiving video phone calls over the standard telephone lines Edwards, 2006). It will allow the user to establish a simple phone connection and see the person they are speaking to. Intel Corporation is planning to bring video phone technology to the mass market soon.
  • The Intel Corporation has planned to increased power of latest Pentinum microprocessors and improved compression software to allow both video and audio information to share the same standard telephone line. PC leaders like Compaq Computer Corp. are going to make their entire line of home computer video-phone ready (Edwards, 2006).

Mission, Vision, Goal and Objectives of Intel Corporation

Mission: Mission of Intel Corporation is to delight its customers, employees and shareholders with the help of delivering advance technology and platform which is important in today’s world (About Intel, 2008).

Vision: Vision of Intel Corporation is to become faster, mobile and smaller. The vision for subcontinent is to make computing and communication pervasive in the sub-continent. Intel decided to launch Linux version with some supporting software when it would release Windows version (About Intel, 2008).

Goals: The eventual goal of Intel is to design a chip that would fit into the next generation of mobile devices and smart phones. The goal of the corporation is on the innovation and modernization of product. Intel is increasingly letting its customers shape their own path.

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Objectives: The main objective of the Intel Corporation is to enlarge its leadership in the field of manufacturing and silicon technology. It wants to increase its profitability worldwide by satisfying the customer needs and wants to excel in customer orientation (About Intel, 2008). With this corporate objective of Intel is product innovation. Intel has committed to bring out the next generation product more strongly in market (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2005).

Strategic Choice

The process of strategy choice involves generating strategy options, evaluating them and choosing one that suits the firm’s requirement of growth. Generally, the strategy choice begins with the evaluation of the opportunities. The firms basically choose strategies that suit their requirement of growth.

The critical strategic choice of Intel is that it ignores the standards to gain early market entry, or wait for standards and yield first mover advantages to its competitors. In the process, the firm has to first fix the future course of each existing businesses (Corporate Strategy Analyses: Intel Corporation, 2003). This involves finding out the current performance position of each of them and grabbing the upcoming opportunities.

Organization design and Culture or Diversity Initiative

Current members of the board of directors of Intel consist of Craig Barrett, Charlene Barshefsky, Susan Decker, James Guzy, Reed Hundt, Paul Otellini, John Thornton, and David Yoffie. Intel has a Diversity Initiative, under which it has employee diversity groups with supplier diversity plans (About Intel, 2008). Intel includes groups based on race, nationality, sexual identity and religion. In the year 1994, Intel allowed one of the first corporate Transgender, Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual employee groups and it also supports a Muslim, Jewish and Bible-based Christian employees group. The number of employee incorporated in Intel is near about 87000 in the year 2007 (About Intel, 2008).

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According to Mr.Otellini, Intel provides building blocks, including wireless networking and next-generation computing and communications architectures, for products that make people more productive virtually anytime, anywhere at Intel. With the help of advanced manufacturing technologies, the company provides high-tech products at lower costs to its customers. Due to other technology companies, the company has faced adverse business conditions in terms of restricted opportunities for its financial growth, but with its potential, Intel has gained a position to achieve growth (Anonymous, 2007)

There is proper fit between the new mission, strategies and implementation of strategies of the Intel Corporation. Intel is positioned as the no. 1 company in world for overall e-commerce revenue. On an average, Intel is getting $1 billion worth of online orders every month from the customers in 46 countries. All the information is personalized for every company and for every type of users. Half of Intel’s direct customer business is happening on-line due to the strategies made (Ramaswamy &Namakumari, 2005). The chief executive officer, Paul Otellini has restructured the corporation to refocus its core mainframe and chipset business on platforms like digital health, digital home, enterprise and mobility. All this led the corporation to the hiring of over 20,000 new employees.


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