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States usually form interdependent governments for so many reasons. For this case, Asian and Australian interdependence is to provide security to these countries and also in other areas say in the global markets. The military defense in the Asian country has had a wide impact to the Australian government. It is due to this interdependence that Australian government has been in a position to demonstrate peace in most of its activities. This is because of the strong relationship it has with the Asian military and it’s through Military Corporation that a country can be in a position to understand the other countries culture hence leading to solving of so many problems which are associated with crimes. The Asian regions past economic growth afforded opportunities for increased defense spending and also military modernization. Asia is the world’s sixth largest armed forces in that region. It’s argued that many Asian governments embarked on military modernization programs during the early 90s.It is due to the strong military defense in Asia whereby the Australia government formed an interdependence with this government to ensure that it has helped this country to solve most of the upheaval associated with political and economic differences. (Bowles, 2001).

Australia is one of the regions which are undergoing profound transformation or even changes and these changes are challenging the value and the relevance of its old ideas and structures. So due to this case, the government has an approach of emerging Asian -pacific security landscape. It is due to the break of the Soviet Union which provides a unique opportunity in order to build a new regional security architecture that is within the Asian pacific region. This new security architecture will inevitably take in to account the Asian culture which are said to be different from the Australian culture. So in this case, the interdependence will incorporate the principle of consensus and also less formalized defense arrangements. (Bowles, 2001).

Given that the economic crisis has enlightened the importance of transparency and good governance, the Asian military defense reforms is especially pertinent. It’s through this interdependence which has led to the promotion of professionalism, efficiency and also effectiveness which is offered by the Australian military defense. The Asian military defense offers an international military education and also training to the Austrian military defense. It is due to this corporation that the Australian military defense is in a position to overcome most of the economic crisis which occur in to that country. In fact, it has also been argued that the restrictions on the Asian and Australian engagement helped encourage the various use of unprofessional methods among the hard bitten factional within its military. It is due to this that the Australian military defense uses the professional military forces tactics to fight back crimes which might occur in that country and also in establishing of peace. It is in this corporation whereby the military defense helps to transfer technology to this country. As a result, it can use this technology to adverse it to its military defense hence making this country to be in a position to overcome any political or even economic upheavals. The military army also ensures that no transfer of destabilizing weapons to this country which might affect international peace. It is due to this fact that the military defense has taken the initiative to ensure that there in peace in this country. (Bowles, 2001).

Another contribution is that the Australian military defense can get cheaper weapons from this country. It is one of the suppliers of weapons and hence it contributes to the Australian government through the sale of these weapons. It is these weapons whereby this government can also use for security purposes. (Arnet, 1997).

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The Australian military has also been in a position to adjust to the economic crisis and other crisis through resizing, reshaping and also timing of its peacetime military to military engagement activities. It has also ensured a security umbrella to this country and has also helped to stabilize the region and this has been achieved through watching the store while the various economic conditions are reformed. It is due to this military defense that the Australian government has been in a position to control the various crimes which occur in that country and also in stabilizing the economy. (Arnet, 1997).

During the times of upheavals which might be political, economical, social and also religious, the Asian military defense is seen to demonstrate its support to ensure that all these upheavals have been calmed. It demonstrates political military and economic support incase these upheavals happen. Hence this is seen as a good contribution to the economy of Australia since it performs it economic activities with no crisis. (Arnet, 1997).

The sustained region growth is one of the things which is contributing to the Asian stability and hence the need for the Australia to form an interdependence with the Asians.

One of the duties of the Australian government is to provide security and defense to its people. It’s the role of the government to ensure that the military defense is in a position to respond in to a gangue of contingencies as well as robust capacity in order to deal with any military threats which might occur in to that country. Anticipating and meeting the various challenges to the Australian security has remained a demanding task to this country. It is due to the contributions by the Asian military defense which makes this country to ensure that there are no military threats to that country. It is due to the contribution of the Asian military defense that Australia is in a position to overcome any threats in to their country. It is quite clear that any threat or even invasion attempted in to that country, the Australian army would of course be compelled to resist it even if it would lead to great loss of people’s life and also the economic deprivation. (Binnendijk, 1996).

The Australian defense also ensures that it has also protected the interests of their markets. It is due to the contribution by the Asian military defense that Australian military defense is in a position to ensure that market interests have been protected and no threats to this markets which might in turn affect the economic growth of this country. It is the role of the military defense to ensure that no smuggled goods are brought in to the country and that it ensures that its borders have been protected and hence no illegal importation or even transportation of goods takes place. As a result, you find that the markets interest have been met hence leading to economic growth of this country. (Binnendijk, 1996).

The interdependence in this case is said to maintain a political influence in the region. This is because the Australian government sees that Asian military to be quite central to may political change in that region. So in this case, the military defense has an influence to the Australian government. This is because it helps that government to have a political stability. Political stability in the sense that it is in a position to overcome wars which might lead to a threat in that country. It uses the Asian army to help fight back any political instabilities which might lead to problems in that country. (Binnendijk, 1996).

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The Australian ruling class are also said to benefit from the occupation of the oil treaty which it signed with the Asian government. The Timor gap oil is one of the best deep water tunnels and is seen to have a strategic significance to the Australian navy. Having the access to this channel has been of significant impact to the Australian government since it has lead to the economic growth of this country. You find that the Australian navy has access to this channel and hence benefits a lot from it. (Johnson, 1996).

It is due to this interdependence that these countries have been in a position to realize globalization. Globalization can be defined as the movement of goods and services from one country to another. The expanding web of interdependence between these two countries has lead to resolving of issues which are related with globalization. The military in this case helps to build a trust to overlay the conflict dampening effect of interdependence. The relationship between military and political relations among these countries continues to shift hence leading to greater security measures in these countries and in return great developments. It is globalization which has brought so many people and countries to trade together hence exposing these countries in to diversified threats which range from environmental threats to even terrorists threats. It is due to this interdependence that the military defense is in a position to overcome all these threats whenever they occur. Many countries have also found that they can not overcome the threats which are associated with globalization and hence need to form a coalition with other countries to ensure that the military defense in that country is in a position to overcome these threats. A good example is in the Australian and Asia interdependence whereby it contributes so much to the security of these countries. Incase of any security threats, the military defense for the two countries is in a position to overcome these threats effectively. (Johnson, 1996).

The military corporation helps in shaping peace in these countries. It is due to military corporations that the military defense is in a position to fight crimes whenever they happen. For example the military corporation in the Asian and Australia has led to stability in that country. This is because the two military forces are joined together when fighting certain crimes say terrorists. Terrorists are good examples of criminal threats in so many countries. A good example is seen in the September 11, at the United States whereby it was bombed by terrorists. It is due to this problem that military forces form a coalition to ensure that all these problems do not occur in this case. So the Asian military defense has been seen as one of the major contributing factors to this country in ending the terrorists. The country has been in a position to live in peace since there are no any more threats which are associated with terrorists. (Johnson, 1996).

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The military role in defense is also seen to contribute to useful platforms for example is defense dialogues and interaction. The Asian military defense has been of paramount importance to the Austrian government due to this coalition. It has helped to serve as an additional channel for these countries to resolve their differences and also to clarify their misunderstanding. So in this case, the Asian military defense has helped the Australia to solve most of its problems since it has solved most of its differences with this military defense. The government is in a position to resolve disputes arising in that region help prevent miscalculations and also has entrenched a culture of peaceful resolutions of several problems brought as a result of differences which occur between countries.

Another contribution by the Asian military defense to this country is transparency issue. This has led to transparency in the military defense of this country and hence can do its activities properly just like any other military defense. (Ross, 1999).

In the general market, this interdependence has also led to security in these markets. You find that the Asian military defense can provide security in these markets. So the two countries can then trade effectively since there is protection and due to this coalition, you find that the Australian people can even export its products to the Asian country without any problem since there is a tight security by the military defense. As a result, you find that the economy of this country has grown since there is a ready market for its exports. Issues of trafficking and also the sale of smuggled goods have evaded since the military force ensures that the goods which are exported are not smuggled.

The military defense also helps in peace keeping in this country. It ensures that there are no political or even economic conflicts which occur in to this country. It is due to this initiative that the Austrian people are in a position to live in peace without any fear. (Ross, 1999).


Asian-Australian interdependence has had so many impacts to their economies. It has both political and economic impacts. Australia participation in the illegal activities of the Bush administration led to its implication in some of the worst war crimes and this is since the World war 11 including the torture and also the slaughter of thousands of civilians in the indiscriminate bombing of Afghan and Iraqi town cities. It is by the contribution of the military defense in the Asian country which led to peace keeping during this scenario. For example the military defense in the Asian country has many impacts to the Austrian country. This is because it is this military defense which helps to ensure that there is peace and harmony and this country. In times of political upheavals, the military defense also helps to ensure that all these problems have been solved.


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